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April 18, 2007

PART 2: Be blessed by Bro.Arun! "Watch out for Bo Sanchez Marian Pilgrimage Highlights coming soon"

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Roland Callanta: Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I humbly request for prayer for my upcoming open heart operation on September 04, 2007 at Philippines heart center here in the philippines. I was diagnosed to have ASD (Atrial Septal Defect - a hole in my heart and need to be close). Please pray for my safe and successful operation and also for my speedy recovery. Please include also to your prayers the Doctors who will do the operation that lord JESUS CHRIST will give them wisdom, knowledge and peace of mind in doing the operation for me. Do also include in your prayers those other sick that they will also experience your divine healing. Thank you very much and GOD BLESS YOU ALL. (2007-08-24 10:27:21)
sam and carol: we really need to hear the song, please play it on your next episode. thanks for the blessings thru your program (2007-05-04 03:36:33)
michell: i first heard about bro.arun during one of our household meeting in Singles For Christ here in Calgary. i was so tired from work and im planning not to attend our meeting. but still i have a date with God so i came. im so glad to know one of the great preacher thru this pragram preacher in blue jeans. so everytime im off i watch your show thru internet and im reminded that God loves me so much despite of all my problems and worries. God bless U all! hope you can visit us here with in Calgary. (2007-05-03 02:37:25)
Dennis: God s Really Good wen i see and heard GodS word in the internet through your station. prayer request ko po sana na makahanap na po ako ng work dito sa Missionary English teacher po ako dito((((Kasama ko ang Diyos))) (2007-04-23 12:35:56)
Dennis: God s Really Good wen i see and heard GodS word in the internet through your station. prayer request ko po sana na makahanap na po ako ng work dito sa Missionary English teacher po ako dito((((Kasama ko ang Diyos))) (2007-04-23 12:35:51)
Chantel: Bro Arun- a very great speaker... No dull moments while nourishing your soul.. hope we can hear the song.. =)Thanks for the talk...even we cannot watch this series in tv or personally- indeed we enjoy this website so much... God Bless... =) (2007-04-22 14:18:07)
alan: hi i would like to thank you for the wonderful message and i want to donate a regular $20 every month, how? email me please. tnx. (2007-04-22 13:03:58)
alan: hi i would like to thank you for the wonderful message and i want to donate a regular $20 every month, how? email me please. tnx. (2007-04-22 13:03:54)
Lallaine: Yes, it is always a joy to watch bro.Arun. That's one of the reasons I said yes to him. Thank you and God bless you all for your kind words and affirmations for my husband. The Lord has loved me uniquely and unconditionally through him. :) We pray for all of you PIBJ followers, as your soul is nourished, may your lives speak of Jesus' love to the world. As for me, as I watch Arun, whether he's giving a talk, driving our car, or sleeping beside me, the Lord always says loudly and clearly to my heart- "I love you so much, my daughter." Receive God's love today brothers and sisters. God bless you always! (2007-04-19 21:42:21)
jeffgogna: ang galing talaga ng tito ko GOD BLES PO (2007-04-19 15:07:15)
kairos: kabitin nga yung kanta...sana madagdag... salamat bro arun...laging nakakatawa at nakakaiyak yung talk mo. (2007-04-19 10:01:01)
jinn_texas: another best talk of bro.arun! it made me cry. i hope to hear the song...sayang, bitin! (2007-04-19 06:18:31)
krishna mie: nakakabitin naman. ilang days na na hindi lumalabas si bro. bo to pray for us, tapos ngayon naman kay bro arun, pinutol din ang blessing I MISS BEING BLESSED through their prayer, really pero thanks pa rin for continually blessing us through this show... you are very generous. kaka-envy naman si bro arun. haha, his dad is really interesting... how nice din his expression of his love to his wife noh? (2007-04-18 21:30:40)
Minnie T. Labasano: How can I avail of the DVDs? How much will it cost me? (2007-04-18 17:41:49)
Honeybunch: Good Afternoon Bro Arun, wow! your talk is just inspiring! grabeh, i wish i have the time in the world to tell in whole universe to watch PIBJ. ! Since i am in the process of healing, i tremendously let the power of God enter in my whole being, even HIS Great Love, i allow it to enter and manifest in my entire body, soul,mind & heart.I am so happy cos everyday i tell Him that i love him, that he is my bf, my husband, my friend, my everything! and thru these, im pleasing Him. At the same time, i can feel HIS love to me in return, how? Gradually, He helps me fix my life, align the right priorities, and im so joyous cos i feel He is just right beside me. All i DO is surrender it all to HIm. Thank you Bro Arun, Bro Bo and the rest of the PIBJ staff for nourishing our souls. We continue to pray for your good health, safety, protection from evil and more blessings to you all. Be Very Blessed !!! (2007-04-18 17:10:06) Hi there! Sorry I cannot attend the Kerygma Feast just to hear Bro Arun song. I'm here in New Zealand and impossible for me to be there. Please, I'm begging you include his song in the next episode. I want to hear the song. May day will not be complete if I can't watch this PIBJ episode. Parang awa nyo na paki sama naman ang kanta. Please, please, please.... God Bless you! (2007-04-18 16:51:27)
preacher in blue jeans staff: sorry by are not including the final song, if you want to hear more of, bro.arun and the rest of the kerygma preachers, attend The Feast, every sunday.9am. at The Arena, san juan. Preacher in blue jeans now available on DVD! Get your copy! (2007-04-18 13:38:25)
malou: again, an inspiring and great episode. everytime, basta si bro arun. by now you should know you're changing a lot of people to know about our loving God, w/ your sharing. so far, at this stage, no one can surpass your way of preaching. (2007-04-18 12:29:21)
Gay: Hope the last song will be played. Thanks and more power to PIBJ. (2007-04-18 12:11:36)
leigh: wow, ang galing mo bro... thanks for the sharing.. God Bless you and Bo. more power.... (2007-04-18 11:37:20)
nikz: Wonderful talk, pero parang bitin...i was waiting for the song (=...Godbless PIBJ for nourishing our souls everyday. More power! For Bro. Arun, you are such one sweet guy for doing that to your wife (= (2007-04-18 10:23:34)
liza: thank you bless me today.The Lord bless you and keep you. (2007-04-18 10:11:05)
prendy: Yes we need the song can you please replay it or do something so we can hear them..request, request..Praise the Lord!!Rejoice as He is the God of restoration. (2007-04-18 09:27:01)
yogi: Hope the last song be played next time... like what gladace said while waiting for the song... joke time... hehe... joke talaga... just give us a hint kung what song un so we could imagine na lang... ngek... Thanks again. (2007-04-18 09:17:54)
yogi: THanks Bro. Arun, i know God loves me but with your talk i realized how God really really really really really LoveS me so much. Hope i could serenade my girlfriend too like what you have done with your wife... very inspiring. Godspeed bro. (2007-04-18 09:12:14)
melchorgallo: pardon me bro arun...i repeteadly listening 2 your talk..I am now asst. team leader in our CLP in our chapter...held every Saturday 8pm.Participants so tired..I used your punchline to make the program lively..As well as your delivery..Pardon me for imitating u..D only way i feel people would love to listen instead of sleeping during the program..More power (2007-04-18 08:59:53)
gladace: i was already closing my eyes and bowed my head and start to feel the embrace of God while waiting for the song......biglang joke time. sayang i wanted to listen to the song so badly.... (2007-04-18 03:25:10)
gladace: Indeed God is a God of restoration. I am faithful to God and yes inapi ako at inagrabyado ako. In the midst of the lowest part of my life, that was when God poured out the blessings I have been praying for. Praise the Lord!!! (2007-04-18 03:03:42)
oliver: ang galing talaga ni bro. Arun. very entertaining... God Bless! (2007-04-18 02:38:48)
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