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Jan. 13, 2007

Adrian Panganiban interviews Fatima, a visually impaired little girl with an awesome faith in God. Find out how she turned her suffering into an offering to the Lord.

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Novie B. Larieta: I really appreciate to be a part of a reader of Kerygma magazines. 17 years ago I am a subscriber of this magazines and I acknowledge my sister in Canada because of her Im in Kerygma again. She inspire me to read all of her message ins my email. Because of this I thank God because all teachings are very relevant to all my daily activities especially in my present Job as a teacher. Thank you very my Bro. Bo for ur inspiring word of wisdom. Anyway I am excited for incoming conference in Ultra. My sister paid my tickets together my wife. Hope to see you again Bro. Bo for almost seventeen years ago. Ako yata ang nawawalang topa. Gobless and more power (2007-11-05 10:26:13)
SuperNorman: Jesus is the way the truth and the life, we live by faith and not bu sight! =) (2007-02-09 12:38:03)
nilo villon: thank you Kfam for featuring sis fatima in your preaching. it really strengthens me to hold on and to move on, it also reminds me once again how God shows His undying and unconditional Love to me and to all of us as long as we entrust evrything to Him...HE is truly LOVING and GOOD ALL THE TIME! (2007-01-17 19:18:49) im deeply touched by the faith of sis fatima and her story... i like the song and her voice... very bless thank you KFAM team for featuring people testify to the love, miracle of God, who changed their lives and those who have faith in God... HaLLeLuJah!!! -south africa (2007-01-15 03:46:46)
Selya Reyes: Although blind, Fatima provides the sight for others who hve sight but do not see the Lord's blessings. Si Fatima, since I heard her in the radio 2-3 years spoke on her sufferings and provided insparational talks, it drastically lessen my "loads" on my physical and emotional pains. More power to you Fatima and God bless. (2007-01-14 15:35:41)
Ning: it is such a beautiful song;just a few days ago,it just came into me that my sufferings are my offerings...and now i hear this song. (2007-01-14 15:00:37)
tina: to ramon florendo you can order fatima's cd from me at 632-9312711 or 09178424101 (2007-01-13 22:31:24)
tina: to ramon florendo you can order fatima's cd from me at 632-9312711 or 09178424101 (2007-01-13 22:11:34)
almamd: my dad is in the process of trying to get a transplant but things have been happening thats preventing my uncle from coming here from pinas, but i was blessed with this sharing, we just have to wait for God's miracle and never stop praying.Jesus loves you guys. (2007-01-13 21:29:12)
Gilbert: Wow, if all of us can have Fatima's faith, humility, and child-likeness, how wonderful our world will be! Fatima is truly an inspiration. God bless everyone. (2007-01-13 20:48:59)
Ramon Florendo: This is so inspiring bro. Bo. How can we order Fatima's CD. (2007-01-13 10:37:03)
Elmer A.: Bro. Bo thank you for today's feature ew: Fatima's story. Fatima's unique sufferings are truly a testament of God's unconditional love for each and everyone of us; that despite man's stubbornness God continue to bless us in all forms. God always keeps us in his eternal love and care, His blessings (siksik, liglig at umaapaw) sometimes unnoticed because the world continuously tempt each of us. Brother, God Bless you and the entire family at the Kerygma. (2007-01-13 09:31:47)
Sonny: Mararaming maraming salamat Bro. Bo, Bro. Adrian, PIBJ staff, and to Sis. Fatima for continues effort blessing the world with God's Love. Inspiring and reminding everyone there is GOD, and yes, HE LOVES US!!! Brothers and sisters, your blessing and inspirations truly touches the lives of many as it touches mine...and I believe that ur untiring efforts to plant seeds will bear good fruits… God bless everyone. (2007-01-13 08:30:56)
jainy: thank you, Bro.Bo and Bro. Adrian for this feature...i'm really blessed with Fatima's story and i got inspired and assured that God really has a reason for everything. Thank you very much again and may the Lord continue to bless you in this ministry...God bless to Fatima too. (2007-01-13 01:35:59)
preacher in blue jeans staff: hi everyone! we have been receiving spam in our comments page in the past few days. To prevent such events in the future we are putting in place a screening process beginning monday. we want to make sure that only comments from viewers of preacher in blue jeans are posted. enjoy today's show!!! God bless!!! (2007-01-13 01:08:06)
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