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Preacher In Blue Jeans

Bo Sanchez' Daily Reality Internet TV Show

April 7, 2007


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Maria Christina Macadini: God Bless.. I always buy Kerygma magazines.. Its really inspiring... (2007-04-12 22:24:04)
It'sMeJoy: Thanks! (2007-04-10 19:54:06)
limbert: GODbless (2007-04-08 23:03:41)
cesar: im one of your thousands of regular viewers everyday. my day isnt complete without my daily doze of preacher in blue jeans episode. more power to you brothers and sisters and may God empower you to serve more... Jesus died for us, let's live for HIM!!! may God be praised... alleluia! alleluia! HAPPY EASTER! (2007-04-08 00:28:31)
jinn_texas: the best!!! you are the best bro. bo plus the very good voice of rissa singson. y'all a blessing to the world. thank you very much for bringing us closer to God. God bless always and more power! (2007-04-08 00:22:09)
Lani Lou: Thank you soo much. God is the most mreciful of all. ALl glory be to HIm!!! I love you LORD!!! =) God bless us all. (2007-04-08 00:02:22)
alhei: thanks for sharing this vid. i'm moved by the last part.. "who can be more merciful than God?" "No one" thanks a lot Bo, for this realization!!! I' so so thankful that I am a Christian and i know my God, our God loves me so much. God bless!! (2007-04-07 22:03:42)
Sam: It was a wonderful way to reflect God's Love through your sharings and inpirational talks. Your whole team make my day complete. (2007-04-07 19:31:22)
leogirl: Hi! ganda ng topic today, really touch me. ang ganda pa ng talk ni Bro. Bo, at the last. and ganda din ng voice ni Rizza and the guy who name is George Gabriel. Napakaganda talga ng Preacherinbluejeans. Ammazing and great Kerygmafam, Bro.Bo, maraming-maraming salamat sau. You are 1 of a kind. Galing........ God Bless you. and all the staff. (2007-04-07 18:05:28)
leogirl: Why it's always pause? (2007-04-07 16:32:28)
macor: hi ms.agnes ponce! please click "welcome" from the opening page, click "be a member" then click "join us now"... be blessed everyday! (2007-04-07 09:28:10)
krishna mie: hmmm. pero teka. hindi pala ganun kadali noh. i just listened to another video where brother Bo quoted the book of John for His opening message and at the back of my mind "hmmm, teka this is distorted" hehe, i felt like being a paranoid and being led to doubt. i was using the wisdom in the wrong way. this uneasiness takes a lot of practice for me to understand and live by the words of God more. now this is active living of faith. pero talaga, the changes are not that easy to swallow in my system just yet. (2007-04-07 05:02:02)
krishna mie: i never expected that i would still be shaken in my belief. I thought only the Old testament writers were at fault in the writings in the Bible. and then, you quoted the book of Mark... you actually corrected what My Lord Jesus Christ, my Brother-confidante was saying (as written by Mark) and i was like "hey, hey, wait a minute. not Christ's words. Do not quote Christ!" But thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. THE BIBLE IS A JOURNEY. and i journey with the Bible. Now I understand it better by heart why my Catholic faith uses not only the Bible, not only the Doctrines but the experiences of other believers as well. and hey! my experience of God as well. I AM AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT in my Faith!!! how wonderful! how very very wonderful! God is not only unfolding Himself in the History written in the Bible, but I AM ACTUALLY A PART of my journey... Thank you brother Bo for being bold. i pray to learn more from you. I hope to better understand and love the Bible more. (2007-04-07 04:50:04)
krishna mie: thank you brother Bro! i had mountains and mountains of paperwork due next week and i felt so sorry (aside from being guilty) for not being able to spend the Holy Week in prayer. I really hoped to spend even a day in prayer. i wached the "prequel" of your Holy week special yesterday and i thought i'll just meditate for a while as a start of my day. it turned out that i spent my whole day in prayer and fasting. it even helped me in preparation for making my paper. (2007-04-07 04:38:02)
agnes ponce: i watch your program.. im so touch your message..i want to join to you.. how to join it..where? pls i need you help!!!i need of peace of mind! (2007-04-07 04:22:08)
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