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April 21, 2007

Back to back inspirations: be inpired by living testimonies as Reng Morelos and Martin Ynfante share their lives. Be blessed! Watch out for Bo Sanchez' Marian Pilgrimage highlights coming soon.

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Prince dela Paz: =) Thank you so much... at least malinaw na sa akin ang lahat=) (2007-04-22 06:43:36)
TJ Monserrat: @Prince: oks lang yan :D God's blessing is for free naman diba? pwede mo naman idownload yung mp3s e... ako icompiled them into folders under topics para madali kong ishare sa friends ko din :D (2007-04-21 23:03:51)
Prince dela Paz: Dear Kerygma Family or should i address this to brother Bo... Im guilty of recording your daily episodes here in PIBJ. Magaganda po kasi at ako mismo sa sarili ko marami akong narerealize about life. Anyway, im an 18 years old guy. Kaya ko po nirerecord a pra sana i-compile para iparinig sa mga friends ko na sa tingin ko di dpat mamiss yung mga blessings ni God na naoopen sa amin through you, Kerygma family. di ko lng po kasi kyang basta na lamang gawin... kaya ipinapaalam ko po sa inyo kasi you are all really great instruments of God... Thnk you po... at i hope i get to hear from you... God bless (2007-04-21 13:59:01)
sally: Wow really, its soo inspiring! I followed bro bo's advice not to turn to the tv or to read the nespapers becoz the news are all negative, and it can turn me into a negative person! So here I am, I choose to listen to positive, inspiring, spiritual words from this awesome, blessing filled site! Its really true, God's hands work differently from ours. His plans are way much different from ours. It may be negative in our eyes, but beneath that negativities is His love for us! To the PIBJ staff, may God continouisly strengthen you in inspiring people like me, and drawing us closer to HIM! (2007-04-21 09:49:17)
TJ Monserrat: Kaya pala nung nakita ko si Pat sa isang episode sa Kerygma TV at nung dumalaw siya sa UPLB e parang nakita ko na siya :D wow... God bless :D (2007-04-21 07:57:28)
abba23: Dear PIBJ staff, I am so glad to know that Ms. Patricia Evangelista is now part of "Our" Kerygma family! Just like us, she will be blessed and nourished everyday. May God continue to increase our tribe with His choicest blessings. (2007-04-21 02:07:22)
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