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Mar. 1, 2007

Back to Back: Bo Sanchez and Obet Cabrillas on having a servant's heart. Bonus! An interview with a great servant from singapore, Be inspired and Be blessed!

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leo---negros oriental: I dedicated my short time in listening to all these blogs in preacher in blue jeans. Though i'm late in watching these shows i don't care, because i want to be blessed everyday. I'm watching this episode just today 03/28/07 (2007-03-28 16:52:50)
leoshan: i havnt been able to watch this episode since the day this was posted... ;( help! (2007-03-05 16:31:17)
Joy: Hi PIJB. How do I give my donation through GCash? (2007-03-01 19:19:07)
maria c.: thanks lots bro bo for another inspiring episode. (2007-03-01 14:55:38)
Rebecca Hk:: Bro.Bo thank you so much god created you,your works is amaxing.Im a dh here in hongkong and my time is always busy,but then you make my dy wondreful and blessed,fif i have tme(nakaw pag umalis yong amo ko,hehe) God bless.... (2007-03-01 14:18:13)
Jo Ann Asetre: I started to make it my daily routine to go to the church in the morning, then listen to Bo through Preacher in Blue Jeans in my computer before I start working. I can not describe how blessed I am! With the episode today, I did cry... Bo said that if there was no camera he would have cried. Well, I did! It teally touched my heart.... Bo, thank you so much for what you are doing. I feel more enthusiastic with my work for it is such a great way to start the day in the presence of the Lord. This time, I feel as if everything I do in my daily life, my work, my interface with my colleagues is for the Lord. Thank you so much! (2007-03-01 06:47:41)
Joy Bugarin: I'm very happy to hear your preaching thru this way, Im living in Europe, and thanks be to God, you are there for us, Bro. Bo! Request lang:how can I order your didache daily bible? pls. send me some.I love to read this address:Opgeeistenlaan 376, 9000 Ghent, Belgium, Europe. (2007-03-01 05:17:13)
Juasan: Thanks for feeding our souls.We are spiritually full again today.You are trully GOD's gifts to us.Thanks for being there.We love you all! (2007-02-28 23:39:25)
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