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April 2, 2007

Another powerful preaching by Kerygma preacher, Bro.Arun Gogna. Be blessed!

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mawin: your really great Bro.Arun you give me more strength to face a new day....god is so great for blessing people like you..god bless all of us...keep up the good work (2007-04-19 15:09:56)
anne: Thank you for the eye-opening talk. It got me laughing until the end. I can relate to the situations cited and I liked the part when the speaker talked about freedom and responsibility – which is a faculty only given to men. With that we are free to let God take the lead in our lives and surely if we do, he will always be a loving friend not a judge. The practical tips in living presence of God were also helpful. I agree with Cely that it will be more timely to discuss everyone’s need to lavish on the benefits of the sacrament of reconciliation. We always have a Big Brother in the person of Jesus, whom we can turn to not only to wash away our sins but moreso, to give us a good push in our struggle to grow more in virtues. (2007-04-07 08:25:01)
maggie the yorkie: Bro Arun is an effective speaker. he is gifted with God's wisdom. It's very enlightening about the 3 crosses. (2007-04-05 10:45:21)
Cely Molina: Thank you for the talk. It would have been better though if the sacrament of reconciliation was touched where sin is best fought. It is obvious nowadays that Confession has been neglected by many people. We see that many line up for Communion but not as many for Confession. (2007-04-02 17:10:04)
Coelacanth: Another reason to keep me going today...another reason to keep on talking to our God...another reason to thank Him for all the blessings that we have received...another reason to tell somebody that they have NO REASON to be mad at our GOD. God Bless you always. (2007-04-02 12:57:23)
cath: God is so great for blessing people like you who also bless other people. Thank you for taking the time to bless other people and making a difference in their lives. (2007-04-02 12:30:34)
Dennis Chua: was just watching preacherinbluejeans and okay na by my standards. nag bu-buffer na. two things lang about the buffering: 1, there are some episodes that are very hard to buffer. what i mean is that even if i buffer some episode for 10 minutes, i only am able to buffer for a few minutes. unlike before when i buffer or press pause for 10 minutes, i already have almost have of the 30 minute episode buffered. and so, when i play it , tuloy -tuloy na until the end. just like before i had the problem with the buffering. 2, some episodes, those before the new system was announced are harder to buffer. that is chopping-choppy. but the newer ones, particularly the ones i went back to(mar.17,19,20) are ok na. even without buffering nag po-pause lang for a few seconds and tumo-tuloy na rin. ung mar, 29 episode is ok na ok.. thank you and i hope i can be of any help with this feedback. God Bless you all (2007-04-02 10:40:40)
Karen Causapin: Thank you, Bro. Arun for a very inspiring talk. I pray that I continuously carry the cross of reconciliation as I go through with life. God bless you in your ministry. (2007-04-02 08:50:56)
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