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Mar. 7, 2007

Preacher in Blue Jeans, Bo Sanchez is back and running! we are sorry for the glitch, we had a lot of technical problems, but we're here. We're back nourishing your soul everyday! Be inspired and be blessed!

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leo: I'm blessed today! I've dedicated myself to watch all these blogs! God bless us all! (2007-03-29 13:23:54)
firstknight: I'm sure he will. God Bless you Christian friend. ; ) (2007-03-10 12:14:50)
carol: I just want to know if your program is purely Bible based and if it teaches salvation and assurance of heaven. You spoke about the will of God. I believe through faith that to know the will of God is to know the word of God and be in the Word all the time. Sir, may I ask too, if you have the assurance that someday when you die you will go to heaven? (2007-03-09 10:38:51)
carmel: this site is such a blessing to others. truly something for God's greater glory. i dont know if it is just a problem on my end here but the program for march 7 and 8 would direct me back to playing the feb 26 reading/episode. i hope and pray God will help you fix this problem. GBU all (2007-03-08 11:11:11)
Cynthia S Rosales: Thanks for this kind of program! What a wonderful way to really reach out and spread the love of our Lord to the people in the whole world. My prayer is, what about the same program or similar to it in the radio to be aired a in the morning? I wish we can have the same program so that people like us, working, can tune and listen to the word of God. Praise God! (2007-03-08 08:16:51)
agnes: so happy - the show is back online. THANKS for nourishing our soul. God Bless & More Power! (2007-03-07 21:31:54)
obbykleer: Good Day to all brothers and sisters of kerygma family...May all the grace and abundance to all of Us.Thank you very much Bro BO for all the teachings and spritual videos that your spreading.Thank you very much that i've renewed my faith and belief to the LORD.You've been a good instrument and good shepard that the LORD started.I hope i can also be a good follower.And eventhough i have also my own problems, Im very much blessed and thankful that i have found a new life with the kerygma family.May the LORD blessed the kerygma follower and be able to net more fish to life.Amen!!!Halleluiah..... (2007-03-07 19:33:36)
becca reyes: Praise God! answered prayers. i've been checking ur website and even called up ur manila office even if i am here in saudi arabia to check because i cannot access ur website. all the while i thought its my computer. he he he. but thankGod, i keep on praying that ur website be restored for our spiritual nourishment esp here in a muslim country were i am now. (2007-03-07 16:50:51)
cel: Hope that the episodes for March 2 to 6 be posted. Thanks a lot ! (2007-03-07 14:52:45)
cel campecino Atwater CA: PIBJ has been part of my day. Something happened to my connection since Thursday last week that I cannot access it thru the customer account created for me last December 28, 2006. I have accessed it now by viewing thru my history. What should be the process to brng back my access? Thanks. (2007-03-07 14:46:25)
Reilene Eva Mainit Maglajos: Good pm Bro! God speaks to me through you. Another inspiring message.:-) (2007-03-07 13:28:18)
prendy: Hi pibj, We're still having a hard time downloading ...sana maayos na connection so I'll be able to hear you from my Ipod.Praise be to God!! GOD BLESS. (2007-03-07 11:07:18)
tommy: i just subscribed on your podcast service several days back. it's the only way i can listen to you on my own time. i hope the podcast service is back too. thanks. (2007-03-07 09:55:44)
preacher in blue jeans staff: hi eries. please check your connection. everything seems to be okay our end. hope you continue enjoying PIBJ. God bless!!! (2007-03-07 09:55:14)
eries: i'm so happy that the show is back. i just wish i could hear the entire talk. i only get to hear upto that portion when he says "ganyan na ganyan" the cellphone that he wants, and then it plays the beginning of the talk again. i'm wondering if it's part of the technical difficulty you're having or is it my own na? God bless! (2007-03-07 09:24:32)
derick uae: Thanks be to God we missed this shows....God blesss..... (2007-03-07 07:04:45)
Jeng: Praise be to God! We missed you all so much. I was really thirsting for your teachings and God's word. Thanks very much for the daily nourishment. God bless you in your ministry and heart-felt love. (2007-03-07 05:57:10)
eddie: Good Morning! Its so nice to learn more how to find the will of GOD in our life. Im so happy that PIBJ is back once again. GOD BLESS & MORE POWER. (2007-03-07 05:20:28)
vernon: altogether now....AMEN! (2007-03-07 04:36:23)
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