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Feb. 7, 2007

From rags to riches, be inspired as Juliet Torcelino Van Ruyven shares her amazing journey of success! Be blessed!

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cquet: hi jet. i read ur book and i was rily inspired by it. big dreams rily do come true. kip on sharing ur life, inspiring and helping people.may i know ur website?tnk u.god bless. (2007-02-12 21:17:05)
jerry: wow, you people inspired me again, and again! Keep it up ... We Filipinos need so much message just like this one... Kaya natin 'to. (2007-02-10 09:46:05)
Nelson Uy: Hey! this is a great progam, and its on a daily basis. And thanks for making The Feast a regular Sunday Event wow this is just what we all need as a people of God. And I had just a realization of the great spiritual nourishment that will be coming the way of my family,I will be forever grateful to you for being part of the healing my family line,the next generation. I am like wise committed to make a life time financial commitment to your organization on a monthly basis. Thank You God and thank you Bro. Bo. May God be praised!!!! (2007-02-10 05:02:09)
michelle: how inspiring. GOD is really, really, really goood all the time. no matter how we have made it through, it's all because of the Lord's love for us. keep it up, PIBJ staff. GOD bless you all!!! (2007-02-09 09:16:51)
Jhet: I am now back here in British Columbia Canada, today Feb. 8 watching this for the first time. You may send me email or visit website to get a firrst chapter free. Thank you for your encouraging and kind words. When we do our best God will do the rest. (2007-02-09 06:55:45)
fate: Wow! amazing. i impressed sis. juliet. tnx for sharing ur experience to us. im not wondering y god bless u coz u have a strong faith in god. a hardwork like you is an inspiration for us. And those who have faith in god. i know he will bless it too. coz no one impossible to him. just keep faith and trust to God. God bless everybody. and esp to Bro. bo, who use God to nourished our soul. Tnx. Bro. Bo, and Thanx Jesus! (2007-02-08 09:41:55)
tv ca.: thanks for your sharing sis. juliet i'm so inspired, i believed in all what you've said especially when we lift everything to the Lord He will bless you in His time. the priest you mentioned is our parish priest in poblacion Makati and we all call him derps he is an amazing priest who serve more than 25 years in makati he love to developed all the youth and i'm one of them who serves the Lord too. i hope i can have a chance to meet you here in canada one of these days. thank you for this eshow thank God for sending bro. bo and the rest of the staff for nourishing our soul everyday. may God be praise. (2007-02-08 02:48:16)
kairos: thanks juliet for the inspiration on the power to change our life through faith, hard work and the recognition of the angels who come our way. thanks bro bo and the rest of the PIBJ family! (2007-02-07 20:51:45)
shieng: prayer really help alot. mkeeping our faith and believe that are dreams do come true with determination, courage and esp the help of God. thanks sis juliet i am inspired truly amazing! (2007-02-07 14:42:18)
marizza: for success to happen, one needs hardwork, a dream/ambition, people who can help and believe in you, and the most impt. PRAYER and supplication from our LORD GOD. this is what i call SUCCESS w/ a capital S. hindi gaya nung iba na pinanganak na meron ng konting yaman sa buhay who did not struggle that much, and yet consider themselves a success. may this tale of juliet inspire most filipinos to strive and pray for guidance and may i add, be honest in everything you do. congrats juliet. and thanks for bro bo for featuring her. (2007-02-07 12:27:55)
DBS: god is good all the time.believe in your dreams it was a amazing story .god bless all the staff of KERYMA -PBJ TV SHOW (2007-02-07 11:45:50)
mary anne: Miss juliet, you are a living testimony of God's goodness and love. Thank you for coming out to share your story with us. it is really very inspirational and moving. thanks Bo, Rissa and PIBJ for having her in your show. (2007-02-07 11:40:16)
Impotent: Hi very good sayt... (2007-02-07 09:02:19)
feb: Your sharing is so powerful sis. juliet , you are an inspiration, I believe that big dreams are not impossible because God is so generous. As I feel God's blessings everyday, I thank Him, for changing my views in life and believing in myself,that nothing is impossible to God. Just think the best for everbody and bring back the glory to God. (2007-02-07 06:31:28)
Al: sister delia is coming here in seattle. well maybe someday, we can see her here. so good luck to her trip going here and God Bless to her and to you all! :) (2007-02-07 04:35:06)
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