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Feb. 3, 2007

Bo talks about "How to attract the love you need" be blessed as you find out how to find such love!

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donna dette: salamat, bro bo.. im blessed with a good family and yes, i will make loving them and others my life's priority. (2007-02-10 14:11:02)
REM: Can't help my tears from falling Bro. Bo. I remember my papa. He's so tough to us. One sem. break in college, i was so afraid to go home to our town in Bacolod from Iloilo where i studied, because my mama told me that my report card arrived and i've got very low grades on some of my subjects and papa saw it. My papa knew that i am not coming home bec. of that reason. He for the very first time wrote me a letter (he never did to his children) that made cried a river & packed right away to go home. He told me that he was not angry or dismay w/ my grades in fact it is more higher compare to his when he was in college. My papa Bro. Bo never show us his feelings. He was so tough as a stone until he got a heart attacked & got paralyzed. Whenever we came to visit him, he just start to cry and he wants to reach us, embrace us and be a father to us, but it was too late for him, he can't moved & talked until frinally God took him from us and for maybe he's been praying for it in order for my mama not to suffer anymore. But even how tough he was to us.. i know that he love's us... it's just that sometimes there are people who is really having a hard time expressing their love. May my papas' soul rest in peace. I love him realy missed so much. Thanks Bro. Bo for your inspiring message. (2007-02-08 22:56:21)
kobe: thanks brother bo, for the love you give each day and for the prayers. more blessings to you and your family. (2007-02-06 16:35:22)
joel: This is my first time to watch Bo's message. It's really inspiring. (2007-02-05 16:55:30)
Gidget from Dubai: As of this writing one of our colleagues in Rashid hospital was now lying on ICU bed intubated, he's like a father to most of us and well-known as "kuya F" for everybody. He had asthmatic attack then lead to heart attack that brings us on shock seeing him on bed unconsciously. I know the power of prayer and I can't help to cry and ask your prayers too for our dear friend. But the sharing of Bro. Bo give me a strength to hold on faith and hope that God will do the same miracle. To GOD be the highest praise and glory. May Your name be exalted!!! (2007-02-04 02:32:49)
melay: how should i react? i never had the chance to hug and hold my father since i was 6 yrs old..after they separated with my mom, i haven't had a glance at him until i was 26 yrs old at the wake of my uncle..but i haven't touched him, i mean yes, i took his hand and have "mano" but it's just it..i grew up without his presence..i longed for a father's love and i was suppressed coz we were miles away..i couldn't even remember him telling me he loves me during my childhood days when we're still together as a family..i love him, i pity him so much when mom turned her back from us and lived with my, he's ill as per my brothers who took care of him..and i still hope that before he will bid goodbye in this physical world, i will have the chance to touch him, be near him, and if he can't tel me loves me at least i'll be able to say, "i love u, just don't know how much!" (2007-02-03 21:21:05)
stripe: thank you very much bro. my father died when i was 9 years old but i remember him embracing me whenever i feel so cold in bed. just want to share this thought from Elbert Hubbard " The love we give away is the only love we keep". ingat po lagi. God bless us all. (2007-02-03 17:25:30)
Au: Bro. BO i am so touched with your story about your father. i am close to my father but sometimes, nawawalan na akong time umuwi para bumisita. love na love si "Lolo Daddy" nila nang lahat nang mga apo nya.. always may kiss at embrace ang mga bata at big Bless pag andyan na si Lolo Daddy nila. Well thanks for reminding that i have to kiss & embarace him, also because he is the BEST Father to us and the BEST LOLO Daddy!! I love you, PA. (2007-02-03 16:36:33)
Jonalyn: You're such a blessing to many families especially to those who are here in abroad. (2007-02-03 16:24:40)
Roel: It's nice to hear about LOVE, bo. (2007-02-03 11:38:49)
fate: Grabe! naiyak naman ako dun... Bro. bo, natouched ako sobra. I am listening very carefully w/ur talk. but pgdating dun sa topic na about ur father. i controlled my feelings not to cry, pero tlgang dko napigilan naiyak talga ko sobra naicp ko father ko. kc my father even before he did not do that even before saying i love you or embrace me. matapang kc sya. even my sisters, and brothers can't talk to him about their rights if have some problem at home. but still i love my father, i rem. the times were talking together in 5 kids i am the one who malambing to him. but even before can't hear saying mahal kita or embrace me. pero ok lang naicip ko maybe he shy to show it, and telling the word "mahal kita". Bro. bo, salamat sau. i really watching ur shows everyday ang ganda, ang galing. u are so very blessed kc mabait u i noticed. God bless you ur family, and.. sa staff ng kerygmafamily. Keep on goind this kind of good job. I actually want to purchase your books maybe 8 or 10pcs. a diff. kinds. I ask my father to drop by ur office if u have branch in makati. coz his there. and one of my friend will bring it here in Taiwan this month. para po makatipid me sa freight. he.he. sana bro. bo, my branch dn kau d2 sa Taiwan para d problem to purchase ur books. and sana magkaron din kau d2 ng concert. kc po there's a lot of people here need to bless. Anyway, Thank you so much! (2007-02-03 09:53:49)
chink: Wonderful!!I'm touch with your talk. I love my parents but i'm not responding to them very well.I have a loving Dad and MOm.I know very well that we their children are their priority second to JESUS.Our needs are being provided and we are taken cared of very well.My Dad and Mom always tell us that they love us and they used to embrace us but as if we don't like it.while listening to your talk I almost cried because I realized that I should have not acted that way to my parents.From now on I will show my love to them.I will respond to their love for me before its late. Bro.Bo,you are a blessing to me.I'm only 14years old and the youngest in the family.I kove to watch you program.Please help me pray that I will be what GOD wants me to be.Thank you so much and GOD bless you always and your family. (2007-02-03 04:06:37)
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