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Nov. 22, 2006

"How to Succeed in Life - God's Way" Retreat

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carlitodesilva: Bro. Bo I Send my donation to your metro bank can use it in helping people.more power and god bless (2009-06-29 07:05:34)
Noriel: :-) (2006-12-07 16:09:48)
joan manalo: the first time that i saw bro. bo was in elizabeth seton school. i really love the way he preach.... he's really one of a kind... i thank God for bringing bro. bo into my life nakzzzzz! hehehe.... God bless and keep on going!!!!! inspire a lot of people around the world... (2006-12-07 04:11:25)
Rosalie: Hi Bro. Bo! I discovered Preachers in BlueJeans from my couple friends. Watching Preachers in BlueJeans made me feel home again after so many years. I was able to attend the group before in Guadalupe, with Bro. Pete Redito as our CEO in our community then. I believe that God has a plan for each of us. God has called each for a mission. I was just thinking earlier, Why Bo Sanchez, a Filipino preacher is more comfortable preaching in English language? Then, probably, God answered my thought... because, my plan for Bo won't only be preaching to Filipino people but as well as to the rest of the people in the world... English is our world's international language and is the most used and understood language. Bo and his group would help unite christian catholics and even non-catholics and non christians. God truly is a BIG GOD! You are so special Bro. Bo! We thank God for your gifts as well as the rest of Kerygma family, the Light of Jesus and the rest of the group selflessly sharing their life in service to God and all people in need. 'Hope through this, Catholics who have wavering faith will find conviction that they are on the right track. I wonder though, is the Light of Jesus already here in Toronto? To God be the glory! (2006-11-29 06:02:24)
Ria: Dear Bro. Bo, thanks for giving life and power to the word of God. More annointing and God's blessings. (2006-11-28 11:35:48)
Arnold: thanks for your wonderful preaching (2006-11-27 12:57:15)
Marivic: Bo! thanks, you touched my heart today about focusing on the good things. Your talks are helping me prepare for married life. i hope to not nag on my future husband, hehe. God bless you and the people behind that camera. (2006-11-25 14:42:58)
mimi: GOD BLESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS you alllllllllllll thanks GOD praise the LOrd thanks Bo....................... (2006-11-24 14:07:10)
ivy: Brother Bo! I have watched several episodes of your show on TV and prayed that I wont miss them every week.... like many people would have said, you as an instrument of GOD has touched my life and other peoples lives...God answered my it is...preacher in blue jeans... (2006-11-22 22:19:52)
cian: wonderful, wonderful!!! ;p am so glad that you now have these videos,and i know a lot will surely be blessed. can't wait to hear you preach live here in davao! ;) God bless you more and your family! ') (2006-11-22 20:46:03)
mimi rojo: hey Bo!!! Thank God for giving you, your works, your talks, and everything you do to help us grow in love, faith and trust... Thank you for being an instrument of change!!! Now I know I have a huge purpose in life... More power and God bless... And don't forget to pray for me and my family... (2006-11-22 20:38:29)
mai Roxas: first thankz a lot madami po me natutunan.keep up the good work.may the peace lord jesus christ be w/us. (2006-11-22 19:54:23)
jackie: honor & praise........ thanks for that very good preaching. salamat po!!!! (2006-11-22 18:46:19)
quennie dela ostia: dear mr. bo!!! i salute you!!! you have touch millions lives all over the world!!!! (2006-11-22 18:35:42)
Tes Guadarrama: Dear Bro. Bo, You are indeed an inspiration! i learned about you from my sister. i was inspired by stories about you from bro. alvin barcelona, who was our speaker in our recollection. and now, i am touched by your website: preacher in blue jeans. may God continuously give you strength to reach millions of people! you are indeed a manifestation of God's love to us! Thanks a lot. God bless... (2006-11-22 16:14:13)
horrace aice m. cabahug: hi bro bo, thank you for todays GOD'S message, thank you for the teachings you gave, its such an inspiring message to touch a lot of peoples lives. take care n GOD bless you.... (2006-11-22 15:29:00)
Ramon A. Von Possel, Jr.: Hi Bo! Now you gave me a problem. My day seems incomplete if I have not made a hit on this site. Thank you for the addiction. You are God's blessing to all people that hear your talk ( me included). Von (2006-11-22 14:21:09)
Terry Dionisio: Dear Bro. Bo, Your short stay with us here in Jakarta was very fruitful and life changing. Your message to us teachers about financial freedom is something that will re-direct our lives into something positive. You were when you say that material wealth is only good if put into good use like helping the less fortunate. Please continue to pray for the Genesi Community here in Jakarta and looking forward to be with you again next year. Merry xmas in advance ti you and your family and the whole kerygma community.God Bless!!!! (2006-11-22 12:43:03)
Kid: Bro Bo ! Thanks for the inspiring Word of God ... being regular in this VideoNet .. I shud glory God for what u have done ! (2006-11-22 12:10:41)
bro marvz: indeed God gives talents for us to use for God's glory and only for that purpose! thanks bro. bo! that insight was very enlightening! (2006-11-22 11:52:05)
christian: great topic bro. bo! keep it up Godbless (2006-11-22 11:36:04)
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