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Nov. 26, 2006

Botoks Concert Cebu / Feat. Obet Cabrillas

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susan: very inspiring testimony again by bro.obet and your sharings/thoughts w/ bro.jon on God's word. keep up d good work & God Bless always! (2007-09-24 08:31:16)
drahc: wow...thanks for that message... i guess you're right...He's just like a decoration in my life... thanks for teaching us the right thing to do... God bless us all (2006-12-15 13:54:57)
tonette: nice episode! well it feels good to watch those episodes i missed. this is becoming a habit... definitely a good one! thanks bro. bo for making me see things in a different light! God bless you too! (2006-12-06 20:05:35)
iris p: we had fun at Botoks here in Cebu. though my mom and friends go to kerygma feast regularly, we still enjoy the concert especially receiving blessings at the end with the prayer. who can beat that?! Keep on keeping on!!!More power! (2006-12-05 10:35:43)
Dante: Tito Bo, my brother and I really enjoyed the concert. Thank you and God bless you all! :) (2006-12-02 21:51:42)
mike borromeo: more power to you and team from us downunder, australia. can't wait to share this with everyone here. god bless, mike (2006-11-28 19:44:25)
Cathy: Hiiiiiiii 2 everybody. Bro Bo ang galing2x mo sobra.pati ang misis at anak mo ang galing kumanta,talagang my pinagmanahan....Luv u!God Bless (2006-11-28 09:31:45)
jackie: Great God!!! to your name be the glory forever and ever!!! amen.... touch their hearts oh Lord!!! (2006-11-28 09:31:26)
randy: hey kerygma preachers! i thought i have seen you at your best. hindi pa pala. pag tulog pala kayo, magkakamukha pala kayong lahat. pati si rissa. he he he...God bless all the work of your hands!!! (2006-11-28 09:31:18) Thanks for the power of God giving us the power of technology! Lots of snow here in Vancouver, BC Canada, thanks for bringing God's word online. You're blessed Bro. Bo :-) (2006-11-28 09:31:16)
sweets: Hi Love! It's 2 am and i just finished doing some computer work. The kids and I miss you so much!!!! I can't wait to see you later. (2006-11-28 09:31:14)
mercelee: you know, the more I know God, the more trials i experience in my life....but you light up my life...It's my first time to hear and see you talk, you inspired me, God has inspired me thru you. thanks for coming in davao. I hope to see you and hear from you once again soon.... God bless! (2006-11-28 09:31:11)
bro marvz: bro bo, your concert in davao was a hit specially to the young people of ateneo! i was with my younger brothers and i was moved by God's message. "be an everyday hero"... thanks bro bo (2006-11-28 09:31:09)
merry: hello, just want you to know you have a super nice calming voice, it is super cool, the wonder of computer. using techonology to reach more people with the words of god, keep up the good deeds, may god bless you with good health, take care (2006-11-28 09:31:06)
leoshan: good morning bo!;p can't wait to see youlater here in davao;) i've invited a lot of people, so that they may also experience and feel blessed by hearing God's words through you.We're already very excited! God bless us all! ;) (2006-11-28 09:31:05)
CHICKA: HELLO! ...i was at CPU rose memorial hall last nyt. i was really touched by your sharing.. Continue to give love everyday... may you have more lives to touch!!!! hurrah to the BOTOKS team! (2006-11-28 09:31:03)
mon...: good day bro bo....tnx n praise god naencounter ko po ang teachings nyo..bro bo can i ask a question,,as christians do we really need images?im really confused and i hope you can help's my email add daigz_kenshin 4 reading my this... god bless bro bo.. (2006-11-28 09:31:01)
leoshan: good morning bo!;p can't wait to see youlater here in davao;) i've invited a lot of people, so that they may also experience and feel blessed by hearing God's words through you.We're already very excited! God bless us all! ;) (2006-11-28 09:30:58)
Marilyn: hi bro Bo! hope madownload namanlahat ng video sa preacher n blue jeans katulad ng mga audio talks at video talks mo. Kasi gusto namin talaga balik balikan lahat ng mga turo mo through saving it to the disk. request ko lang po! THANKS. WE ADMIRED YOU A LOT. Praise the Lord. (2006-11-28 09:30:56)
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