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April 5, 2007

Enjoy this Holy Thursday Special! Part 2 : Be blessed by Kerygma preacher, Alvin Barcelona!

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Alexander Villasis: Hope to listen to the talks here. (2015-04-08 22:08:27)
ron pacia: Hi Bo thanks for your effective and inspiring words its really help and remind faithfully to the Lord. I actually saw you in concert in Bergenfield,NJ I Bought your cds and me and my wife listens to them. thanks and God bless you and more power to your ministry and all staff. (2007-04-12 00:08:51)
It'sMeJoy: THANKS! (2007-04-10 19:56:34)
Nenette Larieta-Estacio: hi! Alam niyo po every day off ko dito sa vancouver, canada nagdadownlaod ako agad sa preacher in blue jeans dahil iba talaga ang preaching niyo. I'm just only one month here kaya parang nasa pilipinas din ako kung napanood ko kayo. God bless you and more power to preacher in blue jeans. You are a blessing to us and i was able to share it to my new friends here. (2007-04-07 15:33:49)
Mila: Praise God for a wonderful talk Bro Alvin! More power! Just an added infor to help puzzled - an HMO is a type of business or company the offer hospitalization services where the client gets a plastic card and you get accepted in the hospital..of course based on the expense limits you bought..if you exceeded the limits, e di you still pay the excess or try to be dicharged from the hospital kahit di ka pa masyado magaling..hehehe (2007-04-07 15:11:50)
krishna mie: praise God! what a wonderful talk Sir :D and such very timely for me. this is my first year as a staff in our youth charismatic group, Christ's Youth in Action, and "people development" (relationship building, goal achievement, delegation etc) this is being taught to us and it is good to be enriched in the leadership practice and skills i wish to share this to my younger brothers and sisters so that we will be empowered in the service, and that the coming generation of student leaders will be better and better. :D thanks a million! (2007-04-06 11:45:32)
jinn_texas: good talk! tnaks for always inspiring us..... (2007-04-06 02:41:33)
ajpr: I'm a highschool student and very much inspired because of the kerygma preachers. Thanks and Godbless. (2007-04-06 01:44:07)
sarah: thanx for this wonderul talk...w/the HOPE...LIGHT.very inspiring words...esp.w/this holy week.more power,GODBLESS! (2007-04-05 23:43:58)
Aldreane: thank you bo for this powerful talk (2007-04-05 20:37:55)
john day: i was really empowered by mr. barcelona's talk about leadership.i was dropping by in bo sanchez's website and got bumped with this video. i was viewing the rest of the videos here and it's very refreshing to hear of stuffs like these in the H0ly week. (2007-04-05 17:47:03)
nidel: more power!!!! (2007-04-05 17:10:03)
puzzled: anu ba ibig sabihin ng joke for today? (2007-04-05 13:19:07)
marissa quilestino go: thanks for preacher in blue jeans. our family watched together, very inspiring. God bless you all and more power. (2007-04-05 10:27:22)
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