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Feb. 12, 2007

Be blessed as Bo talks about Controlling your perception, be inspired!

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Horacio S. Factura III: Fr. Jboy! I dont know if you still remember me. Long time ago, I am just one of your high school students in Ateneo de Cagayan. And I remember we won in the English play where you assigned me as Cleopatra..(that was very funny..hehe).Horacio S. Factura III (2007-08-30 01:36:13)
It'sMeJOY: Im always thankful Bro. Bo! (2007-04-16 18:27:17)
alyn: i really like this site. tnx to mr. bo sanchez. this is so timely for me...Now,i can move on w/life w/o bitterness. i miss my family,friends and my GK work in the phil. this site has helped me nourish my soul even am away from my sfc family in the phil. (2007-02-16 21:57:33)
Michelle R.: Thanks a lot bro. Bo. you are right!.... God bless you always. (2007-02-14 18:56:59)
P: THANK YOU FOR THIS EPISODE BRO. BO....GOD BLESS ... (2007-02-14 05:08:03)
marlene: thanks bro Bo for the preaching everyday. It is really helping me a lot to gain knowledge of God, may I be able to use all the principles that you preach in my everyday living. It is my great joy that you are a vessel that is used by God to nourish our soul everyday! God bless! You are my idol! My day is not complete without logging at pbj! Keep up the good work pbj staffs. God bless you all (2007-02-13 21:20:17)
ANALISA OF CABUYAO: PRAISE GOD!!!! Good day Bro Bo, thank you so much for this ministry,you're really God's instrument for us, you had enlighten myl life and spirit in todays episode.I pray for your good health so you can contineously bless us thru God's word.GOD BLESS!!!! (2007-02-13 12:25:30)
junsy of ca: i am your avid follower of your preaching. Please check it with Apple Computer if you can get some remunerations for exposing their computer, I think it is a powerful and effective way to adverstise their product and get paid for it. (2007-02-13 11:46:35)
kairos: salamat bro! mahal talaga tayo lahat ni Lord! (2007-02-13 10:22:59)
Blessed: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you God for giving us messages from this ministry (2007-02-13 00:15:39)
malaika,las vegas NV: kuya bo.. salamat sa inspiring message.tama ka, pinipalaki lang talaga ng mga taong kagaya ko ang mga problema.. may scar pa rin ako inside, hindi ko alam kung paano mag move on, ito ang dinadasal ko tulong ng Diyos at ng Kerygma Family, malalampasan ko din ito... salamat po.. (2007-02-13 00:01:06)
anne bernadette: i cried after hearing ur talk, it was so inspiring.and the timing is just perfect, i felt that GOD is speaking to me through your talk.I praise,honor,and glorify him.Thank you for allowing GOD to use you as an instrument of his profound love.God Bless!!!!! (2007-02-12 21:41:11)
Bing L. Caluna: Very inspiring talk....Thank you very much Brother Bo. We really have the power to create ourselves through our perception with the Lord in mind always. Thank you for bringing the Jesuit brothers in the opening salvo.... (2007-02-12 20:40:14)
leoshan: thank you for this episode bro. bo.. you made me think... i have my own issues too... but really, the scar inside of me makes me insecure and lose confidence... continue to share your wisdom, and pray for us... we include you in our prayers 2! God bless you more and your ministry!;p (2007-02-12 19:06:15)
epie: hi brother bo. thanks for a very nice topic perspective in life...thank you so much, for because of this you are helping me taking life so light..Life is so wonderful. Thanks God! God Bless you and thank you Bro. Bo! (2007-02-12 17:24:40)
erme: wow very inspiring video, thanks 4 new perception of life!!! (2007-02-12 16:51:12)
erme: wow very inspiring vidoes, thanks 4 new perception (2007-02-12 16:50:20)
shing: galing m tlga mag preach bo.i tnx god for ur gift of life (2007-02-12 13:57:34)
seng santos: Hi Bro Bo, Thanks for this wonderful episode today. You always lighten my day,and nourish my spiritual life. I pray for good health and happy family to you! Godbless you always. (2007-02-12 11:57:42)
rose: hello brother bo, i just arrived here in US for 2 weeks now to work. Without family or friends nearby. Having the kerygma family online is really amazing. I love preacher n blue jeans. Thank you for creating this 24/7 lifeline. Godbless (2007-02-12 10:17:54)
Heart: thanks brother bo..i am so blessed hearing your talk online everyday! thank you for praying for me. God bless you and your ministry! (2007-02-12 10:03:56)
Hennie A. Rosilla: Good Morning Brother Bo, you really uplift and nourish my soul every morning... i know billions of people are touched and enlightened with your preaches and with your words.. MORE POWER! (2007-02-12 08:26:06)
leo---negros oriental: Good morning!!!! What a wonderful inspiration on that video!!! I love it, i enjoy it, i'm inspired every word that comes out of your mouth.... God bless you also bro Bo! Your my idol! (2007-02-12 08:03:43)
mac: Hello Bro Bo, I've read Viktor Frankl's book and it's really amazing how our mind works. Your daily preachings about God's love allow us to reprogram our thoughts, change our perception and remind us to be always positive amidst all the trials and challenges. God bless you and your ministry. (2007-02-12 07:11:53)
Precy, New Zealand: Bro Bo, You lighten up my day with your talk about perception. I pray for your long life and good health so that you will be here always giving us daily food for our soul. More power and I really love to watch and listen this show every morning at 5am. I hope to see you again here in NZ to give us a talk. You're a great and holy living preacher on earth. (2007-02-12 03:09:42)
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