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Jan. 12, 2007

Bo gives a talk to Pru-Life sales team in Cebu.

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andrew: wow! what a song! I will sing that every day because it is so uplifting. Kau din ha? (2007-08-17 13:01:17)
aezel aguirre-yfc/sfc: Godbkess you brother bo.... (2007-02-01 15:41:02)
mavie/sfc: praise God for you bro. bo!im a bo fanatic..u nourish my soul everyday..the first thing i do in the morning when i arrive @ the office is watch this day is not complete w/o watching ur show..thank u so much bro. bo and to all ur staff..u have blessed my life and my oficcemates..its my dream to be a preacher sumday and starting today it will also be my mission to bless people around me..God bless u and this program..may u continue to inspire us to live a fantastic life..i love u all!!! (2007-01-19 12:06:28)
joan jorda-dacanay,Prulife UK: Bro Bo, i thank you so much for being a part of my life ever since college, you are a great blessing to me and to my family..with your talked with Pru really gives an inspiration and a blessing coz i know He sent people like you for Him to assure His greatness and LOVE...(-: (2007-01-16 18:44:50)
marlene: thanks bro Bo for the enlightenment of focusing on dream so that it will grow. God bless! Defining my life is so inspiring, thank you for that sharing! More power and God bless you and your family. (2007-01-16 17:49:00)
elaine abando-prulife uk cebu: dear bo, thank you for sharing yourself, your life and your vision to us. you've been a source of blessing and inspiration. God bless you always and your ministry. (2007-01-14 15:57:25)
michelle: how inspiring and uplifting, your message bro. bo. Thank GOD for He is so goooooooooood all the time. yes, focus on the dream. focus on Jesus and the gift of faith. focus on thanksgiving. focus on doing His will. thank GOD for this message! Lord, thank you! Bro. Bo, thank you. May GOD bless you and your family always! (2007-01-14 10:44:46)
angelique, prulifeuk, cebu: What can I say? U energize me! My daughter, Dyan also buys all your bestsellers!! Thank you for being part of raising my daughter the Godly way. Someday I will talk like YOU! :-D (2007-01-13 09:08:23)
ernestoMAJAM/prulifeuk-cebu blue pearl: hi... Bro. Praise God! Thank you very much for sharing to us your time and for inspiring us in our vision and mission in life. Praise God! (2007-01-13 06:37:04)
Gene Lucas: to tech team: try to back track on previous episodes comments and you will see that some people are posting lewd/nude websites to go to, like for instance Dec 25 episode has a lot. some people are taking advantage of this webpage to post pornography. thanks! (2007-01-13 00:37:26)
Bernadette L. Tad-y, PruLife U.K. Cebu: Bro. Bo, thank you for the short talk you shared with us in Cebu! I see & feel that it was the Lord talking to us during that day! Yes, "something great (good) is going to happen to me and to our group this year as Jesus is blessing our way!" (2007-01-12 22:32:38)
migs: I do praise God and thank Him for this wonderful site. May God continue to bless you Br. Bo and the rest of the guys whose making preacher in blue jeans possible.God is really working in you. (2007-01-12 21:33:59)
Blessed: Another wonderful prayer that touched many people's lives. Thanks again (2007-01-12 21:09:00)
jean: ZAFIRA23 please stop... (2007-01-12 19:04:06)
gerome-8: hi Bo!I just watch your daily internet show and I`m one of those thousands of people you bless in many ways..I just wish that the Almighty one continue to fullfill your mission.thank you bo!!!Godbless! (2007-01-12 15:39:06)
Ning: I feel rejected by a friend and it pained me so much but i pray that i will never have any room for hate or retaliation in my heart as there is always a God whom i can always run to and who will never reject me. May this same friend, run to HIM always. (2007-01-12 14:14:36)
roy, prulifeukcebu: you are a blessing. Your message reminded us that we are not just selling but we are protecting families...Thank You! (2007-01-12 14:01:47)
maritsa: wow! that was a very very fruitful and encouraging talk. and you even got to make them hug each other while singing a simple song. bro. bo you are really an instrument of God who's doing a great job in nourishing our soul. you're truly blessed! (2007-01-12 13:09:53)
a.rubia.dvo city: thank you for nourishing our souls...siguro kun lahat na husband ay may missions na katulad sa inyo...walang broken families.God bless (2007-01-12 13:05:27)
Jem- Canada: It's my first time to watch your show. I felt strong and blessed after watching it. I now look forward to each day to watch your show as I know I will draw strength through His words that you say. It's a show that can really complete my day. God bless you, your family and your staff. (2007-01-12 12:14:03)
celly s. go: gud pm, bro. bo. Thank u, u are a massenger from God.You are a gift from all of us, thank u for your timeless effort of bringing God closer in our lives. Take care & More Power. (2007-01-12 12:10:59)
lakay: i thank God for letting me know that there were people like Bro BO. Exemplary extraordinary preacher in my favorite blue jeans. You inspired me since last year that i discover the reflections of didache,til now and the next days to come! May you continue to inspire other people and be a blessing to many. gos Bless.. (2007-01-12 10:11:59)
lito, prulifeuk cebu: i have never seen God but i know he's here.. iuts people like bro. bo that makes him so real. may you always be a blessing to every life you touch. thanks for being with us in cebu (2007-01-12 10:03:50)
che:: THANK YOU BRO BO! (2007-01-12 09:52:33)
jhong/SFC: it was truly a blessing to evryone who will hear God from you bro. Bo, i also truly believe that there are a lot of blessing stored for us by our Lord we just have to haive faith and put all our trust to him that something good will truly happens to everyone of us... (2007-01-12 09:32:18)
jhong: it was truly a blessing to evryone who will hear God from you bro. Bo, i also truly believe that there are a lot of blessing stored for us by our Lord we just have to haive faith and put all our trust to him that something good will truly happens to everyone of us... (2007-01-12 09:31:22)
Fate: Hi! Gud am. Bro. bo, thank you for being a part of this daily show. and thank god that he use u for us, to wake our minds to know jesus. for what the beautiful things he gave to us. Evrytime im watch this you i feel im closer to god, the kind of feeling that was great! just hear god's word from you everyday. we really need him n our life. Jesus is great, he is ammazing, he is powerful, wonderful. We truly blessed us. and he blessed you. coz ur one of a kind. God bless bo, (2007-01-12 09:26:36)
tess: Everyday is a great inspire me & really nourishing every soul who listen to this video & reading the scriptures & testimonies everyday..that's why i've been forwarding & inviting my family & friends this wonderful God's message everyday..So that they too can be touched by you..God bless you always.. (2007-01-12 09:02:59)
eric c'',): another inspiring episode! Kudos Bro.Bo! Galing ni Lord! God bless! (2007-01-12 08:12:23)
anthony: yes,i believe something good is going to happen this day and this year.thanks for reminding me to make my mission statement this year.God bless you always bro bo! (2007-01-12 05:26:45)
joy c. factora: good morning bo, it was my first time last sunday listening to you personally and i was so happy that i made it! i am sure this would be a good beginning in my life. as you said "something good is going to happen to me this very day, this very year!". GOD really bless you with HIS grace that you really inspired people and bless their lives too as the way i feel. i will not be ashame inviting friends and relatives to listen to you everyday in your Gabay program and every 1st sunday of the month at aguinaldo! May there will be more people like you. GODBLESS (2007-01-12 04:48:41)
jemina quintana , sn fernando pampanga: is truly an inspiration to my life, my officemates watch him also.thank you for inspiring us, god bless you and your ministry. this video is better than the old one.we hope all of the coming videos will be the same.God bless us all! (2007-01-12 02:44:36)
eian: hi bo, thank u for your inspiring message, its so wonderfull to heard ur preaching its soul quenching, its a relief whenever im tired from work, and feeling discouraged when you feel ur work is unapreciated and u feel being taken for granted i always pray when ur praying gives me hope and letting me know im not alone in the battle god is up there ready to give me a pat in my shoulder. thanks.... (2007-01-12 02:42:27)
Dennis: nothing is impossible with God.. thank you Kuya Bo.. each day is a blessing and this show is a blessing for everyone.. we need to be sensitive to recognized the blessings in life.. (2007-01-12 02:07:35)
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