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Jan 16, 2007

Need to de-stress? Let Fr Eric Santos tickle your funny bones as you laugh your problems away!

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Rose Alovera: A blessed day to all.....May we all be blessed by God's grace by this video............ it is happy to be alive for everyday is sweeter than the day before...................God bless everyone. (2012-05-16 15:30:51)
Orlando Barachina: si Fr.Eric....i failed to watch the movie in full but im confidently to say that he is indeed a good speaker or sould i say great comic speaker...hehe...i was his scouting friend because of Sir Rudy of Torres HighSchool...and now Im so proud of him..... (2010-06-17 16:12:55)
archie: Dapat nga sa comedy bar yan magtrabaho eh kasi puro pagpapawa lang ang ginagawa wala man lang binabanggit na talata . Maraming mga preachers na ganyang kaya nga may babala ang biblia eh . Maraming lilitaw na mga bullaan propeta na magliligaw ng maraming tao. Pinagiingat tayo ng Dios sa mga taong maaamo at magagaling magsalita pero wala man lang dalang salita ng Dios. Di walang binanggit na talata maski isa. Tapos may L.O. yan after the talk , parang hanapbuhay (2009-09-09 05:43:37)
val: my first time to hear Fr. Eric. now ko lang sya nakita dito. hindi ko sya kilala. kinabag ata ako sa tawa sa kanya! hindi kasi ako member or nag-aattend ng kerygma. napadaan lang ako sa site na to pero mas maganda sana kung nag preach sya about the Word. ang nangyari comedy presentation lang e, parang yong nasa comedy bar. but he is anointed for that kind of gift. I was blessed by his sense of humor! (2009-04-02 02:25:47)
Mario Mendoza: Bro Bo, I am a Seventh-day Adventist but I used to read Kerygma when I was still in the Philippines. Even here in Canada, I happened to see a Kerygma being given for free in one Filipino store, kumuha ako at binasa ko, maganda ang magazine na Kerygma. Masaya rin ako dahil si Bro Eric Santos ay kasama mo pala sa gawain. Request ko, sana, paki-forward mo naman ito kay Bro Eric dahil gusto ko siyang sulatan. He was my classmate sa Torres High School. Please, gustung-gusto ko siyang makausap. Your Brother in Christ, Mario (2008-05-19 08:08:26)
Buddy M. Natividad: Kahit na narinig ko na yan from Fr. Eric, di nakakasawa. (2008-04-07 11:11:03)
Patrick: Wow! Fr. Eric - happy - joyful - phenomenal! We hope people like Bro. Bo and Fr. Eric will continue to inspire us. My wife and the whole family wish you both more of God's blessings. (2008-03-25 11:48:56)
rommel a. natanauan: Galing ni Fr. Eric! member ng anong franciscan community siya? (2008-02-06 02:16:20)
Jing: Nakakatuwa and nakaka-inspire at the same time. Very gifted speaker talaga si Fr Eric. Di nakakapagod makinig gaya ni Bro Bo. Malapit na pala ulit ang Birthday mo. Happy Birthday!!! GOD Bless all preachers around the world. GOD Bless you Bro. (2008-01-01 14:08:43)
gigi NJ: ang galing ngaun ko lang napanuod eto .. hahahhaahahha soooooo relaxing ... my GOD i can never imagine a priest who can perform like this hhahahahahh i have fun so much faun grabeeee .. thanks father eric !!!!!! (2007-12-22 23:42:30)
julius tigley perater: power grabi,nice (2007-12-20 20:36:34)
chingky pajares: i missed more than half of my life when i failed to join the blessed kerygma conference (2007-11-29 19:38:16)
Nonoy Millan: I had a great time watching Fr. Eric's performance. The last time I heard Bo's preaching was when I was given a 4 set tape by a friend. I do miss the Charismatic renewal now that I'm here in California as I used to be with Elim. I hope that God would continue to fill Bo with grace so that he can continue doing God's work. God bless your preacher in Blue Jeans. (2007-11-24 01:58:37)
lyn: we're definitely blessed to have priests like fr. eric. such talent from a man of God... it is only fitting to use it to enlighten others & spread the Good News to our brothers & sisters. more power! :) (2007-11-09 00:58:41)
Jerry Gabuya: it's full of laughter. grabe c fr. eric. a franciscan seminarian and an avid listener of yours. you such a great guy bro. bo. sana mas marami ka pang ma-inspire na mga tao at mabago ang kanilang buhay.just continue ur good works. the conviction of your heart is the will of God. God Bless!!! (2007-10-28 12:50:31)
ivy: Fr. Eric!!! i watched your video 4 times over.... i still find myself having difficulty of breathing... time and agen!!!! i never thought that priests can also be as hilarious as you are!!! i really enjoyed the video!!!!very good and entertaining!!! Bo, HBD!!! (2007-10-23 03:23:29)
dhey: i was rolling on the floor with fr. eric! ahahaha... love this video! (2007-10-17 08:40:11)
Juancho R. Esguerra: Its my 1st tme n mgpnta s website nyo,pro bliv me nkkabago ng buhay ang mga words ni,gling dn ni fr eric,sna pmunta sya s smbahn nmin s sn jose nvotas,ska pwede pong hmingi ng knting words mula ky u n godbless, (2007-10-07 16:40:32)
Naser T. Fajardo: pwdi pong mag send sa akin ng kwento about posses person (2007-09-28 18:53:12)
Joel Fortuna: Watching this vedio makes me laugh kahit na nag-iisa lang ako and what a very good therapy to get rid of my stress. May god bless you always Bro. Bo and I'm so happy to hear Fr. Eric again. (2007-09-18 15:14:52)
jaime castaneda: touch ako sa message...hope na maibahagi pa ni bo ang mga salita ng panginoon... (2007-09-18 10:31:01)
Jaimer F. Esp-iritu: Super duper galing........... (2007-09-12 11:16:18)
Jeffrey & Myra: Great Birthday Bo! Kilala ko na si FR Eric since high school pa. Grabe! nakaka-Blessed talaga! God bless you Fr and Bo. (2007-08-21 12:19:33)
bong and fei: thanks for the inspiring video. it was really so funny and i dream someday that i can be like you bro bo and father eric to be a funny preacher, showing the funny side of DAddy God. God bless. (2007-08-18 16:26:19)
Jesus Escoto: Fr. Eric is sooooo cool, wish we have more like him in our church. (2007-08-07 01:31:59)
daday: Sobrang galing ni fr.Eric sana lagi din siya sa pibj.Pinanood ko nga sa anak. (2007-08-06 22:13:04)
andrew: hi! ngaun lng ako nakaencounter ng pari like Fr. Eric, merong isa si Fr. Archie Guiriba ng Shalom pero malayo sila ng concept. Sayang malapit p nmn kmi dati sa Pasig, nakaatend sana ako khit isa s mga misa nya. Sana imbitahin ulit sya ng Kerygma family next tym. Thank to your message and laughter! Godbless... (2007-07-26 12:38:42)
arlyne: fr. eric, your so funny... well enjoy and laugh with you... its so nice to see priest being so playfull and funny.... Bro. Bo happy birthday.... i loved your books and talk.... keep moving towards reaching out others and making them close to God... God bless (2007-07-12 08:36:49)
Ryan Santos: Hi, i would just like to know if you have any idea of Fafther Erick Santos's schedule for a lenten retreat this coming week? Please let me know.. thanks! (2007-04-01 22:25:27)
aldwin\: hello po!!! (2007-03-17 08:34:47)
Ryan Buado of San Carlos Seminary: Hello! Happy Birthday to you Bo Sanchez. I thank you for giving us the inspiring magazine (The Kerygma). Long live and May God always bless you and your family. I thank Fr. Eric Santos for his unforgetable funny jokes. Please include me in your prayers. (2007-02-15 14:15:32)
DBS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO BO. GOD BLESS YOU... (2007-02-08 11:37:42)
Heartwarrior from china: bravo!!!ang galeng!!! (2007-02-02 15:27:32)
arlene dvo city: thank u bro bo for sharing this video to eric is so funny..... belated happy birthday bro bo......God bless........... (2007-02-02 10:37:07)
Ella: thank you soooo much dada! i really appreciate it. you're such an angel;) i would really really try to hear this sunday's mass at your parish. (2007-01-31 21:09:49)
Dada, Tondo: Fr. Erick is our well-loved parish priest. Santo Niņo de Tondo is located near Plaza Moriones. From Ermita, just take LRT and alight in Tayuman Station. Take the Pritil bound jeepney across Rizal Ave. From Pril Market, take a jeep to Divisoria. Or if you have a car or are taking a cab, take Roxas Blvd to the direction of R-10 in North harbor passing through Del Pan Bridge; make a right to Moriones and reaching Plaza Morga, the Church is to you right. His Sunday masses are at 8am and 6pm (except 2nd Sunday of the month when he takes the 5pm youth mass.) (2007-01-31 02:17:00)
Joy of Dubai: Bro. Bo I wish to download some of your speech co'z i wanted to let my roommate and friends listen with your speech but unfornately i could not make it. Hopefully you could do something for us who are willing to download and listen to your speech. Thanks and Best Regards (2007-01-30 13:45:21)
Abi: Hello Bo...So happy u have a website like this...Hello Fr. Eric...I miss your homilies so much....I'm from Immaculate Conception Parish in Pasig City b4..where is your Parish now father? (2007-01-30 11:55:01)
Ella: fr. eric is such a comic. a witty and deep comic. i wish i can see more videos of him. i wonder may anybody please tell me how to get to his parish church, i really want to hear his homilies;) btw, how do i get there if i'm from ermita, taft? thanks in advance.. (2007-01-29 20:15:17)
choi: this is d best so far. great combination. bo, the best lay preacher. fr. erick, the best priest preacher. nothing can beat this tandem. MORE! MORE! (2007-01-29 00:53:36)
cris: Padre may email po ako sa inyo. (2007-01-28 09:08:20) cris, this is my email ad. (2007-01-27 22:15:35)
Paring Erick: cris, e-mail me at . i might visit you this year. my infocom and greendot accounts have gone kaput. balitaan mo ko. alam mo, pati ako natawa sa sarili ko when i viewed this video. (2007-01-27 22:14:40)
cris baltazar: Padre kamusta na po? I was trying to contact you do you have an email? (2007-01-27 19:46:28)
fr. erick: cris? cris who? baltazar? (2007-01-27 01:22:07)
cris: Belated Happy Birthday Bo from CFC-New Jersey! Visit us again here in Jersey City. Padre walang kupas talaga kayong magpreach...invite namin kayo dito sa New Jersey if you are not to busy...God Bless. Cris (2007-01-26 02:56:18)
keloogs: tha's vintage father erick. he has never lost his magic. humor is second skin to him. it was from him that i've heard the most beautiful wedding homily in my life - funny but full of wisdom . . . nakakatawang nakakaiyak. more of him please! (2007-01-26 01:21:21)
dean: Fr. Eric is so funny..i had a good laugh and i hope to watch more from Fr. Eric. Thank you so much Bro. Bo. Happy Birthday. God Bless! (2007-01-24 04:45:13)
Ronnie THS81(Singapore): Dear Father Erick, Tobe a part of YMC was a priviledge for me. Atleast I have known you. You were on your last year in THS when we became member of the crusade. Now you are a priest and still what you are. Thanks to Bro Bo. Sanchez, I wish I could be like him. (2007-01-23 10:13:49)
bernard p. (san jose): magaling ka talaga cousin.(Fr. erick). he-he-he, ginagaya ko lang comments ng iba. Di ko pa napapanood yung video, (technical problem) pero alam ko na nakakatawa.More power !!! (2007-01-23 08:18:16)
mimi of tdo., mla.: Bro. Bo, you're really a blessing from God. Fr. Erick, galing mo talaga... As always! Kapatid ko yan! Love you. Mwah! (2007-01-22 21:51:27)
nonoy: Fr. Erick (yes, it's with a "k") and Fr. Bo - you are both great blessings to the church. I have beautiful recollections of Fr. Erick's jampacked Araneta Coliseum Lenten Retreat and the wacky concerts with the Six Priests in the City. Praise God for the gift of laughter and humor! (2007-01-19 01:06:41)
Jenny,California: Hi bro Bo! I could have enjoyed more the preaching of fr.Eric if not for the technical prob i have with this video. It always stops after the eighth minute is up. I dont know why.. I wish i could figure out whats wrong... (2007-01-19 00:28:53)
carlo: grabe, how I wish kagaya ko si Father.... I did enjoy the video, inspiring.... We need more priest like Fr, Eric yung tipong hindi ka aantukin sa sobrang kulit... father. I salute you... Bo Happy Birthday. God Bless you always (2007-01-18 19:57:40)
Nancy-THS83: Watching you makes me proud of being a Torresian. Thanks for the laughter that makes a down people cheer even for atleast awhile and forget their problems. I hope I could visit again Sto. Parish Church in Tondo since I'm also once a student of Sto. Nino Catholic School from Kinder to Grade III. Hope I could have the chance to celebrate mass with you there specially now its Sto. Nino fiest again.. (2007-01-18 14:33:29)
Liz Selorio (THS'64), Toronto, Canada: Pareng Erick, I enjoyed your very amusing "praises" for Bro. Bo's birthday celebration. Hope to see you in Tondo some day. (2007-01-18 10:50:51)
ALAN: Fr. Eric, that's our parish priest before sa Pasig Catholic College(PCC). Kahit saan sya mapunta, he brings a lot of laughters, friendships. I may not be that close to him but seeing him going places makes me glad that we had him once in our parish. I can still remember the high school recollection he gave to us. More power to you, Fr. Eric!! (2007-01-18 08:35:02)
LEO and LEAH: Hello Fr., ang galing mo talaga! We're very proud to have known you. Your tandem with Bro Bo is great. Bro Bo, sana dalasan mo episodes ni Fr. Eric. We love you Erick. (2007-01-18 08:07:26)
Em of LOJC LA: Praise and thank God for this ministry Bro Bo! CONGRATULATIONS! This is the most creative way of bringing souls to heaven by far. LOJC LA will work and pray that the Lord will allow Fr. Eric to come with you here in LA for a hilarious way of winning souls. LAUGHTER IS STILL THE BEST MEDICINE! HALLELUJAH! (2007-01-18 05:53:24)
storck: Belated Happy Birthday Bo!May your tribe increase, Godbless. Fr. Eric, you de-stressed my heavy workload day being real, funny life sharings with Gods blessing n love d songs,original ! Bro. Bo, hope to see u in Iloilo K feast April during my holiday (2007-01-17 22:38:47)
jackie calixto: happy happy birthday to my good looking, kind hearted , full of wisdon and humble the best preacher. thanks for sharing a portion of your birthday concert, thanks for making me laugh. Salamat para mo na rin akong nakain sa handaan mo. thank you for being so good. God bless you and your family always, God Bless your ministry and all your hand works. (2007-01-17 11:37:17)
rochie: thanks a lot for sharing that special segment of your birthday concert with us. it was really a de-stressing experience... thanks so much. God bless!!!! (2007-01-17 09:54:56)
zen diaz: Hello, bro. BO! I was there during your birthday concert celebration "BOTOKS" with my best friend Leeza. It was days before i left for US. I had a wonderful time watching that concert. She was the one who brought me to Camp Aguinaldo and attend my first FEAST a year ago and now i really miss it. However, it's a good thing we have this technology! God bless everyone behind kerygma family esp. Bro. BO! (2007-01-17 08:45:48)
ren (from Edmonton, Canada): sumakit ang tyan ko kakatawa, haha! but seriously, when i was young, my nanay used to send me to the sari-sari store to but one slice (minsan dalawa pag siniswerte) of dairy creme for 1 peso. (2007-01-17 06:34:38)
jhun of north hills: Happy Birthday Bro.Bo! wishing you good health. i love watching fr.eric (2007-01-17 05:59:36)
vicky of winnipeg: Bro. Bo, Belated Happy Birthday to you. You are a blessing from God. Preacher in Blue Jeans is a great site where we can find blessing and inspiration from our daily struggle in life. This particular episode was truly hilarious and Fr Eric was very funny and his jokes/comic lines were amazing. keep up the good work and may the Peace and love of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you always including the kerygma staff members. God Bless. (2007-01-16 23:56:20)
lzey: i love the song father eric, you made my day! (2007-01-16 21:02:50)
firend ni francyne: your welcome :) (2007-01-16 19:46:09)
Marlyn: Hi Bro. Bo thanks to this site you have touch so many lives daily. To you Fr. Eric "YAN ANG PARI" nakukuha attention ng audience.We hope to hear more from you here at PREACHERS IN BLUE JEANS. God Bless! (2007-01-16 19:35:05)
francyne: well this was fun.this is the first time i ran into an online preaching service.ang cute ni fr eric. i loved the song.astig.:) thanks to a friend. (2007-01-16 19:24:17)
Ronald of Bahrain: Wow, what a performance I wish I was there, Anyway, God bless you for this kind of program, I prayed that more people can be reach. Fr. Eric you are so great. (2007-01-16 18:14:20)
marlene: happy bday bro bo.thanks for your nourishing my soul everyday. GOD bless you and your family. (2007-01-16 16:59:37)
leoshan: i have seen that in your dvd...;p Bro. Bo,where will you celebrate your next bday? ;)i hope we can attentd.. (2007-01-16 16:48:24)
mich: wow! that was awesome! fr eric was sooooo funny!! watching bo and fr eric was jz like having d best of both worlds... being inspired by listening to God's words while being tickled to the bone at the same time! wat more can u ask for? thanks bo! (2007-01-16 15:13:58)
TL: Fr. Eric is so funny. I hope we will see him again in the future episodes....GOD Bless you ALL!!!!!!!!PRAISE GOD THAT WE HAVE FR. ERIC AND BRO. BO and most especially the staff of Preacher in Blue Jeans... (2007-01-16 14:25:07)
carl m.l.: my birthday greetings to you bro bo. and i pray that you continue to live a very fruitful life always attached to our Lord and thatyou continue to bring us and others, also to Him w/ your ministries. may all the peoples who are being blessed w/ bro bo's ministry & preaching support him, not only in prayers but financially, so he could continue w/ his vocation and bring more people, esp. those who have strayed, to return to Our God. bro bo, this internet ministry you started is reaching millions of people all over the world at a click of a finger so that, as bro. arun said, even if you only have a few live audience, we who have access to the internet, are being blessed each day. sobra sobra ang blessings mo at iyong familia. and as we say in australia, g'day mate. (2007-01-16 12:50:47)
dehay: hahahhahaha.. God bless you too fr. eric... (2007-01-16 12:30:05)
Lara: Hi Bro. Bo!!!! Happy happy bday!!!! I pray that God will keep healthy and that you live a long life. Thanks for inspiring our days and nourishing our souls! =) (2007-01-16 12:25:01)
Nilo of Sydney Aust.: First of all Happy Birthday Bo!Thanks for sharing with us Fr Eric he is funny..Bo thanks also for the prayer everyday and blessing..mabuhay ka!!!! (2007-01-16 11:55:37)
RandyV: Happy Birthday Bro.Bo! I pray that our Lord may bless you and your family always. May the Lord give more power and grace to your ministry so that you may continue to inspire many people all over the world. (2007-01-16 11:51:50)
debbie , dagupan city: happy b-day, God bless you ! (2007-01-16 11:29:33)
TJ: in the past few days... yung word na binibigay ni Bro. Bo e pang kinabukasan... pero I'm still nourished parin... hehehe yun... lang po... nakakatuwa yung mga talks niyo :D keep up the good work :D (2007-01-16 11:23:40)
Bong, Joel and Jana: Bro. Bo, happy birthday to you! Thanks for the daily emails and prayers! God bless you and your family always! (2007-01-16 10:25:18)
christopher: Hi Bo! happy b-day. thanks to fr.eric for very funny and inspiring talk. this program makes me strong in my vocation.thanks a lot and i will include this ministry in my daily prayer. (2007-01-16 09:51:48)
annie_73: A BLESSED BIRTHDAY TO YOU BRO. BO! (2007-01-16 09:39:04)
boyet: salamat,I'm blessed!!!! (2007-01-16 09:25:58)
jane: hi bro. bo, thank you for being with us everyday, for your prayers and indeed God's presence is always there if we only know HIM. Fr. Eric made my day. God bless everbody. (2007-01-16 09:16:16)
cel: Happy happy birthday Bo! Your life is a blessing. You are an example of how to live life fully always in communion with the LORD. Hope you can feature Fr. Eric and Bro. Arun more often. (2007-01-16 09:05:58)
marleo: Happy B-day Bo, very inspiring and funny. It's so amazing to hear Fr. Eric. He's so fantastic. Thank Bo for your daily reality TV show. It helps to bless millions of people. Yes Bo, i could say, "you are the annointed lay preacher." (2007-01-16 08:14:40)
derek: Fr. Eric you are gifted!, Bro. Bo. thanks a lot for this site! God bless to all of you! (2007-01-16 08:12:36)
Elmer A. of Davao City: Happy Birthday Bo. (2007-01-16 07:34:46)
Richard, raymund, Carla: Happy Birthday Bo! Thank You for inspiring us through your talks. God bless ! (2007-01-16 07:16:17)
wiling: Hi Bo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hi Father Eric, YOU MAKE MY DAY!!! I LOVE YOU. hek hek hek..... (2007-01-16 06:11:49)
Ning: thank you for the gift of laughter. life indeed is really worth living.... (2007-01-16 02:35:07)
ana: Fr. Eric is very won't get tired of listening to him...hopefully you can show a lot of his preaching here in preacher in blue jeans...thank you Bro. keep blessing me on a daily basis just listening and praying with you... (2007-01-15 22:30:32)
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