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Jan. 19, 2007

Former homosexual TV director Ansel Beluso testifies to the transforming love of God. Watch and be blessed!

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Ida Mae: I agree with Mark, Ansel wag mo e lahat ng mga bakla ay gaya mo ka garapal as what u claimed in your testimonies. There are homosexuals who are discent and discreet. Not like you na vulgar, mapanglalaki at nag mamalinis ngayon. Look at you now, what your talking your condemning as if ikaw na ngayon ang pinakamalinis na tao sa buong mundo because of your so called conversion. Dear, kahit converted ka nandyan pa rin ang dugo na berde. People in your community are happy for you because of your publicize conversion na media pa pero jusko naman, wag ka mag sasabi na masama ang pagiging bakla. You claimed that we are made in His image and likeness even if we are bakla, criminal, tibo, magnanakaw. we are all the same kaya ikaw wag ka mag pa santa santa dyan ha! mas madilim pa ang karanasan mo kesa karanasan ng iba. U feel so assured, your feel affirmed ganyan ang need mo kaya na kikita mo dyan sa mga tao ang attentionn a gusto mo nung una pa. kaya nakaka baliw grabeh mag pakatotoo ka sister. (2011-09-24 07:33:32)
Erick Tuazon: Thank you so much Bro. Ansel. We believe in you and thank you for inspiring us here in CFC-FFL Europe. Pro life, Pro God. From: CFC-FFL Stockholm, Sweden (2010-10-10 06:05:52)
Jun Ricaforte: hi ansel. Don't get discouraged with the negative comments. God also transformed me from the gay lifestyle and now with 4 lovely daughters and a lovely wife. I am now an active worker of the Loved Flock. I am now an elder of the Loved Flock -Alabang. Kanya kanya na lang ng decision lang. If they dont want to change now just let it be. God will change them in His time. And then they will know what we mean. Sana wag na nila tagalan pa bago mahuli ang lahat! God bless us all! (2010-01-02 21:38:16)
Pearl: Bro Mark, I don't think you listened quite fully with what Bro. Ansel has been addressing. I never heard him condemn homosexuality. He embraced the fact that he is but at the same time he has rejected the life that homosexuality has offered. I never heard bigotry in his words. I have met with his group and they have been helping men in the community who are struggling with the homosexual LIFE and not homosexuality. You might have missed out several points and I respect those men who are accepted themselves as gay but does not lead the life that homosexuality the society is suggesting. I hope you find it in your heart to listen and absorb what the message of his testimonial has given. (2008-05-21 16:17:56)
mark: P.S. i don't want to fight you , but if you want us to respect your so called religion, respect us. you can't expect respect from other if you keep demonizing ALL Gays...... wag mo kaming idamay sa naging buhay mo ansel. demonize your own past behavior not the gays who are living decently in society. may mga gays na breadwinner sa pamilya nila kahit na inaapi sila. hindi sila gaya mo ansel beluso. and btw. the bible has been proven to be full of errors and failed prophecies... read (2008-05-09 12:20:47)
mark: correction: wag mong iimpose ang MORALITY MO sa lahat ng bakla!!
and to blame all gays for your SO CALLED promiscuity is unfair. maraming gays ang CELIBATE at disente hindi gaya ng NAGING BUHAY MO.. NOT all gays are the same. kung naging promiscuous ka na bakla, wag mong idamay ang LAHAT ng bakla sa naging behavior mo. again. NOT ALL GAYS are the same. may baklang matino at may baklang Garapal gaya ng mga heterosexual (2008-05-09 12:11:08)
mark: why monopolize morality????? maraming gays na christians, buddhist, muslims, mormons. search mo sa google ang "gay muslims" or "gay mormons" or "gay christians" to say that just because you "believed" you were now Straight doesn't mean all gays are like you. YOU don't speak for ALL gays, ansel beluso. wag mong iimpose ang MORALITY sa lahat ng bakla (2008-05-09 12:04:58)
Ansel Beluso: my profoundest thanks to those who believe. my deepest respect for those who do not. nobody can please everybody. i myself do not dream of convincing anyone to believe my story - and, if truth be told as it must, if i am able to touch some people and inspire them to tread the narrow road to freedom (and salvation), that is not even my doing. i am God's own and He can use me whichever way He wishes and i am humbled by the enormity of the miracles that unfold through me and in me simply because i believe. by the way, i would like to clarify - i do not seek to offend anyone and it is never my intention to cast aspersion on the beliefs of others. i beg those I antagonize to accept my sincerest apologies. Peace! (2007-12-12 02:05:49)
Natalie B. Pulido: lm very happy to read all the comment of many bro.regarding ansel.if it possible to know about ansel email add.lm his 1st cousin.lm here in chicago il.please let me know were to reach him. (2007-08-22 08:05:19)
Ivan: kawawang ANSEL BELUSO, lumabas na nga ng CLOSET, bumalik na naman. COUNTLESS of SCIENTIFIC STUDIES have shown that people like you who brag about being "straight" already, is just as GAY as you were before! so PLEASE STOP PRETENDING! people like ANSEL BELUSO does nothing but help breed a society that is INTOLERANT and BIGOTED to other people's sexual orientation and preference! GET OUT OF THE CLOSET AGAIN! (2007-04-08 01:44:07)
meanne: 1 corinthian 6 verse 9-11 (2007-02-16 22:55:19)
SuperNorman: U are a blessing Mr. Ansel Beluso! my classmates and my prof. in sociology was shoked when you shared your story to them. that was 3 years ago at PUP. thanks for saying yes to my invitation as our speaker back then.=) (2007-02-15 14:09:45)
ansel2: jusme ung gender transference na yan ay depende noh. pero pinapanganak talaga ang bakla ansel you should know that. bakla ka pa rin. pagkatao un. at hindi dapa ikinakahiya. magbasa ka nga ulit. ang joy ng buhay ay hindi nag-uugat sa pagwawaksi ng kung sino ka. it's in realizing that you know your purpose in life and everyhting u do is in alignment with that. (2007-01-31 10:46:57)
RBS: I praise the Lord for your transformation brother Ansel. I know that God created man and a woman and not homoseual. Indeed this is a witness to your faith and God's love for you . Now you must ask God to use you Powerfully for His Honor and Glory. Let the whole world know that the impossible is made possible only by our Creator. O1-30-07 17:15 (2007-01-31 05:16:18)
HERMAN: GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIMES..Bro.Ansel, your testimony never fails to amaze, inspire and motivate me even if I've heard it so many times. Thank you for responding to God's call. Thanks to Bro. Bo, and the whole Kerygma Family staff and may God continue to bless you abundantly and magnificently. I'm praying for all of you. (2007-01-29 10:32:28)
geline-south africa: pwede po bang mag request. since na feature po si bro ansel, maybe may ma i feature po kayo na transformation from lesbianism. laganap na po kasi sa world ang same sex relationship. especially may mga bansang nag aaprove sa same sex marriage. thanks and God bless sa KFAM Team. (2007-01-24 05:02:36) - south africa: hi to KFAM Team. i've watch the life story of ansel through MMK ... its was really a transformation ... bro ansel, continue to be the light to others who needs love of the Lord. With God all things are possible... hallelujah! (2007-01-24 04:58:02)
laboy: ansel is one of my inspiration in my journey toward healing and rediscovering my manhood. Continue to be an inspiration to every homosexual who wants to change for God. I thank God for leading me to SFC community, where i came to know you, Myke Perfecto, Milo, Roly and others. . . . Godbless! (2007-01-23 21:58:55)
francis: Bro.Ansel, your testimony never fails to amaze, inspire and motivate me even if I've heard it so many times. Thank you for responding to God's call. Thanks to Bro. Bo, Rizza and the whole Kerygma Family staff and may God continue to bless you abundantly and magnificently. I'm praying for all of you. =) (2007-01-22 13:49:49)
j: Thanks God! He gave me hope as i listen to this episode.Pls help to pray with me for my husband's healing. (2007-01-20 15:08:45)
leoshan: amen,amen. To God be the glory. I have a lot of homosexual friends, and their number is increasing. Let us pray that all will find the way out of their own "prison", and go back to God who gives us freedom and eternal joy. (2007-01-20 07:23:38)
Noel of Mississauga, Canada: I salute you! you're the living testimony of God's power & love for us! Praise the Lord ! (2007-01-20 05:49:52)
ferdie: Ansel, we praise God with you for blessing you tremendously. I read a book in Natinal Bookstore by Frank Worthen: "Helping People Step Out of Homosexuality" (caring for gay loved ones) or something like that. May God work through you more and your testimony! (2007-01-19 17:40:59)
P: God is good, all the time....thanks for the inspiring messages (2007-01-19 17:09:37)
St. Agnes: Advance Happy Birthday to St. Bene (Thomas Benedict Sanchez) on my feast day, January 21. God bless you always. (2007-01-19 15:42:03)
marizza: alleluia, praise God for the transformation of mr's really never too late to change for the better as long as one will acknowledge his/her sins before God and beg for His mercy. i hope there will be many more like mr beluso who will one day, wake up to God's wake up call. and thank you bo for another fruitful episode. (2007-01-19 11:49:34)
sheila: Wow how powerful our God is! To God be the glory!!! (2007-01-19 10:50:51)
Gilbert: Ansel's testimony is very inspiring. His testimony was featured in Kerygma magazine July 2006 issue. For those struggling with homosexuality issues, you can visit these sites: God bless everyone. (2007-01-19 09:12:52)
Elmer A. of Davao City: I salute to Bro. Ansel. If you may allow me, I am referring you to Love Flock speaker - Mr. Jun Recarforte one famous designer also a homosexual but graciously transformed by God and now a successful father and businessman. Really, with God nothing is impossible. (2007-01-19 08:40:51)
WL: Hi Brother Ansel, I am also a CFC member. Am so happy for you & your new life. It is just a manifestation of God's love for you, that with Him NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Hi Rissa, I like you. Salamat Bo! God bless everyone. (2007-01-19 05:43:05)
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