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Jan 31, 2007

Is there hope for the Philippines? Bo Sanchez and Rico Hizon, 2006 TOYM awardee and international news anchor says "yes."

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julius tigley perater: nice bo. (2008-01-14 20:25:48)
sally of singles for christ tagum city: ang dami nati dapat ipasalamat bilang mga pinoy. Dylan Wilk,the 9th richest man in England told us during our singles for Christ International Conference - "Pilipino are always laughing, they are always eating" aNG SAYA NA NATIN KUNG MAY MANGLIBRE NG FOOD! Wow very optimistic.Egypt build pyramidS through slavery and oppression. The banawe rice terraces was build through generations but with BAYANIHAN SPIRIT. IBA ANG PINOY (2007-03-27 18:33:05)
Gregoria: sabi nga habang me buhay me pag-asa, very inspiring naman ang testimony ni Mr. Hizon. Sobrang nakarelate po ako sa situation ninyo, as a master's student here in Japan, eh me mga times pa rin gusto ko na matapos ang course ko at bumalik na sa Pinas. What keeps me going is that this blessing is given by God, sino ako para umurong? Ang buong sambayanan Filipino, kahit gano karami problema at kalamidad, di ba patuloy na pinagpapala ng Panginoon, kaya dapat ba tayo umurong sa pag-unlad. Bawat mamamayan siguro dapat maghangad ng kabutihan ng ating bansa, wag na isali ang crab mentality, at sana lang talaga ang lahat ng mga politician natin maging members ng kerygma family, sigurado magiging advance country tayo. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! (2007-02-02 16:21:53)
stripe: kaya ng Pinoy bro. bo. Evrybody was created according to his own image and likeness. If we only use this gifts and talents according to His will and all for His glory, kakayanin lahat ng pinoy. just wandering bro kailan mo kaya i feature yung camera man who is with you everyday. God bless us all. (2007-01-31 17:55:31)
marizza: yeah, kayang kaya ng pinoy lalo pa kung me diciplina. sample na lang po. sa ibang bansa na mauunlad, mas maraming suicide, masagana nga sila, pero wala silang makausap lalo kung depressed na esp. mga kabataan. while in the phils. kahit magpalimos lang or di na makakain ng 3 beses, di agad nawawalan ng pag-asa. bakit? kasi me mga tumutulong pa sa kanila at meron silang napag-hihingahan ng problema. and the most impt. is that they pray. filipinos are really one of the best workers anywhere in the world. magsisibalik din ang mga OFWs nagiipon lang sila but their hearts are longing for the philippines. ang mga panira lang po talaga ay ang ating mga pinuno ng gobierno. ipagdasal rin po natin na sila ay magbago at ng di na sila maging corrupt. (2007-01-31 16:57:59)
bill simon: After his forty days fast in the desert Jesus was hungry and the devil suggested it to him to turn some stones into bread and eat, but he did not do it. Yet he went out and multiplied bread for crowds of his followers. What are they telling us, Mary and Jesus, through their actions? They are telling us that God's gifts to individuals are not meant primarily for their or their families' benefit but for the service of others. That is what St Paul also tells us in the second reading when he enumerates the many different gifts of the Holy Spirit to different persons and adds that "to each person is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good,". Let us hope and pray that this country may really obtain what we are aspiring be a united people of God... working for the common good. let us ptar for our leaders. (2007-01-31 14:15:31)
Joy: Amen, there is hope for the Philippines because the Lord has prepared a beautiful future for us! Why else would He give us all our talents and this faith which may be as small as a mustard seed if not for His glory?!...I am so blessed to hear excellent Filipinos like Rico Hizon praising God for all that he has "achieved" not only for himself but also for his country..."For you are a chosen people, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you mauy declare the excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light..." -1Peter2:9...Declare His excellencies, Christians! ;-) (2007-01-31 08:07:32)
pinas: kaya naman talaga e, mawala lang tayo sa kamay ng corrupt na leader and gobyerno, or better yet manaig lang ang sincere leadership na walang bahid ni katiting ng mga self-serving hidden agenda, 'Pinas would be a paradise! A haven of God-loving, caring, industrious and peaceful people. Let's pray for great miracle right now - a change of heart for all irresponsible and selfish government leaders and officials, especially those among incumbent that they may change their corrupt ways right now, right this very minute so that our country will be what God wants it to be, a nation filled with God-loving people, touching every life, soul and heart of the world. (2007-01-31 07:39:57)
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