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Jan. 28, 2007

Teachers are surely God's blessings? Bo Sanchez talks before a group of almost 3,000 teachers from Central Luzon.

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Jerome: Brother bro, I really thank God for giving you to me. To see your video everyday feeds my souls needs... I am also an educator but for the vocational school. you made me realize how grate to be one (2007-01-30 20:58:35)
Annie: Wow! Bro. Bo is really amazing! He looks awesome!!!!! ^-^ (2007-01-29 11:17:13)
Arnold Cabe: Hi to my friend teaching at Sto Rosario Sapang Palay College City of SJDM Bulacan 3024 more blessing to our College Rector Fr Vergs Ramos (2007-01-29 11:10:02)
Aida: It's a happy day for me because this is the day I enlist to be a member of the KFAM. I feel so blessed and on the right path. Hearing Bro. Bo preach is an inspiration. Truly, good teachers are blessings who can make a difference to their students' outlook in life. (2007-01-29 10:13:26)
kaye: amen to the power of positive rophesy! maraming salamat sa inspirasyon! (2007-01-29 05:32:32)
VOGNZ: PIBJ staff, thanks for fixing the glitch. more power to you all. bro. bo, today i thank God for you are blessings to us all. (2007-01-29 02:23:47)
PREACHER IN BLUE JEANS STAFF: The video is now fixded, sorry for the glitch. Enjoy watching and thank you for supporting PREACHER IN BLUE JEANS, be blessed! Nourishing your soul, everyday! (2007-01-28 21:04:54)
efren c: brod bo nabibitin po ako kc putol ang talk napakaganda pa naman..your true servant of god..natatawa ako at maraming lesson na matutunan sa talk mo..god bless u all the tym.efren fm isle of man uk. (2007-01-28 19:12:52)
eloisa f.: to our teacher KISS in sfc are trully a blessing from God. (2007-01-28 17:24:18)
aBiGaiL: teachers are indeed God's blessings.. they enable the students to widen up their knowledge but also teaches students the principles of life.. i have seen the RON CLARK STORY which is so inspiring and beautiful, and it tells us to dream big.. kaya lng, na bitin po ako sa video coz i stopped.. hehehe.. Godbless ;) (2007-01-28 14:32:10)
PREACHER IN BLUE JEANS STAFF: Hello everyone. We will try to fix the video as soon as possible. As an alternative, the audio version is fixed and you can listen to it or download it. God bless you all. :) (2007-01-28 11:40:18)
Eulalia L. Venzon: I was enjoying Bro. Bo's talk but the video stopped at 20:19 also and would not start again. Sayang . God bless you Bro. Bo in all your endeavors. (2007-01-28 10:07:45)
denz: a blessed day bro. bo. the video stop at 20:19. hoping that it will be fixed asap to fully bless the surfers/viewers 'til the one serious last joke. (2007-01-28 08:55:41)
:): pwede po kaya ma reload yung video? it stopped in the middle. thanks and God bless! I pray that Bo can reach out to all the teachers in the Philippines and to the whole world. (2007-01-28 08:32:57)
tess v.: Good day to all! this is a very good teaching not only for teachers but a well as for every body who can give motivations to anyone. My mother in law back home is a very respectable teacher for 50 years now she became an elementary teacher and became a guidance councillor too! she is a kind of teacher that bro. bo is talking about who always gives her pupils all the positive comments now she is 75 years old and still teaching in university she loves teaching and a very committed and devoted to her field. she is very close to the Lord too! a truly handmaid of the Lord and we are all proud of her "Dra. Leonarda C. Vasquez" is her name. Unfortunately the video stop and i hope you can give more teachings to all the employees and employers of the world. May God Bless you bro. bo and your staff. Thanks! (2007-01-28 07:26:32)
VOGNZ: nice episode, but still waiting for the rest to load. just came back from church and it is still the same. followed ur advice , pause and till loading is done. Wa- epek pa rin! Anyway, God bless! (2007-01-28 07:20:17)
Wenz: good talk. i was in rapt attention due to his talk about labels;the video stopped...nakakabitin. (2007-01-28 07:01:21)
Eric: Good day to everyone at Kerygma. I am from Pampanga and has been blessed with wonderful teachers during my school years there. It is nice to know Bro. Bo that you've given this talk to our dear teachers. You are truly God's blessing for all of us. I especially enjoy your articles and practical advice on living a good christian life. God bless you, your family and your ministry a thousand fold. Eric btw. same as Andrew's comment on the stop of the video. (2007-01-28 06:36:27)
myra: yah..same here..was very much attentive like a pupil..but was not able to finish.. the video stopped.. (2007-01-28 03:32:40)
Andrew: Good day!!! A very life changing talk! Im sure many teachers were awakened by such powerful talk..The video stopped in the middle part though and cant play anymore... (2007-01-28 02:06:54)
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