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Feb. 14, 2007

Are you in love? Bo Sanchez shares with us the telltale signs of falling in love. May God fill your life with true love!

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vianne: Thank you for inspirational messages you've shared to the world. God is truly happy through you by making the savior known.. (2009-02-02 09:18:20)
julius tigley perater: yes yes yes,bro bo (2007-12-20 20:38:54)
lyn: that was a very inspiring talk Bro. Bo. thank u so much from all of us who really need to hear words of wisdom from an "expert" like u! i recently read ur book OTL. it was like a breath of fresh air from all the suffocating myths that constantly loom over us. may God continue to bless u & the kerygma family. :) (2007-11-08 01:36:57)
fatima: thank you for that wonderful talk.. you've enlightened me about the real meaning of love..i always enjoy listening to ur talks.. even your one last serious joke..its funny..hehehe.. im still following your advice to take responsibility and to circulate..:) i hope i can find my one true love..thanks bo! God bless! (2007-11-03 13:37:20)
catherine o. espero: Hi bo! nice v-day episode. thank you for praying for us singles who want to get married someday, that God may lead us to our own one true love! God bless! (2007-08-28 18:43:23)
ener: bro. thank god for you naging insperation ka ng lahat.talagang tunay kang alagad ng diyos.keep up the good works for his glory..i pray na mag talk ka sa amin d2 sa america...god bless all your staff in kyregma esp. to your family im ener from arizona (2007-08-24 00:15:52)
Jackie Domingo: amazing episode!! too bad the prayer at the end was not at all audible. the background music was louder thatn Bo's voice.. hope you could improve on that part, balance..? God bless!! (2007-08-14 18:05:08)
Jocelyn Callosa: Thanks for inspiring people like me. May God bless you more and more in many ways. (2007-08-07 18:47:26)
twinkle: bro. bo, i'm in deep pain right now. i don't know what to do and where to go. i'm blinded and totally wrecked. so please do include me in your prayers. (2007-03-02 18:19:57)
Edith - Saudi Arabia: Bro. Bo & staff of kerygma, thank for your site, it helps us a lot here in the kingdom. God Bless & more power. Belated happy valentine. (2007-02-26 20:10:59)
rosalyn: true love never is a decision (2007-02-20 20:14:08)
GJ: mom ur sooo corny!!! hahaha.. nevertheless.. I LOVE YOU! =) hehehe.. (2007-02-20 02:11:41)
rhose: Bro. Bo tnx for inspiring me.Im always telling all the good things I learn in your teaching.tnx.... (2007-02-19 12:01:41)
alyn: thanks to this site. i feel so blessed bein single. cant hear the prayer that much coz of the loud music. hope to hear the prayer next time. happy hearts day!!! (2007-02-16 20:11:21)
ACA: i'm so blessed everytime i watch preacher in blue jeans! one comment though, i can't hear the prayer clearly because the music is too loud. thanks! God bless! (2007-02-15 04:53:28)
jhun zamora: happy valentines! i thank god for giving me a wonderful wife to share this especial day. (2007-02-15 03:25:19)
ella: Good Evening Briother Bo. I am hearing now your talks. You are right . . . i am a living testimony of that " love will conquer all " , now my married life failed. (2007-02-14 23:59:41)
Arlene Tseng/Taiwan: Thank's Brother Bo, your message's so great and Happy valentines day, Thank's god,for you've given instrument to enlight my mind, and to all my friends here in Taiwan, who spreading your word from God. (2007-02-14 23:09:28)
Rudy: Tama ka Bro Bo. Mahirap nga naman kung love at first sight ang ating paiiralin. Papaano kung lagi na lang na la-love at first sight sa bawat makikita. Sabi ko nga lagi sa wife ko "Ang aking mga mata ay bukas sa paghanga ngunit ang aking puso ay sarado na sa pagmamahal ng iba" Happy Valentines sa lahat and God Bless all relationships. (2007-02-14 21:28:17)
Michelle R.: Happy valentines to all! especially to my family, my Kfriends and face mask group of Atomed. Thank you bro. Bo for sharing that wonderful talk. I agree to everything you've said.... Happy valentines! (2007-02-14 18:47:24)
Daylyn: Hello! Happy Valentines Day to all!!! May we find this day aa memorable and meaningful one.. (2007-02-14 18:30:03)
tess: happy valentines to all. hop n pray for GOD's guidance and help. GOd bless us all (2007-02-14 17:20:53)
leoshan: inspiring talk ya? be more inspired by reading Bo's latest book How to find your one true love. You'll get more than what you pay for. Happy Valentine's day to everyone!;p (2007-02-14 16:18:23)
Fry: Happy valentines day! (2007-02-14 16:10:19)
leth: Happy Valentines!I learned a lot what is real and true love.thanks! (2007-02-14 15:53:53)
Dave Ceasar Ma. F. Dela Cruz: Hi bro.Bo! Happy Valentine to you and to all! Honestly speaking, I am inspired to be Holy because of your inspiring, touching and holy words... I thank God for his love that he showed through you. Happu Valentines!!! (2007-02-14 15:51:32)
ellen: thank you for writing the OTL book. it gives me and my cousin-friend a lot of insights on that matter. your stories are real and very true among us women. now i know what to do.thanks! happy valentine's day to all.god bless us all (2007-02-14 15:19:55)
fletch: Happy happy valentines day s lahat! astig tlaga! ang daming magandang realizations ang nai22ro ni bo. elow s lahat ng mga ruralites!!! hi TUYO! (2007-02-14 14:27:04)
shadow: Heyla everybody. Im watching today's episode and listening to Bro. Bo talk but i guess there is something wrong with the video. I can no longer understand what Bro. Bo is saying. Is it the video or there is something wrong with my computer? Happy Valentines preacher in blue jeans. (2007-02-14 13:45:51)
luz: happy valentines to all. .happy valentines to you bro bo and to all kerygma staff....your word is very inspiring...thank you for d great gift that god gave you...your talk and videos are a very nourishing to our soul everyday...i'm really really happy if i can see you in personal....happy valentines to you and your family...tnx god bless you always. (2007-02-14 13:44:32)
rodeline: Happy Valentines day! Thank you for inspiring people like me. Tama ka bro bo about the people in prayer meetings. Am one of them, sadly stuck na ata ako sa stage 1. (2007-02-14 13:27:03)
JobQlehd Training System: you're a blessing bro. Bo =) hapi Vday... (2007-02-14 12:29:47)
derick: To live is to love God, love that others may live....HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.....I thank God for this inspirational site...i do realy love this site, and i pray that God will continue to bless this site... (2007-02-14 11:47:45)
marls: Happy hearts day po sa lahat ng makakabasa nito. God bless us all!Have a happy heart! (2007-02-14 11:35:32)
gleness: happy hearts day everybody!! (2007-02-14 10:47:43)
jun a: Happy Valentines to All !!, I agree with Bro. Bo, FRIENDSHIP is the best foundation for marriage...although I must say that my wife and I did not started that way , but because God is the Center of our relationship my wife and I are now going 13 years... (2007-02-14 10:45:12)
ivy: i commend all of you for such a good job. your talks/sharing inspire me and makes me look at my own daily walk at in life with God. you are truly a blessing to our soul... Just one comment, the guitar background is too loud i can't hear Bro. Bo's prayer. is it possible to turn down the volume of the background music? to me, it's very important to hear Bro. Bo's blessing/prayer to all his listeners... thank you very much (2007-02-14 10:33:22)
marizza: yes, the prayer portion of bro bo is inaudible due to the guitar-playing in the background. pls. try to lower the volume of any background sound or music. thanks. again, i just wish and pray more people who will fall in love will learn from this talk of bro bo so they will not be miserable once they enter into a relationship. (2007-02-14 10:19:51)
jhen: Hi everyone..... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY..... (2007-02-14 09:34:22)
Sharmaine: Happy Valentines everyone!, Happy Valentines Bro. Bo, Bro. Arun, Bro. Alvin, Bro. Obet, Tina, and the staff of Kerygmafam. & thanks Bro. bo, god bless you for this inspiring show that u shared to us. May everyone be blessed! Just want to say happy valentines to jesslyn. (2007-02-14 09:31:55)
chris of malolos: thank you once again bro Bo. but just a comment of mind I cant hear yoyr prayer because of the music background. thank you. hapi valentines. naghahanap po ako ng friend our an adviser because i have a big problem with my mother i hope my family in kyregma family will help me. im 21 yrs old a seminarian. my email add is (2007-02-14 09:13:33)
crv: Yup!its true what edp said. We can't hear what brother bo is saying during the pray over portion.We hope you can improve the audio... Sayang we can't understand what he was saying..GOD BLESS (2007-02-14 09:10:45)
rowena: i have never seen or hear u in person but im so thankful 2 GOD 4 bringing me in this site..You are sush an inspiration....your talk ang videos here are really eye-opener 2 everyone...thanks 4 being blessing2 us and 4 nourishing our soul everyday..More Power....GODBLESS!!!Happy valentines 2 all my son adriel (2007-02-14 09:03:22)
edp: i just have one comment...during the pray over portion of brother bo, he cannot be heard that much anymore because of the background music. just a feedback. (2007-02-14 08:32:14)
glenda: Happy Happy Valentines day to all .....mwahhhhhh.... (2007-02-14 08:04:17)
billie: (2007-02-14 06:19:58)
jeremy uy Norway: Happy Valentines day to my dearly beloved wife, im so proud of you mahal, you really taken care of our daughter, jeg er glad i deg... hper du ikke fprandre seg... Thank you for this great instrument of God that able to reach out us here in abroad, may God bless more this community...HAPPY VALENTIINES TO ALL.. thank you Jesus (2007-02-14 05:13:28)
teesha: Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I love this site.. buti nagkaron online... super convenient... im spreading the great news that we can get inspired and blessed everyday thru this!! (2007-02-14 01:33:52)
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