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Feb. 11, 2007

Do you have a missionary heart? Patrick Frias shares how he followed the footsteps of his father who died while serving the Lord in a mission field. Be inspired!

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It'sMeJoy: Thanks for sharing Pat! (2007-04-11 18:17:44)
rea: Pat, way to go for you Bro! Never get tired of serving! I am deeply touched. I am also an SFC who's discerning if I will go full-time mission work. Hope you can help me pray with this. Thank God for our loving community. (2007-02-14 04:45:58)
Gretchen Ochoa: Thank you for the Life Dreams book you sent! It is such a blessing. God bless! (2007-02-12 08:09:31)
mac: How admirable those who really and truly serve the Lord with their whole heart! And funny joke, too. Our 4 yr old daughter, when asked if she wanted to go heaven, got mad and said no. And we wondered why, saying God is there, Jesus, Mary, all the angels and saints...only to hear from the mouth of a babe that she didn't want to die just yet. Alleluia! (2007-02-12 07:35:10)
Rudy: God is really so great. Pat's sharing is so inspiring. Sana dumami pa ang tulad ni Pat at ni Bro. Bo and do their mission more sa Pilipinas. Marami pang mga Pilipino ang nangangailangan ng salita ng mahal na Diyos. More power. (2007-02-11 21:13:29)
marizza: God really works in mysterious ways w/c we mortal may not understand or fathom. maybe He took Pat's dad unexpectedly, to pave the way for Pat to serve Him parang telling him, that now is your turn to serve Me and My flock. Be very grateful, therefore, that He chose you bec. not all of us are called to do His work here on earth. You are truly blessed, so continue to be an inspiration to others. (2007-02-11 18:00:54)
Bing L. Caluna: Thank you for the daily spiritual nourishment and for the sharing of Pat Frias. God has really a purpose for allowing things to happen.... (2007-02-11 15:25:42)
Ronnie S. David: God is so good. God works in marvelous ways. Pat firas sharing is really an inspiring one. Many of us question God yet we found the answer in His own and inspiring ways. Mabuhay ka at ang Kerygmafamiy. (2007-02-11 07:12:33)
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