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Feb. 13, 2007

Bro.Arun Gogna challenges us to live a lifestyle of worship. Shout alleluia and praise the Lord!!!

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manolito b. sunet: i am a lay and i am teaching students and pupils new songs for the church, we already are singing one of your song, "sacrifice". we need some printed materials for new songs. we are in a small town here in nueva vizcaya. thank you for inspiring me to serve the lord in my own small way. (2009-08-25 15:55:31)
Christian: Bro. Arun, first time kong marinig ung song mo para kay Ate Lalaine... hehehe... Im so blessed to hear your talk again... and The Yes Lord! miss you na!!! hehehe hope to see you soon.... Bro Bo, thanks for the words and prayers.... PRAISE GOD!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!! (2007-06-08 00:44:24)
It'sMeJOY: Thanks! (2007-04-16 18:29:14)
mystic_ash: This vid is one of my most fave videos. Bro Arun is such a great preacher of the Word of God. Thanks for being another blessing to everyone. (2007-02-25 01:00:52)
Annabeth Agustin: Praise the Lord... you still keeps on inspiring me with the word of God thru ur talk.I praise God that tru this website you can reach us wherever we are right now. I feel so blessed to hear from u and bro. Bo's talk. I miss you. God bless U and Lallaine (2007-02-15 17:27:45)
SuperNorman: I'm happy to see Bishop Tagle at this video. He is a blessed Priest. A real vessel of God's message. =) (2007-02-15 12:40:33)
Dominic Jan Ramos: Great talk Bro. Arun! Wala pa rin po kayong kupas sa pagbibigay na mga makahulugan aral sa ating pananampalataya. While listening to your talk I remember the time that I was still in College of Saint Benilde. Back then, I used to be an active peer minister of the Campus Ministry Office. I was fortunate that one of our formator was Bro. Arun Gogna. Madalas ko pong nakakasama si Bro. Arun sa mga retreats at recollections sa CSB. I was also fortunate that during the time I was assigned as Assitant Committee Head of the Campus Ministry Bro . Arun was there to lead and give us guidance. Nakakamiss yun mga panahon na iyon. I'm really happy for you Bro. Arun. I love the song that you composed for your wife... I wonder if it is alright that I ask a copy of it. God bless po! (2007-02-15 08:35:15)
donna: Very true and very inspiring Bro. Arun! May the Lord continue to inspire us through people like you..Praise the Lord!! He is always good!! (2007-02-14 05:13:17)
realu: This is very uplifting. I learned a lot. Not only that, kakatuwa, I listen to this while working and di ko mapigilan mapatawa. My colleagues wondered why I laugh alone in my cube. Nice one to start a wonderful day. Thank God. (2007-02-14 01:31:12)
Gie: That was awesome!!!Very inspiring, brother, made me cry and laugh at the same time...i really love the song...thank you very much for today's teaching/preaching.Yes, GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME and He's Everywhere..God Bless! (2007-02-13 23:00:39)
debbie: wow! bro. bo is right application of all the talks being featured here in blue jeans should be use and apply to our everyday life. thank you for the talk and continue being used by the lord and surely He will bless you and k-fam. God bless (2007-02-13 22:23:26)
chris of malolos: you are very nice bro arun. pwede bang makakuha ng kopya ng kanta mo? you know bo before i open my account in my computer para makipag email in my buyers and doing my job as a real state agent, i always watch first your program. thank you for your inspirations. (2007-02-13 13:44:36)
Randz: Bro Arun, I'm so inspired of the sharing and words that you you have sahred today most especially on the song that you composed and sang. May the Lord God will blessed you and guide you always. (2007-02-13 11:56:17)
derick: inspiring talk and i pray that it will be apply to my heart...praise and glory to God (2007-02-13 11:27:44)
dang: napakagandang panayam. Talagang pinagpala kayo ni Lord. pero okey lang ba talagang kumanta kahit di ka marunong ...kasi nuong nasa kolehiyo, kumakanta ako sa misa ...talagang carried away ako sa nararamdaman ng puso ko. Pag katapos ng misa sabi sa akin ng guidance counsellor namin kapag daw di ka marunong kumanta wag ka ng kumanta at nakakdistract lang ako. From then on ...bumubulong na lang ako sa misa. Naguguluhan nga ako kung dahil sa pride ko yun kaya di na ako kumakanta o dahil sa takot talaga akong makadistract ng ibang worshipper. (2007-02-13 11:12:33)
mlc -sydney: thank God ko muna before you, bro.arun, for this, another inspiring talk about worship. there's never a dull moment bec. at the same time you are soooooo funny. you are so gifted. ganda pa ng na-compose mong song plus ganda ng baritone voice mo. when you had your talk here in sydney w/ bro. bo last june 06, i was there at the church w/ my husband. that was the first time i saw you and bro bo. and now i'm always looking forward to watching (and learning) preacher in blue jeans. God is really sooooo good in bringing your program to our households. God bless all you preachers! (2007-02-13 10:57:07)
Ramon (Edmonton ,Canada): That was very good and inspiring bro. Arun. When are you and bro. Bo coming back to Edmonton? We hope to see and hear you again here soon. (2007-02-13 10:55:56)
lei: Thanks bro. Arun for that enlightening amd inspiring talk. I will surely tell my husband that we'll live our lives together in the Lord. (2007-02-13 10:37:37)
donna dette: bro arun, ganda ng details on the diff expressions of worship esp on praising God and saying who He is to our life yesterday, today and tomorrow. Thanks.. and may there be more Aruns for the many Lalaines around the world:) (2007-02-13 10:28:10)
jerry: great! inspiring! God is good! (2007-02-13 09:26:50)
zerzes: Very good talk i really learned again on how to love and care my wife whom i alwaystake for granted. mabalos po bro arun (2007-02-13 09:06:08)
vio: galing mo talaga bro.aron, kaya lang putol yong talk. no.1 lang yong na discuss tapos ala na..could you do something para mapakinggan ang buong talk. thanks... (2007-02-13 09:00:16)
bernard-cebu: hi bro arun! may i ask where i can secure a copy of the song that you composed? your song's lyrics are an inspiration to all especially us who are married. May you and your wife continue to be inspirations to us and continue to be blessed. God bless. (2007-02-13 08:35:07)
erme: very inspiring & educational, useful in growing as a christian, wow, tnx God 4 U. (2007-02-13 08:26:27)
winnie andres(edmonton): Bro.Bo and Bro. Arun, thanks for this wonderful teachings about worship. Praise God for preachers like you. God bless you both and your families. Regards daw sabi ni Arnel, Bro Arun. (2007-02-13 07:42:18)
caryl: (2007-02-13 07:02:49)
efren: nice talk bro arun its soul touching at nakakatawa hndi ka talaga antukin...ilove this talk gob bless u all...fantastic talaga i save this para share ko sa household nmin...thanks cfc efren fm isle of man uk (2007-02-13 05:16:13)
jorayk: Nice song bro arun! So nice to hear it before valentines day, now I have a new script.hehehe I'll tell my wife that we'll live ourlives together! (2007-02-13 00:40:21)
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