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Bo Sanchez' Daily Reality Internet TV Show

Nov. 15, 2006

Jarkarta, Indonesia

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Jim Adams: Google is the best search engine (2007-01-20 06:40:07)
Victor Leachman: Google is the best search engine (2007-01-20 06:39:58)
jackie: Thanks for your inspiring story. You are such a very good instrument, thanks!!! (2006-11-18 14:37:32)
Selya Reyes: It is really very inspiring to know and see in reality that there really NO Barrier in spreading the Word of God (even in places that we think have a different beliefs), if we only have the pure and sincere intention to do it. (2006-11-18 14:31:48)
Ramon A. Von Possel, Jr.: Bo's message was so inspiring. his style is so simple and yet carries a lot of truth to ponder on. I would visit this site regulary. One observation though: the camera is fanning too fast in all directions that almost gave me a headache. (2006-11-18 14:31:45)
Michelle: Truly this idea is so great- its no doubt a wonderful plan from God. Again, so many will be blessed like me. God bless you always Bro. Bo and your energetic staff! (2006-11-18 14:31:44)
Gurujun of Qatar: Thanks for the inspiration Bro. Bo. You never fail to inspire me every time I listen to your talks. I feel the presence of God in your talks! More power! (2006-11-18 14:31:42)
CJ: it's a great way of extending our territory. It's accessible. We can reach more people and share our blessings. This is a bountiful blessing. I dont want to devour it ALONE! Thank you and more God's POWER! Love and Prayer, ATE CJ, PNU Manila (2006-11-18 14:31:41)
Mary Jane: just yesterday i experienced a command from God for this poor street guy in downtown vancouver but i don't have the courage so i just ended up saying a prayer for him. Bo enlightened me that God will be with you whenever you do His command. (2006-11-18 14:31:39)
ria valeroso: hi bro. bo! another inspiring treat for all of us! thank God for you and your staff's amazing ministry! God bless you! (2006-11-18 14:31:32)
Gidget from Dubai: Its been a long time since I attended the kerygma Community in Makati...I'm so eager to watch BO in person here in Dubai.He's very blessed with talents reachin'out people in all parts of the world.I prayed that God will send you in the desert to reach us here.God Bless You!!! (2006-11-18 14:31:29)
CHRIS: I am blessed and inspired with the success stories of different people here. Truly, if we commit our lives to the Lord, He will bless us with a fruitful life. (2006-11-18 14:31:27)
Gilbert Henson: Hi Bro. Bo, It's a great blessing from god that you come up with this kind of reality tv show..preaching the word of god in this way will be able to reached millions of people around the world especially here in canada. God bless... (2006-11-18 14:31:24)
Joan: hi, you know i get inspired in all your talks, and im so thankful that you have this reality show. i havent seen you and heard you talk in person. i hope you will let me know if you have any talks coming in cagayan de oro. i just want to ask how can we invite you to talk in our city? (2006-11-18 14:31:23)
liezel: hi there! Bro. Bo thank you for inspiring me and my husband cristofer God bless you and your team (2006-11-18 14:31:21)
Gina: All your talks nourishes me and all my officemates. Before we all tunein for FM radio everyday... but now we have our own station... Tnx GOD for sending you to our lives. Congratulation! Bro. BO! (2006-11-18 14:31:19)
Letlet: Okay ka talaga Bro. Bo,GOD is good all the time! (2006-11-18 14:31:17)
aldrae: tito bo is really good!!! (2006-11-18 14:31:16)
ji: This is indeed a breathe of fresh air..a way to unwind and be reminded of God's Love in the midst of a busy day. Finally something worthwhile during lunchbreak..God bless you kuya Bo.? p.s. i didn't know you played the piano..hehe cool..? see you on the 21st! stay handsome .?hehe (2006-11-16 13:31:09)
Dante: Beautiful talk. I hope we can see more of your talks in the future here tito Bo. I'm looking forward to your talk here in Cebu this coming November 21. My GF is also looking forward to your talk in Davao on November 26... She's a new member of LOJ... :) (2006-11-15 22:49:57)
Chris Kusuma: It was great having Bro. Bo give his talk on Women of Faith to the St. Monica group and other ladies in the Community. Thanks Bo for an inspiring talk. God bless to you and your family always. (2006-11-15 22:10:53)
mikey: your work is very inspiring, keep it up.....God bless! touch people's lives right through the heart...May your tribe increase (2006-11-15 17:49:13)
Cristofer: Oh God! this is so great!...I am so blessed... (2006-11-15 15:24:18)
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