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May 1, 2007

Join Bo on Day 5 of the Marian Pilgrimage at Lourdes, France. Experience God's presence and healing on the Feast of The Divine Mercy.

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susan: I'd like to thank God for giving us d great privilege along w/ my parents & sister to be able to visit Lourdes, France some yrs.back c/o my sister but I ddnt quite enjoy it at that time bec.I was sick w' Lupus, d main reason why my sister brought me there but now thru d healing power of God who used an instrument in d person of a healing priest, Fr.Corsie & of course, thru d continuous interces- sion of Mama Mary, I firmly believed God already healed me completely as Ive been on remission for 16 coz W/ God Nothing Is Impossible bec. there's no cure yet for lupus. When I watched this video I cldnt help to shed tears as well esp.when I saw those in wheelchairs. Thanks Bo & to God be d GLORY! (2007-09-14 21:54:56)
Baby: I'm really happy that i've seen this video.I thought I will never get the chance of watching it coz,the first that I opened it I can't watch the video.I'm really glad coz I was able to see everything and i've felt the presence of Mama Mary.I even cried especially when I heard the song Hilumin mo Hesus.Thanks for the prayers and Godbless. (2007-05-27 05:08:04)
jennifer hirakawa: God is so good all the time. God bless you all! (2007-05-18 21:38:47)
cleofeamanc: what can i say but to thank God for giving us this technology to be part in your pilgrimage. my tears kept on flowing upon seing the video. God is so good, Mama Mary i love you. i hope and pray that one day me and my family will also be part of Marian pilgrimage. Thank you for this videos. Specially the one who handles the camera. God bless you all! Intercede with us always Mama Mary. (2007-05-03 06:07:53)
dean_xit: Watching the video made me cry and blessed as i was able to feel and see the pilgrimage. I felt God's precense and i felt like i was one of those people at the procession. Thanks Brother Bo for sharing and bringing us as if we're at the pilgrimage too. We are really Blessed. Thanks God. (2007-05-03 05:46:02)
malou: it was just great that you can share w/ us your pilgrimage thru video. it's as if we're there w/ you. hopefully,someday we may also have the privilege, God willing, to experience whatever you are all feeling right now, somehow renewed in faith and so continue a life so full of God's love and for our brothers and sisters as well. by the way, may i know how much is the entrance fee for your kerygma conference in november at the ultra. i intend to invite also some of my relatives to attend. thanks and may God bless us all everyday. (2007-05-02 14:10:43)
JODHIE HIZON: ok (2007-05-02 12:53:15)
Rica: I am in the middle of my work at 12 midnight and took a break reading my personal I read and took a journey with the Marian Pilgrimage for the past few days, it is a great blessing to watch this video too...most especially the song Hesus Hilumin Mo...cried...and felt God's loving presence..also the sacred body of St. Bernadette..touched the screen and said a prayer...remembered the many loving presence and answered prayers of Mama Mary as you showed the image of Our Lady of Lourdes! God bless and thanks for touching our lives through the Kerygma Family.... (2007-05-02 12:06:33)
jinn_texas: u all are very lucky! i cried also! u experienced so much miracles. the song "Stay with me MAria", is wonderful. (2007-05-02 10:37:50)
jinn_texas: its amazing! God is indeed amazing!!! its really breathtaking. i told myself i wanna go there also someday. St. Bernadette is one of my patron saints since then. i will share this to all non catholics i know. Mama Mary is a Miraculous Lady! Thanks bro. bo for sharing this to us. Thank u also for praying with us. God bless always. (2007-05-02 10:15:17)
Maria Catherine: I do'nt know what to say after I finished watching this video with my younger daughter, she asked me what are we watching? she even asked who is St. Bernadette, imagine she is only 3 years old. I've known this web thru my friend Hilda and I also thank her. I really felt good and blessed watching this video even though I'am not really there, seems GOD is with me especially when I'am listening to the song HESUS HILUMIN MO. Thank you Bro. Bo for taking us in Lourdes France thru this video. (2007-05-02 09:20:12)
tonnete: Felt really good and blessed watching the video. It seems am with you in pilgrimage also. I even cried and really felt God's presence. Especially with the song Hesus, Hilumin Mo...Thanks Bro Bo..thanks for taking us in Lourdes, France...even though thru video, seems so near in my heart...Praise be our God, thank you Lord for giving us our Mama Mary..thank you also St. Bernadette. (2007-05-02 00:21:42)
Pauline: Even if i was there physically, i missed a lot because my concerns at that time were trivial like shopping but seeing all the testimonies, and looking back at all that transpired, i too can say that the experience was more than words can say. It was a great feeling praying as one in that procession. Am very proud to be a Catholic and is very blessed to be part of that pilgrimage. Great job in the videos George! (2007-05-01 23:50:29)
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