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Preacher In Blue Jeans

Bo Sanchez' Daily Reality Internet TV Show

Feb. 15, 2007

Watch out for Mustard Kids Magazine! Be blessed and be inspired in this hilarious episode of Preacher in Blue Jeans!

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Mafe: My daughter 9 y.o. wants to have mustard kid's magazine as a reward for her achievement, I wonder if I pay through BDO, would it be delivered directly to our home?or are we to pick it up in a store? You see, we are in Cagayan De Oro and I am not familiar with this.Please advise.thank u (2008-10-20 07:36:10)
Wanlu: Nice video...I think ventriloquism is a good tool for preaching the gospel specially for kids yet obviously even for the grown ups. Great work Mr Ony Carcamo and Ka Lario, I love your act. I hope I can get a Mustard Magazine soon. (2007-06-22 13:07:45)
Wanlu: Nice video...I think ventriloquism is a good tool for preaching the gospel specially for kids yet obviously even for the grown ups. Great work Mr Ony Carcamo and Ka Lario, I love your act. I hope I can get a Mustard Magazine soon. (2007-06-22 13:06:18)
Michelle R.: Bro. Bo, your such a genius! i know many children will be blessed with this magazine... (2007-02-16 17:59:14)
DaYlyn: Hello Bro. Bo! i hope that we will also be provided on the MUSTARD KIDS MAGAZINE ng aming skul kasama sa FISH MAGAZINE (2007-02-16 11:55:54)
DaYlYn: More power to your program... Go PiBJ!!! (2007-02-16 11:29:56)
amelie - abu dhabi, uae: helo bro. bo, everyone loves this show 'PREACHER IN BLUE JEANS'. I even introduce this show to my closest friend, shes and Indian. She really loves the show, but she find difficulty sometimes to understand if some of the preachers speak in our language 'tagalog'. So, suggest lang po na if possible pwede ba purely english para maka evangelize din tayo sa ibang lahi. (2007-02-15 21:02:17)
arvyn: it's a great presentation... surely everyone will love this... (2007-02-15 19:09:32)
Ronald (Bahrain): Where can we buy mustard magazine? I hope you always feature kids here doing preaching . . . . thanks and more power . . . (2007-02-15 18:33:49)
ning: galing!!!!multi tasking talaga (2007-02-15 16:11:31)
rodeline: watching lolo lario brings back good memories about my grandpa. i missed my oldman and his wisdom. hirap lang po magpigil ng tawa kasi andito ako sa office namin. (2007-02-15 13:09:19)
ed: hello were can i buy mustard kids mag?? bookstores?? (2007-02-15 11:00:18)
lei: Bo, i enjoy your prayer at the end of your Preacher in Blue Jeans talk but i can hardly hear it cause the guitar sound is louder. Can i request the guitarist not to get too close to the mic. Thanks and Godbless. (2007-02-15 10:20:49)
christopher of malolos: what a nice topic. ang galing its very funy na mapupulutan ng maraming aral. thanks. (2007-02-15 10:05:39)
buniknik: it's really fantastic... MORE POWER MUSTARD KIDS MAGAZINE! Godspeed... (2007-02-15 09:15:51)
weng: wow galing!!!! Godbless mustard kids magazine!!! (2007-02-15 08:22:02)
mac: Your new mag will definitely be another hit! Perfect timing! Just two weeks ago, I browsed your other mag for teens to find out whether it would also fit my 5-9 yr old kids. I found out it wasn't, so I feel glad about your new Mustard. Congrats! (2007-02-15 07:13:35)
dali: hi! Mustard is a great idea! Nay God bless your efforts in this endeavor. I have one comment though. The puppet, Ka Lario, is old, but the guy talking to him is not using "po" and "opo"... I think it would be important to use these words when you present to little children if you are planning to let ka lario launch the magazine in schools... :) (2007-02-15 05:14:45)
libs: am excited about 2 kids already.i know this will help us in rearing God-centerd kids.God bless and more power11 (2007-02-15 04:20:05)
jhun zamora: good job! ang galing! (2007-02-15 03:23:42)
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