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Mar. 2, 2007

Bo talks to a crowd of all men, listen to what this great father and husband has to say to his brothers in Christ. Be blessed and be inspired!

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dexmeizter: hi Bro Bo! This is just one of your beautiful talks and everytime i watch one, it inspires me.. Like what you have just said, "You Create Your Life!" I really need that right now.. Thanks again and more power... God Bless Us! (2007-09-19 08:11:22)
eloisa: thank you for continiously inspiring me with your words, please always pray for me, i'm so confuse with life and don't know hot to continue it, i need your prayers. (2007-09-08 22:02:40)
cooky espero: hi bo! what an inspiring talk! if only all men in the world can listen to that talk then the world will have less problems:) i pray that God will give women who want to get married someday men who are God-fearing. (2007-09-03 18:57:53)
Andrew: Hi PiBj staff!! the video stopped after 9 mins of playing, i haven't watch the entire video. God bless You!!! (2007-03-14 05:58:47)
sally agunod: bo, i miss you and kergma. I have not read the mag for 6 months now. thanks God He sent me somebody and told me about your website. So am here watching the video. So blessed I can not contain it. So much that we have to give the blessings to others. I honor you for allowing yourselves to be used by God. Thank you for accomodating some new bits of our community esp on gawad kalinga. (2007-03-08 12:24:56)
Honeybunch: Hello Bro Bo, Your teachings are truly inspiring.and awakening this helps me to pass on the words of God to my bros & sis in the community. HIS truth, i relay to them to excite that we, children of God,are so privilege and blessed with HIS divine promises for us. But first before i evangelize, i hve to be constantly nourish my soul, enrich my brain & heart with wisdom from God to be useful for HIS sake. Thank you so much Bo, for being so INSPIRING, thru YOU and thru your teaching , video.., my desolation is slowly going away, replaced lil by lil with LIGHT, PEACE.FOCUS, STRENGTH & MORE LOVE WITHIN ME. And I thank God HE made YOU to draw people out from miseries. NOw, i am more hopeful, prayerful, and constantly thinking about HIM and thanking HIM at the same time. I claim that i am the daughter of God, i must not be selfish but to relay and share what i hve too. Thank you Bo. Thank you my dear God, ( i hope 1 day i can stand infront of crowd, and testify to HIS Great Love. ) Be Blessed !!! All of your videos are all "soul-healing" ! (2007-03-06 21:41:09)
reilene eva: Thank you brother bro. You're really an instrument of God to enlighten me more. (2007-03-06 21:23:29)
Paz Villanueva Velasquez: I have been sad for the past days, I could not watch Preacher in Blue Jean and read the Companion, Didache and Sabbath. Please fix the glitch. I use it as a catechist especially to my teenage kids everyday. Will you load more of your Kerygma fest and Gabay sa Biblia. How do you access the Kerygma TV and Radio? We are in Carson, California, USA. Thank you for all the things that you do for us, we are refreshed and renewed everyday. (2007-03-06 06:44:27)
vlady: Good day!I was really blessed and inspired everytime I listen to your talk Bro. Bo,I praised God because of the goodness and faithfulness of His promises.I just hope and pray that your site will not be block here in saudi arabia.More power and God looks good on you. (2007-03-06 03:11:36)
leoshan: yipee!!!!;p i could watch the videos now, w/o any interruptions... thank you dear staff! ;p i couldnt wait to watch the latest episodes... you are always in our prayers because you've been blessing us and nourishing our souls everyday!;) (2007-03-06 00:45:15)
preacher in blue jeans staff: hi everyone. thank you for your overwhelming support and prayer. we are currently moving our files from one server to the other. we are asking for your understanding as we are doing this to serve you better. we hope to normalize everything soon. we continue to be committed to nourish your soul. God bless you all!!! (2007-03-05 19:45:43)
VeekyG: Naks! Di ko na mapanood yung previous episodes...Huhuh! Brother Bo! Kelan ka mag preach dito sa Dubai? Maganda sana if you can also give us a retreat here. May the Lord make it possible! Congrats to you and your staff on this amazing way of spreading the Good News! (2007-03-05 16:57:31)
marlene: thanks bro Bo for this talk. It has broaden my thinking and not put God's will in a box. Very powerful talk, very inspiring! What you said is very true and made me realized that God's will for each and everyone is too big, too generous, and not narrowed. I really miss your talk when the site had a problem, thank you for fixing it pbj staff. God bless you all! I salute to you all. God's work is your work, what a beautiful and good life on earth you have! (2007-03-05 16:11:08)
leoshan: where are the march 3-5 episodes??? huhuhu.. i've been missing a lot of talks lately... what's happening???;( (2007-03-05 16:00:38)
rodeline: This is site is getting really popular kasi ang hirap na nyang i-access. Well, we should be happy kasi madami na ang nagrerenew ng personal relationship nila kay Lord thru this website. Bro and sisters, lets storm the heavens with our prayers that this site will be restored and forever be protected against those spams and downtime. Godbless! (2007-03-05 13:01:18)
Bernard - Cebu: dear pibj staff, how can we help? let me know if there's anything we can help out on, its the least we can do for all the blessings, teachings and inspiration that preache in blue jeans has done to my life and the lives of others. feel free to email me we, our viewers can help in restoring regular online connection. thank you and God bless. (2007-03-05 07:49:11)
Robert Bartolome: Bro. Bo, I am glad that I am able to hear you again after trying to get into your site for the last 2 days. After listening to your talk here in Singapore, Preacher in Blue Jeans has been part of my daily morning routine. I thank the Lord for using you in spreading His Word. (2007-03-05 07:29:54)
kairos: thanks for the powerful teaching. we miss the daily inspiration. God bless PIBJ! (2007-03-05 07:22:12)
vernon: are we being hacked again? i was afraid the site's having some major downtime..i'm getting the site but the transfer's kinda slower than before...i'm praying for everyone working on this... god bless and more power (bandwidth?) to pibj! (2007-03-04 13:28:48)
Precy, New Zealand: Hi Bro. What happenned to your site? I've been missing your talk so much that may day would not be complete without your word to be heard from God. Please, do something about it. God is talking to me really, through you. I want to watch and listen to your talk for 3rd and 4th of March. Please, please do something. I'm begging you! Hopefully tomorrow you will be back again for good and no more trouble to come. I pray in JESUS name. Amen and Amen (2007-03-04 10:47:33)
prendy: Hello Bro. Bo, Is your system still down?? still cannot get thru..hope and pray everything will be alright ASAP miss the WORD OF GOD already.God Bless. (2007-03-04 04:48:15)
markey: dear pibj: i couldn't get into pibj because of the viking security. i tried several times and retrieved my password, i still couldn't get through. HELP pls. thanks. (2007-03-03 21:54:16)
catherine: I don't know if it is just my computer -coz it shows that account server has been suspended. please let the Maker of heaven and earth manifest His power over this situation. The server has to be restored for the nourishment of many souls. (2007-03-03 10:06:12)
togirl: Hi Bro. Bo, Greetings from Canada. Thank you for for sharing God's words with us. It's been awhile since I visited our church. My husband is a Protestant and he's been trying to convert me to his religion. Please pray for me that he will come back and embrace the Catholic religion again. May God Bless you and your family! (2007-03-03 00:05:46)
gracie: Thanks brother Bo... Ive been watching this series for more than a week now.. and ive been enjoying your talks, it really touches my heart and my soul...Hope you will bless more people.. I want to thank you for bringing me back to God. Have a blessed day! (2007-03-03 00:00:43)
Kakai: Hello Bro. Bo.. Thanks for nourishing me once again.. eversince my friend shared this site to me i see to it that i check the episode everyday.. and your preachings do help me in my daily life.. especially now that i am alone in a strange country. Thank u so much and sana mas marami pa po ang bibisita sa site na to and bumalik sa kanya.. have a nice day :) (2007-03-02 16:39:46)
Reynaldo B. Cariņo: Dear Bro. Bo greetings in the name of jesus Christ, i need some source for my Church ministry. I hope you can also give me some message of encouragement for my life because sometimes i feel fear and shyness for sharing word of God. (2007-03-02 14:28:52)
michelle: Good day Bro. Bo, thankyou for always nourishing our souls by your inspiring talks and preaching on the word of God. God really is great. Kindly pray for me that i will be chosen by a good employer abroad. I know God will bless me and more power Bro. Bo, thankyou for bringing me closer to God. (2007-03-02 11:01:36)
arnold: dear brother bo.kindly pray for me that my life will be blessed because I havea problem of my love biggest problem I dont passed the board exam for teacher. am graduate of B.S.T.E major in computer technology at I.E.T I College batch 2000 of october (2007-03-02 10:39:49)
isko: boj you you are 101% right that men lead their families to heaven. i failed thats why my family broke up. hope you continue to tell husbands to love their wives lovingly and faithfully. i have never missed pbj day in day out since it started. thank you so much! (2007-03-02 09:26:23)
giveson: Good Morning! God is Great! Wow thanks PIBJ & bro. Bo, You have nourished our soul everyday. Powerful talk and it really makes us strong in faith and in Love with God. Thanks and surely I will share this video to my friends here and abroad! (2007-03-02 08:39:49)
buji: the benedictines (indirectly) taught me this line: "Ut in Omnibus, glorificetur Deus" i.e. That in all things, God may be glorified. (as the jesuits would say AMDG :-) Bro Bo, and to your staff, your work renders God what is due him. Never grow tired of sharing your life and your experiences. i'll keep on watching and listening. Mabuhay & God bless! (2007-03-02 00:03:11)
ivy: Dear Brother Bo, Thank you so much for bringing us closer to God. This program is indeed a point of contact for me . Pls continue to nourish us so that we will always CHOOSE to walk with God everyday. May God Bless you and your family always. (2007-03-02 00:00:21)
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