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Jan. 8, 2007

Bo Sanchez asks the question: "How are you being like John the baptist to others?" Bo brings some friends from the US to Anawim.

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michelle: how inspiring. yes, we are all John the Baptist. thank you for your work in Anawim! may GOD always bless the ministry in Jesus' name. (2007-01-10 13:41:00)
marisa: how i wish i could also volunteer to anawim and help the elderlies to have peace of mind in their twilight years, esp. those who suffered so much, like being rejected by their families and society. God will continue to bless anawim, no doubt about it. and to those who work at anawim, you are truly blessed, so keep up the good work of Our Lord. (2007-01-09 18:11:48)
ritchel juanico: bo thanks for being john the babtist to us...we hope the feast will came here in japan... (2007-01-08 19:50:06)
Bing: hi bro Bo. We are Dubai based and since November till mid December my wife and I were able to log on to kerygmafamily & watch PIBJ daily. I thought the site was blocked by the provider here but when I tried to log on today praise the Lord it worked. Thanks for being our John the Baptist. (2007-01-08 18:44:25)
Alex: Thank you bro. bo for enlightening me regarding how to be john the baptist in our little way. It is only now that I realized that little as it may, will do great results in our spiritual lives. Once again thank you. (2007-01-08 17:40:03)
preacher in blue jeans staff: hi everyone. if you're having problems watching the videos, here are some suggestions so you can watch them without interruptions: a. when you see that the video is loading, press the pause button and wait a few seconds to a few minutes until there is enough buffer for you to watch the video continuously. b. try to check your internet connection. some connection is still undergoing technical difficulties because of the earthquake that hit Taiwan and damaged the underground facilities of some of our telcos here in the philippines. they say that it will take another week to normalize everything. c. use the waiting time to pray for us here at kerygma family that we may continue to bring God's word to everyone and we can continue to nourish your soul everyday. please rest assured that we are doing our best to bring you God's word in the best quality possible. thanks so much and have a fantastic life. (2007-01-08 14:06:43)
Annette: 3 second-stop? I experience that all the time. I'm always eager to watch and listen what Bro. Bo has to say but I would always end up 'bitin'. There was no instance that I'd complete the whole video. how sad. How do I go about it? (2007-01-08 11:36:11)
a.rubia/dvocity: thank u once again for inspiring us to become a John the baptist.i really want to do something like in Anawim.To those who are working in Anawim,saludo talaga ako sa inyo....God bless you all!!!!!! (2007-01-08 09:34:48)
Ramon: re 3 seconds stop, I also experience this, suggestion: let your computer download/play the episode while you are doing something else, then "rewind" it after such episode has been fully downloaded. Then play the whole episode. This may not be efficient but...... (2007-01-08 06:19:03)
Beauty @ Rudi, Bo and his IT guys doesn't have something to do with the every 3 second stops, I just watched it today and everything is as fine as watching a movie. Thanks for the inspiring question! (2007-01-08 05:25:25)
Ning: Thank you brother for explaining our relationship to our Mother Mary bec oftentimes this has been a major attack point by other religions on us. (2007-01-08 05:23:13)
rudi - NZ: hi bro bo, this morning i'm a little bit frustrated 'cause i cannot watch ur daily show. every 3 seconds it stops. hope your IT guys can do someting about it. still i praise god 4 ur wonderful and inspiring work in spreading the love of god. god bless u more. (2007-01-08 03:28:03)
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