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Feb. 2, 2007

Be inspired as Bro.Obet Cabrillas, one of the Kerygma preachers, speaks of God's word. Be blessed and be inspired!

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Noi Bahrain: Alleluia bro! d2 ko napanood sa bahrain message ni God through you!I am blessed.kitakits tyo sa pinas pauwi nko. tnx din sa prayer mo sa akin d2. (2007-09-28 00:49:20)
herman: thanks bro obet. for seeing God through the people like you. (2007-02-16 15:59:52)
jewel: nice talk, really inspiring. the song at the latter part of the video was very nice.can i have a copy of its lyrics? for bro. obet, you have a very nice voice and you are a very good speaker. Godbless you all and may you continue to inspire a lot of persons through this show. keep up the good work! (2007-02-13 16:44:59)
Jeng: Mabuhay ka talaga Kumpareng Bro Obet! I praise God for preachers like you who teach by experience. The Lord allowed all the challenges you have undergone so that you can glorify Him someday through your sharings. The Holy Spirit has really showered you with the gift of song and laughter. Congratulations sa aming YMPACT Tito! :) (2007-02-05 08:28:37)
Winnie Andres: I praise and thank God for allowing me to see this teaching and I would like to say Bro. Obet, you are really gifted. When we moved here to Canada, I miss attending the Feast but praise God for using the internet to bring the Feast right into our home. (2007-02-03 23:55:10)
leoshan: thank you2x so much for this one... this is just what i needed this time;p please help me pray to go beyond my comfort zone, and not be afraid to conquer all, so as to receive all the blessings God wants to shower upon me... God bless you more bro. obet, and all the staff of Kerygma! (2007-02-03 07:43:02)
chi ; japan: bless you bro bo...thanks for being the john the baptist to us...regards to the upus dei of the phil.... (2007-02-03 05:39:29)
Ramon & Vi Martillano, Indonesia: And that includes all Kerygma Preachers. All of you are Simeon to us. Amen. (2007-02-03 05:17:41)
Ramon & Vi Martillano, Indonesia: Bro. Bo, you are a Simeon to us. Likewise, we always pray for you, that you will always be healthy in mind, body and soul. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen! (2007-02-03 05:15:44)
kairos: thanks bro. obet for the powerful talk... "i am beautiful, i am loved, i am forgiven by the mercy of God..." (2007-02-03 01:28:49)
jay: you know this is my 1st time to listen to your talk!.,and this is also my 1st time to come on this happy to come on this!!i know i have a lot of things that i can learn on this website...thanks for my prof.!praise GOD!!!GOD BLESS US!!!CONTINUE YOUR GOODNESS!!!... (2007-02-02 20:01:04)
jay: you know this is my 1st time to listen to your talk!.,and this is also my 1st time to come on this happy to come on this!!i know i have a lot of things that i can learn on this website...thanks for my prof.!praise GOD!!!GOD BLESS US!!!CONTINUE YOUR GOODNESS!!!... (2007-02-02 19:59:54)
Irene: You really portray Jabez: you are blessed indeed & a blessing to others;you do not cause anyone pain -you are a balm(unlike before with your boxing), God expanded your territory through your talks (God bless the President), and God answers your prayers -just like Jabez. Pls also pray for your virtual audience, coz you got a hotline number with God. Amen. (2007-02-02 18:38:23)
Cath, dubai: Praise God! If everyone suffering from self esteem talks just like you,we do not need doctors to treat them; I would gladly welcome it, too. However, yours perceived condition must be a gift because the smaller you feel about yourself, the greater you feel, share and talk about the GREATNESS of GOD. God bless you and your team, truly the Light of Jesus even at this very far distance. (2007-02-02 18:23:40)
EDTWN HARLINGEN TX: After hearing the talk, I was relieved of my emptiness, im inspired to face the challenges in life . GOD BLESS THE KERYGMA FAMILY (2007-02-02 17:40:07)
nancy: wow!! the talk really enlighten me.tanx kuya obet for that wonderful talk, it inspires me and made to continue fighting and to trust God always.. God bless to all kerygma preachers.. (2007-02-02 17:33:57)
jolu, CFC: Wow! Thank God I happened to access this website today...i'll surely make this a daily habit...the teaching is very much applicable to our community, too. It is true...the Lord said " and you shall find!"...this talk indeed is something i need. (2007-02-02 14:08:44)
Dhelle: Purihin ang Dyos sa mga taong katulad ninyong naglilingkod sa kanya.Dama ko sa talk mo na nananahan ang buhay na Espiritu dahil binuhay mo ang buhay na Dyos sa bawat-isa sa aming naghahanap ng tunay na kahulugan ng buhay. BUHAY ANG DYOS!!!... sa mga katagang binibitawan mo. SALAMAT Bro.Obet at sa onyong lahat Kergyma Preachers. God bless... (2007-02-02 12:40:00)
zen diaz: MARVELOUS! That was very powerful and very inspiring Bro. Obet! KUDOs to ALL the kerygma preachers! You are heaven sent! God is speaking to us thru YOU! GREAT JOB! (2007-02-02 11:06:23)
VOGNZ: bro obet, galing ng talk mo! saludo ako. Yes let us be Open to OBEY, to PERSIVERE, to ENDURE, to NORTURE the Word of God, the Love of God. and serve with an open heart. may God bless you more each day. (2007-02-02 10:02:59)
mats: Bro. Obet, God has blessed me much today thru your talk. God empowers you more! (2007-02-02 09:38:43)
Joy (of the Lord!): Hi Bo and Obet! I feel like God talked to you specifically about ME! (yeah, that's how important I am to God...and each of us, actually... ;-) ) You just hit my issue now about OBEDIENCE, PERVERANCE, ENDURANCE and being NURTURING to others so that GOD may fully bless me... I just ahve to be OPEN...ang galing! Praise God who talks to us through this show! Thanks for being conduits of God's love and guidance to His people! (2007-02-02 09:26:08)
:): Nice talk! my blogs won't go through... wonder why... God bless as you contunue to spread the word of God! (2007-02-02 09:16:24)
wl, tokyo: Yes Obet!!! the singing preacher!!! i like your style, i'l do it. Kudos Bo for your begotten "as in BIGATIN" Kerygma Preachers..God bless po. (2007-02-02 06:42:06)
efren c: fantastic ka bro.obet im so inspire sa talk mo sana dami pa akong marinig na talk galing sayo...tnxs to all staff of kerygma family may god bless u all..GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME...cfc efren fm isle of man uk... (2007-02-02 05:09:46)
Em of LOJC LA: Praise God for you, Bro. Obet! You are one of the precious fruits of Bro. Bo! Through you, the Lord has strengthened my understanding of struggles and pain in life. You had been inspired and now you are an inspire-or. To God be the glory! Thank God for you and your witness, Bro. Obet! Keep the Light of Jesus shining in and through you along with the other anointed preachers of Kerygma! CONGRATULATIONS, Bro Bo! Great job in shepherding your flock. Hallelujah! (2007-02-02 04:38:39)
Chib: Great talk! Bro.Obet keep on preaching,you can inspire more people.Really all of you Kerygma preachers are GOD's blessings to us.GOD bless you all!!! (2007-02-02 03:36:38)
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