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May 9, 2007

We take another break from the Marian Pilgrimage with Bo Sanchez to give you this gripping teaching by Arun Gogna. Warning: This teaching can make you walk on water. Be blessed!

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Mary Luz: Thank you bro.Arun for all the inspiring talks and congrats sa first baby nyo! My husband was the first one to know about your talks. sabay kami nakikinig sa talk mo and we felt blessed too kahit na nawala sa amin first baby namin,nasa heaven na siya ngayon with Jesus. Were waiting for the right time to come . God has a purpose for everything thats happening to us. I love you Jesus! (2007-07-15 15:34:58)
Ranie Engco: You're the best Water-Walker I know Arun! Your words are really inspiring...Indeed, the Lord hears our the very littlest details. I can attest to that...HE gave me Trina as my wife...everything I've asked for...and much, much more! I'm happy for you and Lallaine...a faithful journey to god's promise. May you be blessed with plenty of children! God Bless! (2007-05-24 06:56:26)
junie galagar: Hi bro, im very, very, very, very happy for you and sis lal laine. You're a blessing to me and my wife and others too. Continue to be a blessing to others.Thank you for leading others to walk on water. Bro,dito na kami ng pamilya ko sa Bahamas. I missed your company.Your valuable input in leading worship,etc. St.Arun Gogna, pray for us. (2007-05-19 00:06:46)
kathy: Ang galing talaga ni Lord because he chose you to inspire me. Godbless and congratulations, magiging daddy ka na. (2007-05-15 01:59:22)
joy: bro. arun.. i always feel blessed every time i listen to your talk.. Godbless (2007-05-13 12:09:27)
Bro. Arun: Thank you to all of you. To God be the glory! Two things I asasure you when you walk on water- first, when you fail, Jesus will save you. You will never be alone...Second, once in a while, you will walk on water! Continue to watch PIBJ. We value your comments and affirmations. Thank you all for your friendship and prayers. For those who want to invite me, pls go to my website: Hope to hear from/see you soon. God bless you abundantly! (2007-05-13 11:06:38)
cromwell: this has just made me solidify my decision on heeding God`s call to serve our country for me to continue on teaching students...God bless kFam...i will be active in the community when i come home... (2007-05-13 07:36:15)
GG: y cant i share video too??? help...nweizzzzz,Praise God for a blessing by d name of bro.ARUN! thankssss bro,and Godbless u nd ur family (2007-05-12 13:34:40)
GG: thanks for d very inspiring helps! nweiz,PIBJ staff,when can i possibly dwnload d audio?cant wait to hear it in my ipod every nw nd then..thankssssssssss a lot.. (2007-05-12 12:56:37)
mian: Just what i needed...Praise God (2007-05-11 22:16:03)
lazaro "saint" Gutierrez: Praise God!! Congratulations! after a long time nabigay na ni GOD ang isa sa pinakahihintay mo. sobrang hanga ako sa patient mo bro...and to tell you idol kita.i promise u na lagi ko isasama sa prayers ko ang pagbubuntis ng wife mo na both of them eh palaging safe specially ang baby nyo. Bro SOMEDAY posible kaya na ma invite ka namin as speaker sa aming clp(christiian life program)singles for christ. Hindi ko ma oofer ang isang expedition hangang taxi lng..ang fud mo isang mineral water and 1 piece of bread lng po. gustong gusto ko po kasi kayo ishare sa mga brothers and sisters ko na kung paano nyo ako na iinspired na mag serve lalo kay God. sya nag po pala kamusta kay bro.obet kasi ka lugar ko sya sa bagong barrio and na meet ko na ang ate ate Yolanda C. Ornillo, co teacher kasi sya ng ate ko. Ingat po kayo palagi. God bless u and ur family always. (2007-05-11 16:45:50)
Minnie T. Labasano: Wow! Sobrang naiyak ako sa talk mo, Bro! After several attempts at viewing Preacher in Blue Jeans, this is the very first time I was successful at viewing & listening a talk. I'm doubly glad that I chose this talk, because I felt that I was in the same boat with you nowadays. Hala, eh naiyak ako, eh nasa internet cafe pa naman ako, tingin ng tingin itong katabi ko. Even before I had the chance to tell her about it, umalis na siya. Thank you very much, I hope to be able to view and listen to each and every talk posted. God bless! (2007-05-11 16:25:09)
lalaine: thanks Arun, for your talk, you inspired me so much..... (2007-05-11 14:51:01)
krishna mie: it's been a while since i have logged on to preacherinbluejeans. Praise God! he has made my situation clearer. you see for the 20 years of my life I NEVER WANTED TO BE HAPPY. i was afraid of being happy because having to blame other people has become more convenient than taking the risks of going for my dreams. and perhaps i had a feel that i am capable of doing a lot of blessings to others yet drenching myself with self pity and paranoia seems a convenient escape than sharing and reaching to others. i had a hard childhood and living along with other people and opening up to them is really hard. yet God has challenged me after I graduated from college. He challenged me "to step out from my boat" (not the exact words, but taken from the talk). lately, i've been really having difficulty in my adjustments in work. i'm currently working in a university here in davao. and opening up and trying to be happy and walk towards my dreams seems to create a guilt that "are you sure you should be happy? other people are having a hard life" or "oh come on, people will have a hard time accepting you or understanding you" or "you're just too unimportant to be heard" it has become tough. but thanks bro arun! EXPECT PROBLEMS AND ACCEPT FEAR AS THE PRICE OF GROWTH. I praise God for teaching me that the presence of fear is the sign of His trust that I can walk to maturity. The presence of fear is not the absence of faith but the oppurtunity to make faith grow. How wise! How very, very wise! I am blessed to hear you soaring like an eagle in your wait bro. Hehe, I am single and will still be going through my discernment sometime. In my wait, I have been blessed of the time and oppurtunity to make myself a better servant of God and to know of how I could love God more. Be blessed brother Arun in your future role as a father! (2007-05-11 01:00:11)
Russ & Bernadette: P.S. Our teaching schedule is every 3rd Fri of the month at 8pm (2007-05-10 22:38:58)
Russ & Bernadette: Bro. Arun, Can we invite you in our community for a talk on witnessing? I've read your book and heard some of your talks and we find it very inspiring. We want to share it with our community. We are hoping for a positive response. Thank you & God bless! (2007-05-10 22:20:22)
Anna: Hi, ICE and for those who are here in CA! pls. check and check his US schedule. If you're here in SF, I'll be seeing you! Praise GOD! Pls. spread the good news! God bless! (2007-05-10 15:02:21)
anita: amazingly beautiful talk! (2007-05-10 12:10:54)
Mimi Jane: Bro Arun, congratulations to you and Sis Lallaine for your coming baby! God rewarded your patience in time... Also, thank you for your talk. Na touch din ako. After almost 8 years of hard work and dedication my position was made redundant. I was pushed out of the 'boat' to give way to hire new people who would be better skilled to the company's liking. I cried and was anxious but gradually the Lord restored me and showed me a lot of skills and blessings I took for granted before. Eto pala yung 'walking on water'! Iba nga with God as direct CEO. Words are not enough to express how the Lord is making this a positive renewal experience... We are childless for 17 years now but also trust that he has a reason and a time for everything (please pray with us)... God bless! (2007-05-10 08:07:56)
ice: kuya arun. salamat sa pag-inspire mo sakin. "na-recharge" nanaman ako. :D congrats on the good news.. i will be praying for all of you. :D PS: when are you coming here sa California? im excited na. :D (2007-05-09 19:53:01)
tesipie: Bro Arun, it was such a very inspiring talk. Early in the morning i open this site and i instantly got blessed with your sharing. The Lord must have really cleansed & prepared you & your wife first before entrusting you the angel you've been asking him. It's worth the 8 years waiting. God is really good to all those who ask .. to all those who walk on waters with him :-) (2007-05-09 16:42:45)
Anna: Praise God!!! I'm so happy to hear the great news! Congrats to you, Bro. Arun and Sis. Lalaine! Wow! finally! I've read Sis. Lalaine's article in Didache about the 'waiting', and I started praying for your baby na...(also when you came here in CA, in 2004 during your concert with Bro. Bo and Sis. Bella) Anyway, can't wait to see you all of you again this end of May! Btw, thanks for this teaching - walking on water! Overall, PIBJ has been a great inspiration for me and many others who I've shared this 'nourishment' with! I can truly testify on how GOD blesses us ABUNDANTLY, if we are only OPEN to His blessings! AMEN!!! GOD IS SOOOO GOOD ALL THE TIME! GOD BLESS EVERYONE WHO IS WATCHING RIGHT NOW! (2007-05-09 16:12:52)
Cel, Atwater CA: Bro. Arun, your talk is always inspiring. This time, I take it as a confirmation from the LORD as I have done the first step to actively participate in the church activities here. I am stepping outside the boat and attempts to walk on water. Your talk gives me courage to move on, to touch more lives, to be strong and increase my faith that Jesus is with me especially if there is storm. Thank you and more power ! (2007-05-09 14:58:15)
an an: thank you very much!Life is Good! congratulations ! (2007-05-09 14:11:26)
melchor: Erratum: PATIENCE not PATIENT...more power (2007-05-09 11:47:00)
melchor gallo: Bro Arun...i always listening 2 your talk..PAULIT ULIT..why?...i like your style in preaching...At present i am team leader in our on going CLP. Strategically i delivered some part of your talk..Participants find REAL HAPPINESS on their heart aside from punchline"to make them laugh"..On the last part of this talk i feel you were able to get in, opening to us your BOAT..God is good for your PATIENT...I will pray for your BABY...Continue your work, a lot of people moving their life becoz of u..GOD BLESS (,") (2007-05-09 11:42:10)
Anna Lou: Thank you so much for this teaching! I'm so inspired and I feel so blessed. God bless you. Thank you...thank you...thank you. (2007-05-09 10:44:12)
jinn_texas: ang galing! really an inspiration! i am very blessed! God bless always. (2007-05-09 10:27:11)
GeneLucas: Walk ON water pala..hehe (2007-05-09 08:52:05)
Gene Lucas: My dear bro in law...I have known you and served with you for the longest time..I have listened to hundreds of your talks all these years..I must say..this is your best so far..I was really blessed and I cried like a baby...continue to walk on water BRO...fix our eyes on Jesus and not on the storm and we'll walk in water all our lives..see you here in California soon.... (2007-05-09 03:18:59)
Gene Lucas: My dear bro in law...I have known you and served with you for the longest time..I have listened to hundreds of your talks all these years..I must say..this is your best so far..I was really blessed and I cried like a baby...continue to walk on water BRO...fix our eyes on Jesus and not on the storm and we'll walk in water all our lives..see you here in California soon.... (2007-05-09 03:18:57)
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