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Feb. 10, 2007

Do you have a heart for the poor? Anna Meloto Wilk, daughter of Tony Meloto of Gawad Kalinga shares how serving the poor can bring you closer to God.

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julius tigley perater: yes,bo mery sfc cebu (2007-12-21 21:23:28)
erika: it's an honor to be a part of GK and seeing many people being inspired by It. Sana po Kasali na Rin kayo dito! To God be the glory (2007-03-15 12:44:30)
alyn: hi,hope to hear fr dylan wilk's sharing. this guy has inspired a lot of filipino,as well w/ana. i also miss my sfc family and the kids at GK - Amparo & Bagong Silang. i really miss bein at GK,my household,prayer mtgs & conferences that i normally do before. wish to this service again even am away fr the phil. (2007-02-16 22:07:53)
SuperNorman: Yeah, GK! praise God =) (2007-02-14 11:16:50)
Dante from Cebu: Great episode! I hope someday you can also feature Brian Wilk in your show. Thanks and God bless! :) (2007-02-12 17:50:20)
Heart: thank you brother bo. i am so blessed by this episode! God bless you always! (2007-02-12 10:22:36)
Gilbert: I hope you can also feature Dylan in Kerygma TV. I'm sure he has his own story to tell. Thanks and God bless. (2007-02-11 11:25:13)
genesis: what I liked most with this interview is her line: one man has the power to change the world. It is so empowering that even a small act is never wasted. (2007-02-11 07:33:21)
Ronnie S. David: Sometimes I do ask myself that i want to help the less fortunate ones but I'm not that rich to provide and ask God for richness so I could help. I realize then through the Gospel that it's not that richness that will satisfied the poor but the willingness to give from the hearts. The inspiring words from the Gospel open my mind & heart to give more, give till it hurts. Thanks to you. (2007-02-11 07:18:46)
kairos: thank you for such an inspiring episode! i too have a dream of serving the poor. even though i'm out of our country for a training, i know that all of this is part of the Lord's wonderful plan. (2007-02-10 22:13:45)
angel: hello all, can anybody help us out i know i should contact the tech support but they can't help me. can anyone pls tell me how we can download the episodes in the ipod. we follow the instruction pero wala kaming nakukuha everyday all we get is one episode and thats it. how can we get the previous episodes to download in our ipod. i would like to share them to people that i know kaya gusto kong ilagay sa ipod. please please help us. thanks and god bless (2007-02-10 21:48:00)
timber: hi!this is my favorite episode of pibj so far. anna's story is really inspiring... it reminded me of my dream to serve the filipino poor... a dream that i somehow gave up on... (2007-02-10 19:16:24)
mye: good day!!! tahnk you for continuing nourishing us... by the way wer can i buy back issue of kerygma mag?? di kasi availabele sa national E. (2007-02-10 17:50:03)
marjb&fe: thank you bro. bo for truelly nourishing our soul in everyday of our life.. (2007-02-10 17:09:53)
khristian: hapi valentines poh sa inyo (2007-02-10 14:32:06)
khristian: hapi valentines poh sa inyo (2007-02-10 14:30:06)
mercy of caloocan: oo nga po bro bo. sana ma-discuss din tungkol sa responsible parenthood. hindi po ba kasalanan na ang mag-anak ng marami kung hindi na po nila kayang pakainin, paaralin, padamitan sila? at pinababayaan lang lumaboy sa kalsada at magpalimos? bakit po kaya against ang catholic sa contraceptives? eh pano po kung ang asawa eh gusto lang lagi sex wala naman sapat na kita? sana nga po mag-preach kayo tungkol sa buhay-buhay ng mga karaniwang tao kung paano po mamuhay ng tama. t.y. po at God bless you and your program. (2007-02-10 09:31:41)
marizza: Good day bro bo. can i make a request? if you can discuss/preach something about some people's bad "habit" of borrowing money when they themselves no longer deserve to be helped financially? you know, some relatives/friends and neighbours ginagawa nang habitual ang mag-utang pero wala naman silang binabayad at hindi nag-e-exert effort nor love their work instead. what they do when they have money is buy unnecessary things which they will not or cannot really afford. lalo yung mga ofws, gasta dito gasta dun at hindi nag-se-save for their future or kung mawalan ng job sila. (2007-02-10 09:25:24)
fry: mag hihintay ako promise! (2007-02-10 08:35:18)
buji: i'll be waiting :-) (2007-02-10 07:47:32)
preacher in blue jeans staff: your pibj episode will be up and running shortly. God bless!!! (2007-02-10 05:17:42)
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