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Feb. 5, 2007

Listen to Bro.Mon Florendo's sharing on relationships, be inspired and be blessed!

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johnny boy borlagdan: hi bro.mon!! our bro matthew of st peter and st john parish,marami ako natutuhan sayo when you share pa lahat ng experience mo and hirap sa pag aply din ng job dahil sa height mo.GOD BLESS BRO. to bro bo tanx for your emails tanx! (2007-11-04 22:10:51)
Yna Suello: Thanks, Bro. Mon, for the wonderful sharing. :) (2007-03-10 19:05:39)
TaMeD: Prepare yourself as you wait for your One True Love... I love you all!!! (2007-02-08 19:14:43)
Ramon Florendo: Bro. Bo you got me scared and excited when I saw the name of your sharer in todays program. I thought you got one of my sharing in some Couples for Christ meeting. Yes, my name is Ramon Florendo, and I am an active member of Couples For Christ here in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.We love to watch your daily program and I for one learn so much everyday. Your program is a blessing to all Christians, specially for those who are trying to grow spiritually towards the quest for righteousness. Well done "tukayo Mon". Basta Ramon daw, pogi na , magaling pa. Very inspiring. (2007-02-08 06:33:03)
Nikoly: Hi! Very nice sayt.... (2007-02-07 09:02:02)
from texas: thanks so much for inspiring me everyday!!! i always pray for all of you so that you will continue to inspire us and bring more people closer to God. bro bo, you are indeed a blessing! God bless always. (2007-02-06 06:43:44)
Kyt: Praise God! Yes indeed! kerygma family is my point of contact... I was really blessed Bro. Mon --- ang saya-saya ng sharing mo...'hope to see you all again... Thanks to all preacher in blue jeans staff esp. to Bro. Bo...Truly, you nourish my soul everyday ;-))) (2007-02-06 04:21:55)
winnie andres (edmonton): Praise God!I really thank God for being a part of Keryma Family. I can relate to this episode. Because my husband and I were members of CALLED before we joined the Couples for Christ. I invited him to the Tuesday group and it started there. I hope one day I can share my lovelife in your show. Bro. Bo, next time you come to Edmonton, you can stay in our place. God bless you and your family. (2007-02-05 23:09:43)
kairos: thank God for the inspiration. kakainip nga lang maghintay sa OTL minsan. pero iba nga pala ang timetable ni Lord sa ating timetable. (2007-02-05 21:15:07)
leoshan: i pray that the other religions won't judge catholic church for having saints and all these statues.. i wonder why all the "others" love to be a critic of catholics and our practices? Thank you so much Bor. Bo, for representing our religion, and making me realize that i am blesed for i belong here. ;p (2007-02-05 16:48:12)
Joy (Doha): Truly this site is a real nourishment to my soul that I can't last a day without watching this. God bless and I pray for much more blessing to each one of PIBJ esp Bro. Bo who is a very inspiring follower of God. To God be the glory!!! (2007-02-05 15:39:42)
Ronald (Bahrain): I Thank God for blessing this site that reaches people who are miles away. I do watch everyday and even share it to my friends and family members. Thank you and God Bless. (2007-02-05 13:06:43)
Roderick Salatan: I'm here in U.A.E. I thank God for i the providence that i explore in the web and discover this site...thank you for the words...I do read the daily gospel actualy I have a didache but october to december 2006 isue and i do miss the 2007 isue, i do love the reflection...what touch me in this words of reflection you have gave us is that it reminds me that we are born to belong and to connect by God's grace we must be connected with faith and love....God bless (2007-02-05 11:20:15)
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