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Feb. 9, 2007

Is there life after tragedy? Actor Subas Herrero bounces back from a debilitating stroke to serve his God. Be inspired and be blessed!

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shingjun: nkka touch nman shring n bro subas.sna ko din po mtulungan nyo. (2007-02-11 14:15:30)
nancy a. calado: ngayon ko lang naencounter itong website na ito and i've enjoyed listening and watching the testimony of seņor subas. champoy was part of my growing up years. and i'm so happy to hear him talk about his encounter with the Lord and with Mama Mary which i guess only a few people know. May you continue to be blessed. and to the staff of the preacher in blue jeans... congratulations... God bless you and more power.. (2007-02-10 21:56:38)
jorayk: what a nice sharing, bro. subas you don't know me but my wife and her friends know you from your mimosa golfing day's . My fathers roots hails from lipa but i have not been to the mount carmel convent yet. I hope i can visit soon.pls pray for my and my loveones inner healing . thank yo and GODBLESS! (2007-02-10 01:25:25)
winnie andres (edmonton): Bro. Subas, thank you for your beautiful sharing. I just want to Praise and thank God that your experience about the smell of roses confirmed my experience here in Canada, last year October 1,2006. While attending a sunday Mass at St. Andrew's parish, I suddenly smelled the fragrance of a rose. I know in my heart that that smell is a sign that our Lady is present but you know how sometimes we are tempted to doubt. So I sniffed all the people around me and I asked my daughter who was sitting beside me if she can smell it, and she leaned to my side and she said that when she leaned to my side she could smell it, my daughter is only 8 years old. So I cried. I prayed to our lady and I asked her if it was really her. And she answered me and she said "Yes, I want you to tell the people that I am always present at every Mass". I cried so hard because I felt the love and the peace that our Lord offers to all. Praise God! (2007-02-09 22:57:28)
menhart vernal: Gud evening brod did you make some preaching here in surigao in the last few years i am familiar to your face.please understand to my english iam surigaonon wayawaya marajaw karajaw imo preaching diri sa amo sa surigao GOD BLESS YOU. (2007-02-09 21:46:08)
menhart vernal: I am from surigao city i was so impressed for your preaching on rpn 9 i was already eager to watch to your program thank you brod bo i am from oasis of love surigao God Bless You Always your so blessed by our almighty God. Thank you so much that God give me as my guidance daily in my life and my family. Mabuhay ka brod. (2007-02-09 21:39:24)
menhart vernal: Thank yoy for the leason that i learned (2007-02-09 21:33:56)
marjb&fe: im not only hearing the good sound of audio, but those inspiring word came up from the people who really touch the Lord. taht is very,very good sound to me. thank you bro. Bo for this good site it is very helpful to me as fighting all the temptation here in abroad, mabuhay po kayo and all of your staff!! (2007-02-09 19:39:31)
Armil: I was deeply touched reminding me again to give more time developing my inner beauty than outward. Thanks so much for this life-changing video. May God Bless Always. (2007-02-09 18:45:00)
Edith: Is there a video? But I clearly hear the sounds. (2007-02-09 15:41:17)
Rosie_life7: Bro. Bo thanks for inspiring us, wen i feel helpless and hopeless ur inspiring message from ur books makes me realize the greatness of God...... (2007-02-09 15:20:52)
SuperNorman: Praise God! Precher in Blue Jeans is a blessing to many people! i hope you could also feature the Miracle of Gawad Kalinga. =) (2007-02-09 12:09:08)
DBS: GOD IS GOOD ALL THE's great to listen to Bro. bo thanks for this online preacher in blue jeans! works great esp for us here abroad!- god bless you all (2007-02-09 11:39:03)
junbe: It so refreshing to hear a daily teaching, testimony or an inspirational message from you Bro bo or from any God's messenger. It gives me hope and make me realize that I'm am so blessed by God despite of those problems, trials that comes in my way. I hope and always pray that this programs of yours will last forever. God bless and see u, hear u next episode. (2007-02-09 11:24:08)
Fate: Ammazing story of Senyor Subas! It was a good inspiration for us, to be healed. To trust god and keep faith to him. A Miracle coming from God is not impossible for anyone who believes in him. Bro. bo, thank you so much for running this show for us, you are so blessed, and thanx to tina also and the staff of Kerygmafam. God bless everybody! (2007-02-09 11:07:01)
weng: what happen? i cant watch the film??? (2007-02-09 10:40:41)
Fate: Preacherinbluejeans staff, thank you for uploaded this video. God Bless! (2007-02-09 10:35:09)
frlouie o: thanks for this wonderful website...i just knew about this sure i will be enriched here (2007-02-09 10:34:07)
preacher in blue jeans staff: hi everybody. the video is already up and running! hope you enjoy and be inspired with today's episode. Thanks for your continued support. God bless! (2007-02-09 10:25:32)
weng: what happen? i cant watch the film??? (2007-02-09 10:19:18)
red: it's nice to hear from you Sir Subas Herrero. it's been sometimes that we haven't seen you in tv. but it was amazing that you were featured here in PIBJ! it's nice seeing you today, "no longer as a comedian" but as a testimony to God's love and mysterious ways! Godbless po... Continue doing your share of spreading God's Love and Miracles!!!Thanks Bo and Rissa!!! Godspeed PIBJ!!! (2007-02-09 10:00:09)
Boyet: Still no audio. Good day. God bless (2007-02-09 09:26:25)
preacher in blue jeans staff: A temp video is uploaded. We will upload a good quality video later. Sorry for the inconvenience. (2007-02-09 08:56:21)
glenda: same problem here ...cant hear anything.. (2007-02-09 08:55:37)
donna dette: it's great to listen to bro. bo once again.. thanks for this online preacher in blue jeans! works great esp for us here abroad! :) (2007-02-09 07:45:12)
muirne: What I'm doing is watching the mute video while listening to the audio version in two windows ... just have to synchronize them ...pwede na rin ... (2007-02-09 07:12:48)
preacher in blue jeans staff: hi everybody. we are almost there. in the meantime you can listen to the testimony of Senyor Subas by clicking the "Listen to the audio version of this episode." Thanks and God bless!!! (2007-02-09 06:45:50)
preacher in blue jeans staff: hi everybody. we are almost there. in the meantime you can listen to the testimony of Senyor Subas by clicking the "Listen to the audio version of this episode." Thanks and God bless!!! (2007-02-09 06:27:09)
preacher in blue jeans staff: hi everybody. thank you for comments. we are trying to find out where the problem is. we watched the video last night and everything was okay. please be assured that we are working very hard to nourish your soul everyday. God bless! (2007-02-09 06:17:56)
VOGNZ: hi PIBJ viewers, if u r having problems with d audio, just WAIT, surely the PIBJ staff r doing thier best to rmedy d problem. no problem on my side. i've listened to this episode and it's another inspiring story. more power to you PIBJ staff and God bless. (2007-02-09 06:10:45)
Alma: i now know how it is to preach in silence ... and God will not like it... just kidding bro. bo. i can't hear a thing from the video (2007-02-09 06:00:38)
Edzz Davao: No sound from this video bro..downloaded plug-ins already from macromedia, still no sound. Thanks and God bless. (2007-02-09 05:51:47)
Oliver / Mnl: Hi WebAdmin,Im also not able hear audio from your video feed. Thanks! (2007-02-09 05:46:54)
Edna Ko: Thanks and God bless (2007-02-09 05:36:48)
wl, tokyo: Hi PIBJ staff: There is a DEAFENING SILENCE over your video. If you kindly please check it up. Thanks. Good day. (2007-02-09 05:35:16)
RandyV: HI administrator! I'm not hearing sound from your video today. Could you please help me? (2007-02-09 05:31:22)
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