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Nov. 25, 2006

The Life Testimony of Alvin Barcelona

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Aileen Fudadera: I want to be a part of Kyregma Family... (2010-05-12 17:01:45)
aires: Hi!!brother Bo and Bro. Alvin at sa lahat ng mga preachers gusto ko lang pong magpasalamat sa inyo sa pagbigay ninyo ng inspirasyon sa lahat ng kabataan. (2008-03-23 18:00:31)
Eric: Really an inspiring story..... and an inspiring prayer (2007-01-06 16:11:55)
angging: God Bless Bro. Alvin! (2006-12-14 10:54:19)
Frances: Hi Brother Bo.Pakisabi ni Alvin,"Good morning,Good afternoon,good evening" (2006-12-09 17:32:14)
kathy: thanks again for a very touching episode. Keep up the good work. Godbless you all (2006-12-09 02:29:41)
Raul: I cried a like a baby watching Bro. Alvin's testimony. Just a few weeks ago, I was on top of the world about to start a job which will bring me great wealth. For some mysterious reasons, I decided to bail out of it return to my ordinary world. My initial reaction was that it was not yet my time and God will surely find favor by providing me a better opportunity. However, recently, I feel like I have fallen into the depths for the missed opportunities. Coincidentally, everything that were perfect at one time in my life suddenly all became broken. I am so depressed that I took into the internet and found this site. With Bro.Alvin's story, I decided to hold fast to God's promises of healing, that nothing is impossible with Him. Yes, I heard God telling me to "hang on a few more moments" and all these madness happening to me will all come to pass. Now, I am crying again ... because of joy. I love my God I surrender everything that I am. (2006-12-01 12:30:04)
mhyl: ALVIN BARCELONA...ang ganda nang boses nitong taong to...kep up the good work brod..god rockz (2006-11-29 17:54:10)
mai Roxas: bro. bo pa ki pry din po rin po si Ronaldo Depaz.he still in hospital. guide and protect.also the familyn to be continue be strong and help to the financial. (2006-11-26 13:59:33)
Henny Kusumawati: There is nothing impossible for us if God in our heart! Viva all you! Henie (2006-11-25 22:08:09)
sam toloza: while i was listening to this testimony of bro.Alvin, I cant help but cry. I just realized how lucky i am that our God is so amazing and can do everything even the most impossible things as long as we believe in Him. this story touches me so much for it parallels with my worries in life. But after hearing this very inspirational testimony, i am now more confident on the power of our God. Thanks and more power to your program. I wish I would know how to be a part of your group serving the good Lord. Here is my email add: (2006-11-25 17:57:06)
bea leones: Hello bo! Can you pray for me also? I've been praying for a laptop so I cound have internet connected to my place and see/hear you anytime. Much has been added to things I should look forward to in the kyregma world and I feel like nahuhuli na ako. Hehehe! More power and I'll continue praying for you and your family. < (2006-11-25 17:51:07)
allan jr.: kuya bo!!!!!!!!!!1 you're really the best..... thank you for being an instrument of God........ More power to you....... God Bless Us All (2006-11-25 16:36:28)
sherwin o. ochea: i was touched after hearing the life testimony of bro alvin barcelona. i truly believe that sickness, trials and tribulations are God's loving reminder of His presence in our lives. truly, GOD writes straight through crooked lines. May we find GODs control in the midst of difficulties. GOD BLESS US ALL! (from Cebu City, Phils) (2006-11-25 14:41:53)
leoshan: i just read the article about your concert in cebu as well... wow! am getting more excited for tomorrow! can't wait to hear your teachings bro bo, and the rest of your group. am actually inviting a lot of people already, and they too are looking forward to hear you preach live here in Davao;p (2006-11-25 13:29:06)
princess martillano: hi tito bo! :) i just wanted to let you know that today's video really hit me! there really is NOTHING impossible with God!! short sharing: i came back here in manila a year ago, honestly after having lived in indonesia for 11 years one really has a huge adjustment to go through. it was doubly difficult for me to start getting used to the lifestyle here becase at the same time i had to adjust to school life. after all the prayers from my parents and friends, i truly thank God, for i am getting to the point when i have fully adjusted to the place and to school! :D the video for today also deeply imbedded more in my mind that no matter how much trials God puts us through He will not let us be. He will continuously be there helping us each and every step of the way! Thanks Tito Bo!!! More power and God Bless always!! (2006-11-25 11:08:13)
girlie: For all the life-changing messages, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, brother bo.We love our PREACHER in BLUE JEANS! God bless. (2006-11-25 07:21:01)
Coih Tamayo: We we're watching the tv show "Criminal Minds" the other night and the episode was about a muslim preacher who turned terrorist. He's the type of guy who really knows his religion, a very faithful one, too. In the interrogation, he always quotes the Koran. He always speaks praises to Allah in every little thing. My eldest son, Jesse, commented if there's such a person. My husband and I said yes. We met him when we were in Surabaya, Indonesia 7 yrs ago. His name is Bo Sanchez. It was just so great to be around him. You can really feel the presence of God. When I opened my email today, Nov24/06, there's this email from Ramon Martillano asking us to check out this site. WOW!!!! I know there's nothing coincidence in this world. Now my sons can meet Bo Sanchez and see for themselves what we meant. GOD BLESS BRO. BO AND YOUR MINISTRIES! THANK YOU!!! Calgary, Canada (2006-11-25 06:48:30)
bro marvz: thank God for that story! it's very timely for my uncle who will undergo boipsy. God is really GOOD!!! God bless (2006-11-25 06:08:54)
Todd: Galing ng life story mo Bro. Alvin.......sana sa susunod kay Rissa Singson naman,at kung pwede sa lahat na ng preachers.Galing mo talaga Bo!!! (2006-11-25 04:27:35)
ren reyes: I only learned about you, your website, and about how much God is using you 2 or 3 weeks ago thru an email about an article you wrote that was passed to me. Then I got hooked with your daily PIBJ video, and have been a regular audience since then. When I watch the first episode, I was surprised to learn about Alvin's involvement in your ministry as I knew him probably 15 years ago. I was always interested on what brought Alvin closer to God and thanks to PIBJ, though I'm thousands of miles away to approach him and personally ask, I was able to hear the testimony from his mouth. It's amazing what God can do, and how it could touch you, specially if you know the person before he was changed and healed. More power to you Bo and Alvin, and to the rest of your ministry. I would definitely check out FEAST the next time I'm in Manila. God Bless! Ren (from Edmonton, Canada) (2006-11-25 03:52:59)
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