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Preacher In Blue Jeans

Bo Sanchez' Daily Reality Internet TV Show

Mar. 8, 2008

Bo Sanchez once again nourishes our soul with the Word of God. Listen as he delivers another easy to understand, practical teaching. God bless you all!

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glending: so inspiring. (2007-11-12 10:08:38)
dens: hi pbb staff.. the talk stops at 6:44 mins.. thanks for nourishing our souls.. God bless! (2007-03-11 22:55:37)
Lani Lou: God... i love this sooo much... I'm going home to write the things I want... and pray.. and have faith and move towards God's will... I just emailed Paul, my bf about this... and I'm so excited for him to hear it... Thank you soo much for nourishing the souls of many.... God bless us more... (2007-03-09 23:17:26)
Josie Benitez: I love this episode and i tried to shared it also with my 15 year old daughter who most of time is pessimistic because i know Bro. Bo's preaching for this episode will help her a lot. Nothing is impossible if we have faith. Thank you so much you're God's gift to the world. (2007-03-09 19:10:59)
Mila: I was able to hear the whole talk by clicking the "audio version". Thank you once again for the inspiring talk Bro. Bo! You never cease to amaze and amuse me evrytime! God bless and more power to your ministries. (2007-03-09 01:02:10)
Mila: HI I also could not listen/watch the video. It always stopped at 02:00 playtime- at the part ask me who's the mother. It happened after several times of refreshing. Sayang naman I missed this episode.... (2007-03-09 00:28:22)
Arnel Magalso: I've been downloading FLV and MP3 files in the past for me to review some talks and sharings, as well as share them with friends. Why is it that i couldn't download FLV or MP3 files anymore? (2007-03-08 18:53:12)
onin sumaguio: ang saya saya mo talaga bro. bo... nakaka inspire ka naman... kung babae lang ako talagang magpapa gf ako sayo hahaha.... kip it up Mr. Ambassador of God... God bless us all & your family!!! (2007-03-08 16:52:08)
angela marie: baby, try to check your internet connection.. here in my computer, i can view the talk of bro. Bo...thanks and God bless (2007-03-08 15:59:52)
shieng: thank you for today's msg it's inspiring and i've learn alot. i believe. (2007-03-08 14:51:34)
Vee_C(M'sia): My day is not complete without watching PIBJ. Thanks so much for nourishing our souls everyday. GOD bless us all! (2007-03-08 14:33:38)
preacher in blue jeans staff: hi baby pino. please check your internet connection. we're not having problems our end. thanks and God bless!!! (2007-03-08 12:48:08)
baby pino: I could not view preacher in blue jeans properly because it keep on stopping. I could only view the beginning around 5% of the talk. (2007-03-08 12:34:44)
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