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April 19, 2007

Be blessed as Bo talks during this year's easter celebration! Watch out for Bo Sanchez' Marian Pilgrimage highlights coming soon.

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jhayare: thanks so much bro really inspired & blessed us...Thanks to God... (2007-04-30 12:18:28)
Ning Lachica: Your speech is so inspiring that we decided to share it to our household members during our weekly Household Meeting in Couples for Christ here in Canada. More power and see you again this year! (2007-04-22 08:10:29)
carlos: Thanks God for your wonderful message. You R a true "Light" from God. (2007/04/21) (2007-04-21 10:37:53)
julie: Greetings from here in Rome, Italy. I'm so glad to listened to you & i'm so blessed. I want to see clear the videos thru internet, thanks. God bless u always. Ur great!!! (2007-04-21 06:50:27)
salie: Bo, yo have enlightened me about something that i barely know. For that, i am gratefule to you and to the Lord. you such a blessing to those who need guidance in knowing the greatness of God's love. (2007-04-21 01:48:17)
leoshan: ill give 6 out of 5 stars for this episode... makes a lot of sense and we surely all miss you here in PIBJ bro bo! (2007-04-19 20:55:14)
relin: bo. sanchez..i like ur show very well...ang galing mo tlga bo.sanchez...god bless u always.. (2007-04-19 20:42:01)
krishna mie: i am really blessed for understanding the scripture more... thank you. (2007-04-19 20:09:03)
analisa: PRAISE GOD!! thank you so much for this worderful talk you really inspired me to start giving generously,thank you for giving us this knowledge about giving.please pray for me that God will give me his aboundant grace so i can give cheerfully.more power to your ministry and best of health to you and your family.amen!! (2007-04-19 19:51:43)
Honeybunch: dearest Bro Bo, the catching words are "the measure of how much we give sacrificially".Truly your program strucked me it even make me reflect of what, how and who am i now. I pray more to our loving Father God to lead and guide me to be more generous in order for me to help people but not to leave myself emptyhanded as well. As i believe, in giving with enthusiastic heart will please HIM. Words of God are holy and full of mysteries, but through you and other PIBJ staffs, you make things for us easy to understand. i pray for the intercession and guidance of the Holy Spirit to be with you so u will be empowered in evangelizing people. We pray for excellent health. Be very Blessed !!!! May you dont stop nourishing our souls with HIS holy words, everyday! (2007-04-19 18:16:56)
marvin de la torre: greetings! i watched your show at abs-cbn last holy week special and i really liked the show. it strucked me from within. bro bo your indeed a god-given gift to humanity!!!! (2007-04-19 14:50:19)
FERDINAND L. MACANAS: thanks for the kfam insider. really Gods using in this world to remind all of us that Gods alway Love and with us.....good health for your family and all your staff.. (2007-04-19 13:53:22)
mawin: you are really great bro bo sanchez....god bless you (2007-04-19 13:45:54)
Ronaldo: Thanks Bro. Bo! another rich and meaningful message. God Bless you always! (2007-04-19 13:30:34)
yogi: Grabe bro bo.... awesome, dynamic, great, spectacular, wonderful, magnificent, superb, brilliant, outstanding, marvelous, bravura, splendid, and glorious talk. Thank you ... im really reallly really blessed... now i know the difference between the context in Malachi as compared to 2 Corinthians... Godspeed bro. ΓΌ (2007-04-19 09:57:44)
hermie: hi Bro. Met a preacher/pastor from Puerto Rico in Chicago last week and lead him to PBB site and he said that he was so blessed to have listened to you. God bless you and let's pray that we will have some members from Puerto Rico soon. (2007-04-19 07:43:50)
lanie cabansag: Bo Sanchez, you are the best! It is so nice to watch you over the internet here in Kansas. God bless you.Continue bringing joy to people like me! (2007-04-19 06:54:25)
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