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Nov. 23, 2006

Talk on Commitment

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g: thank you for inspiring me God bless (2006-12-10 18:06:31)
aleihs: The best! just can't get enough! If this TV show could make it to primetime in any network giant....I'd be watching it everyday! Ang Galing! thank you Bro. BO! Thanks GOD for BO! For the team working together to produce this heaven sent TV show! (2006-11-24 22:33:00)
Michelle: This is such a great show bro. Bo! I long been wanted to join one of your retreat yet i could not because i find it very difficult to come there in Manila. Through this show and and the Kfam I can now listen and hear your talks anytime... God is so good! I know many people will be blessed. (2006-11-24 19:16:38)
yrehc34: hi bro bo!!! am so excited coz ul be coming here in our place in ORMOC CITY!!!! i really really am so glad ill be able to listen to you in person again.. it had been almost 5 years ago wen uv gone here.. praise GOD dat ull inspire us once agin with ur humorous and inspiring talks.. GOD bless ur trip BO!! (2006-11-24 09:27:58)
sWeet AnGeL: astig ala ko masabi!! bulls eye ang talk.. really inspiring.. godbless you!! (2006-11-23 22:20:10) hello to all especially to you Bro. Bo! wow! what a wonderful talk about commitment. it has really enlightened and inspired me. i am one of the people here in davao city who are looking forward to watch BO Toks on the 26th of this month. Can't wait for that time. Thanks a lot for always inspiring people and bringing us closer to Christ Jesus, inspite our imperfection. More power to you and may the Lord Almighty bless us all more. (2006-11-23 21:51:03)
jing: thanks po brother bo. hope to see in person po. God bless us all po... (2006-11-23 18:59:21)
charls: Wow! i really love this show.. watching/listening to Bo is very refreshing. God bless us my bro & sis!! I love you all. (2006-11-23 17:55:23) " to God be the glory", thanks for your wonderful message. Whether family, career, and community life, the best roll into one. Thanks Bro. Bo!!! May the good Lord continue to give you a good health so that we could watch you everyday. Thank you very very much!!! (2006-11-23 17:49:15)
mai Roxas: galing nio po. hope tuloy tloy po.nag eenjoy po me makinig. (2006-11-23 17:05:08)
annie: very enlightening! God bless us all! (2006-11-23 16:55:51)
Nel: how can i transfer ur podcast to my mp3? tnx...any1 who hav ideas..pls share... (2006-11-23 15:19:31)
josh: amen brother bo... amen. (2006-11-23 14:43:14)
mimi: hi bo you know what while im watching your preaching i never expect that i felt i dont know i didnt noticed that tears falls from these eyes i felt im so blessed and realized something miracle because my situation now is really difficult and u know what before ive listened to ur words im keep on asing God to answer me but i think i cant hear him nd he cant hear me but its a an answer for me ur the instrument thanks bo...... (2006-11-23 11:31:02)
rock: i've been serving God for many years now but my heart is not there, im not committed but as i go through to your inspirational talks i cme to realized that i'm here as a servant not for myself but for my one and only God, may you continue to do your work because of you God has blessed me that im not too late to change, more power brother bo! Thank God for you, God bless you and your family as well! (2006-11-23 10:41:03)
taritz: What an amazing Man of God you are!I thank Him for continually using you to evangelize His ways. Watching your show on line, at least twice a week, surely elevates me from long days' work. It seems like yesterday when you and Arun graced our parish, St. Christopher's here in Moreno Valley,CA. Even my 17 year old daughter was delighted to have heard you guys talk & sing rythms of our Lord. Thank you, and we hope you could come back (2006-11-23 10:35:24)
luchie: It is about time the Philippine nation has its own inspirational televangelist, or should I say, netvangelist, that can inspire, encourage, and exhort Pinoys to live a meaningful Christian life with a dash of wit and sense of humor that is truly culturally Pinoy. May God bless you Preacher in Blue Jeans (kind of 70ish, yes? cool though) with deeper revelations on God's perfect will and plans for His children through His WORD that became flesh in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Thanks Princess Jaz for introducing me to the Preacher in Blue Jeans. God bless the Philippines, us Pinoys wherever we are, and those we interact with! JESUS IS KING!!! ALL GLORY AND HONOR TO GOD FOREVER!!! AMEN! (2006-11-23 10:25:11)
iska: Thanks for this down to earth yet very enlightening talk, Bro. Bo. I guess I?m presently in the disenchantment stage?quite difficult indeed?but I believe it will all be over soon. Thanks so much for the inspiration! God bless! (2006-11-23 06:40:30) This is the 1st time I watched your tv show about God on 22Nov06. I was searching on tv about gospel preaching and there you were in channel 37. Like you mentioned, if this is what God's will for you to minister, praise the Lord. May God continues to bless you and your family. Donald - Malaysia. (2006-11-22 23:34:38)
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