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Preacher In Blue Jeans

Bo Sanchez' Daily Reality Internet TV Show

Nov. 20, 2006

Bo is Back Home

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Anna Jackson: Google is the best search engine (2007-01-20 06:37:31)
Edwin< /b>: Hi Cely, Olive
Your computer is downloading the video while you watch it.
1.) Put the video on pause (click the triangle play button on the lower left of the video -- it should turn into a pause button || )
2.) Let the video download completely (light grey line will slowly extend all the way to the right).
3.) When download is complete, play the video and it won't pause ;-)
hope this helps. Edwin (2006-11-22 08:21:44)
edwin: I wrote about Preacher in Blue Jeans. Am lovin' it, Bo! ans-daily-online-video-teachings-by-bo-sanchez/ A few suggestions in the article. Hope you and your team find them useful. btw, Rex Mendoza was our Ninong sa kasal. Mabuhay! Edwin (2006-11-22 08:10:44)
mitch: pls. continue what you are doing. you are helping a lot of people. you are simply an angel to everyone. (2006-11-22 07:32:13)
bro marvz: thank you bro bo. i've heard you will be here in davao this nov 26. it will be another Glorifying day for the LORD!!! (2006-11-22 07:12:24)
cj magpusao: I cant help missing one episode! It blesses my soul! Thank you very much. (2006-11-21 19:49:54)
janetskie: i'm blessed that you made this innovative way of proclaiming God's word in the internet daily. Wow,Super thanks! I've been looking for this kind of stuff on the net and so glad I found one now I can work and listen to God's word everyday. This will surely bless many people. God bless you and your team bro. bo.c",) (2006-11-21 17:00:30)
Laarni Pedrosa: this endeavor to spread the word of God through Brother Bo is truly wonderful. Brother Bo's wit is undeniably uplifting. Keep up the good work! (2006-11-21 16:33:21)
Arne: just wnt 2 know if posible ba cyang masalin sa mp3 player? tnx...pls help.. (2006-11-21 15:38:40)
Aries Dizon: In the middle of the usual toxic day in the office...when I get stressed out...I just connect to this site...and almost like my stress goes away just listening to Bro. Bo's talks. God is good indeed! (2006-11-21 15:36:03)
chassy gacer_SFC Davao: I can't thank enough for all those are behind this website. For all the messages...Now I have a wide variety of means where I could hear nuggets of wisdom from Bo Sanchez..not only limited to books...And now I am looking forward to watching Bo in his concert here in Davao!I can't wait till Nov.26!!! God bless us all! (2006-11-21 15:13:02)
Myra: Preacher In Blue Jeans Show is my morning treat to my spirit that truly nourishes. I praise God for giving us another type of manna that satisfies our hunger for Him. Hats off to you Bro. Bo and the staff who are real inspirations in our daily lives. - "Solo Dios Basta!" (2006-11-21 14:53:14)
Liza D.: Praise God!For this unique inspiring website, eventhough were far away from our homeland we still updated the mesage of God everyday.Thanks Bro. BO.May the good Lord continue to give you more wisdom and knowledge.Godbless you. (2006-11-21 13:43:43) I praise God for giving you to us to be HIS ambassador. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (2006-11-21 13:19:00)
Marius M. Palisoc: What a great work! Learning how to exploit this venue of communication to spread touching words to live by. Thank you for creating and giving us a new companion during our journey thru this medium. Again, I say thank you so much! (2006-11-21 08:56:47)
Attan: Thank you very much for reaching out the words and message of God. Even though I am far away from home, studying and working, I think I found my refuge in your show because I know God is with you and using you to communicate not only with me but with also a lot others! (2006-11-21 00:42:22)
sarie gavino: thanks brother bo for touching everyone's life...May God bless you and your family circle always... (2006-11-20 22:57:25)
jackie: Good monday to hear your voice Bro. Bo!!! i'm single but I really like your message and your preach today. Time will come I know I gonna need those advise. Thanks!!!! (2006-11-20 17:18:47)
John Julius Ramos: to follow up mr. dela cruz' opinion, after you load up a page/episode. pause the video first to let it buffer/load the video. if you could notice, there is a grey color line running in the bottom page which is the buffering of the video. after it should be continuous playing. plus the suggestion of mr. ramil.just helping out also.thanks for this online version.from Singapore. God bless us all (2006-11-20 15:26:49)
Risie Sotiar: I really appreciate the internet version of the Preacher in Blue Jeans.I have just encountered a little problem with regards to downloading...very slow.But anyway, don't worry i'm patient enough to wait...thanks for everything especially for welcoming me as one of your million subscribers...BRO. BO MAY YOU CONTINUE TO TOUCH OTHERS' LIVES.GODSPEED!!! (2006-11-20 13:54:17)
olive carillo: I agree with cely. I am listening while working and it stops every now and then. (2006-11-20 13:24:11)
Ramil dela Cruz: For cely11molina - Just my opinion. You may either need to upgrade your PC system as videos usually need higher specs inasfar as RAM or Video Card specs is concerned. To be sure, your RAM must at least be 512 and VC should be 128 to avoid lags during watching. Or you may want to check if your internet connection/ bandwidth is efficient enough for video viewing. If you're using dial-up, it will definitely stall. The ideal bandwidth should be around 200mbps and up. Just trying to help out :) (2006-11-20 13:23:00) I appreciate very much the internet version of the Preacher in Blue Jeans. I have a slight problem though. It automatically stops every now and then. So it is quite difficult to follow. Is there something wrong with my computer or something wrong with my software? I need help on this. Thanks! (2006-11-20 13:11:27)
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