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Feb. 21, 2007

"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." Let God's Word light your path as Bo Sanchez delivers another inspiring and life changing talk. Be blessed!

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leogirl: Thanx Bro. bo, so ammazing talk really touch my heart. Keep doing this God's word. God Bless you and the staff of Kerygmafam. Thank you, thank you.. (2007-02-24 11:51:36)
suy: So wonderful talk - I was much blessed. God bless to you Bro Bo. (2007-02-21 20:47:12)
suy: So wonderful talk - I was much blessed. God bless to you Bro Bo. (2007-02-21 20:44:47)
drahc: hi, jas wanna ask.. is there a way to download the previous talks...i wasn't able to catch up on my downloads since january 4...hope you can help me...thank you very much (2007-02-21 20:32:37)
Elma E Matubis: Hi bro Bo! This is the first time that I heard you, honestly..I cried and laughed listening with you. I love to hear the words of God. (2007-02-21 20:28:54)
weng: im late...its ok than never.... thanks ,,,,more power....GODBLESS! (2007-02-21 17:25:47)
becca reyes: same here bro. bo.been trying to listen since this morning, i dont know what happen. hv tried the other days talks nman but no problem. only for today i cannot hear anything. WHY? (2007-02-21 17:22:30)
preacher in blue jeans staff: hi eries. hmmmmmm. you might want to check your internet connection. we didn't have problems here. try the mp3 clip. thanks and God bless!!! (2007-02-21 16:47:53)
eries: i have been trying since this morning to listen to today's talk of bro. bo, but, up to this time, i can not hear anything. i can hear all the other talks naman. . . i wonder why i'm having problem with today's show. sayang naman. (2007-02-21 15:42:48)
gleness: God is So Good!! and when were down to nothing HE is UP to Something.... (2007-02-21 14:56:51)
sheila: God is so good all the time! sometimes we are so impatient in God's answer but if we hold on our faith we realized that God knows what's the best for us. :) (2007-02-21 12:58:25)
rodeline: Thank you Bro Bo for today's message. Im in this situation na sobrang depressed na ako and I know konti na lang bibigay na ako. I really dont understand the reason for my depression. Thank you. (2007-02-21 12:16:07)
Pabs Adolfo: I'm so glad that my friend sends me this site. It's really wonderful to communicate God daily. He's just around to listen you every minute and hours of your life. thanks a lot bro. (2007-02-21 05:03::50 (2007-02-21 11:57:01)
luz: hi bro bo....gud mrning...i'm so blessed this day...i'm start writing love letter to is nice to hear a word from god....thanks bro bo... (2007-02-21 11:48:06)
Bay C. Martin: Today, I chose to be in union with the Lord! Have a wonderful day! (2007-02-21 11:32:13)
leo: Say this with me, GOD surprise me!!! I promise to start writing LOVE LETTER to GOD... (2007-02-21 09:40:54)
glenda: good morning to all... (2007-02-21 08:41:22)
Maria Crsitina Sosas: hello, good morning! Im so happy I saw this site. I am hungry with GODs words..ala lang, just soooo happy...GOD has been so good to me today! GOD BLESS ALL (2007-02-21 06:05:35)
Ramon (Edmonton ,Canada): This is so timely ,for I am at a situation wherein it seems that God does not want to answer my prayers. Why ? Because as you have mentioned, we want instant answers to our prayers. Thank you once again for making me realize that GOD is always much bigger than any of our problem, and with HIM nothing is impossible. God Bless You always bro. Bo. (2007-02-21 04:05:59)
leoshan: wow! so early! hehe, kakatuwa.. still here in the office, pauwi pa lang.. nice to hear God's words before i go to bed.. thanks! good night!;p (2007-02-20 23:54:22)
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