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Feb.16, 2007

Problems? Stop telling God how big your problems are and tell your problems how big your God is. Be inspired and be blessed!

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jenny mendoza: a very inspirational talk, from the Lord: from experience to the heart and from the heart.i am truly blessed with this encouragement.To God be the glory! (2007-02-28 17:04:11)
leoshan: this is exactly what i needed to hear. tnx much! God bless you more bro. Bo! (2007-02-19 23:26:53)
richel: love to watch it over and over again..GOD BLESS this site... (2007-02-18 17:24:54)
SuperNorman: hello, buti na lang may added security feature na. importante yan. =) Godbless PIBJ. tnx also LOJ community in serving gawad kalinga. let us continue to build our mother land. Bawat Pilipino Bayani! =) (2007-02-17 16:45:24)
pibj staff: greetings! we added security features to protect pibj website from spammers. we hope you will understand and continue to send your comments to pibj. God bless. (2007-02-16 23:07:31)
jherimiah: brother bo,i really thank God for giving your site to me. I am really having this qouta for being a sales consultant of a car industry and found the blessing of an answer from your topic for the day. Again, thank you. (2007-02-16 22:07:10)
yetbo: thank you bro bo. God bless and more blessing. (2007-02-16 20:54:14)
tey n darwin: GOD is truly bigger than our problem!!! We give back the glory and honor to our creator.Thank you Lord for inspiring us through Bro. Bo's talks!!! God bless and more power!!!! (2007-02-16 20:14:37)
marlene: tierra, leon, toni and carolee, God is good that you HAVE TIME TO VISIT THE PBJ SITE AND HEAR GOD'S WORD! BE BLESSED! though you're mind is preoccupied by pornography, still God is calling you as His children and LOVES you VERY MUCH..... and calling you to have some RESPECT both to yourselves an others. (2007-02-16 19:19:16)
Au R.: God Bless You Bro. BO and all the wonderful staff of PIBJ Family. Thank you for your dedication. I am with you in prayer. (2007-02-16 18:53:31)
Michelle R.: Thank you for bringing us closer to God. Thank you so much... (2007-02-16 18:02:13)
Michelle R.: thank you for bringing us closer to God. Thank you so much.... (2007-02-16 17:55:07)
haidee: thanks Bro. Bo for making me realize that GOD has BIG plans for my Life..bigger that what I asked;beautiful and wonderful... (2007-02-16 16:56:49)
malaika: kuya bo, maraming, maraming , maraming, maraming, maraming, maraming salamat sa pag bukas ng puso ko sa Panginoon...mabuhay ka... (2007-02-16 16:33:54)
richel: bo, thanks a gosh im so blessed so grateful to God that despite of all the bad things ive done He given me more than what ive asked for..GOD BLESS YOU BO... (2007-02-16 16:23:09)
gleness: thx mch bro. bo! (2007-02-16 16:15:03)
muirne: We pray for those who are putting malicious links that God's light will shine on their hearts and minds ... I'm sure the PIBJ can easily remove these uwanted links and safeguard the website from these. (2007-02-16 16:02:41)
mary anne: thank you Bro Bo for enlightening us with this episode which will once again guide us in our daily lives . let us pray for the people who enter such malicious comments in PIBJ. May the Lord touch their hearts, Amen. (2007-02-16 14:47:28)
idg: elo bro. bo! am inspired by the talk you had.since i heard about preacher in blue jeans i just felt am "coming home" to Him...i am very much inspired and blessed!ty po!..and thank you Lord! (2007-02-16 14:22:37)
drahc: Wow, what a great topic...God is dripping me to this PHYSICAL ILLNESS because He wants me to learn how to fully trust Him and abandon everything in me. He wants me to be humble just like Him. all these times, i thought being proud would help me achieve everything i want. thanks for the enlightenment. (2007-02-16 14:00:04)
weng: thank you again (2007-02-16 11:25:09)
ivy: thanks again for a very inspiring and enriching talk. i am glad that i am able to hear Bro. Bo's blessing this time. i think the background music is no longer too loud to stifle the prayer... God bless u... (2007-02-16 10:03:21)
marjb&fe: thanks for awakening my mind in this brilliant episode...,personally im really touch by your great vocation in spreading the word of God, thank you so much. (2007-02-16 06:21:52)
TOMY: Bro. Bo. God bless you so much! You are making an impact to us. Continue to change life of every soul. LETS LEAD EVERY SOUL TO HEAVEN AND EMPTY HELL!!! (2007-02-16 01:47:41)
agnes: When I was in grade school I used to read Kerygma mag.....and as a mother now and out of the country I want to get more info on how to get it.... I remember Bo that time...and very much inspired of his work.... (2007-02-16 01:27:04)
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