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Jan. 6, 2007

Start the year with God's Word. Bo Sanchez teaches us "How to Read the Scriptures"

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preacher in blue jeans staff: hi everyone. if you're having problems watching the videos, here are some suggestions so you can watch them without interruptions: a. when you see that the video is loading, press the pause button and wait a few seconds to a few minutes until there is enough buffer for you to watch the video continuously. b. try to check your internet connection. some connection is still undergoing technical difficulties because of the earthquake that hit Taiwan and damaged the underground facilities of some of our telcos here in the philippines. they say that it will take another week to normalize everything. c. use the waiting time to pray for us here at kerygma family that we may continue to bring God's word to everyone and we can continue to nourish your soul everyday. please rest assured that we are doing our best to bring you God's word in the best quality possible. thanks so much and have a fantastic life. (2007-01-07 00:45:10)
polet: thanks for bringing me back on the track... (2007-01-06 21:47:35)
Laila: i can't understand it, the video stops every now & then... hope it will be okay soon. (2007-01-06 21:17:45)
hunch: our internet connection is is above 200 kbps but still the video still stops often..why? however, other daily videos are playing realtime without delay..just wonder why? nakakabitin! ganda pa naman ng talk ni bro. bo.. (2007-01-06 19:59:15)
marlyn o.: i really love to listen to pbj everyday, but these past few days i stopped because 'am frustrated coz i nearly can't understand, almost every two words bro. bo's uttering there's a gap. i don't know what's happening kasi it isn't like that before parang utal ngayon ang pinapakinggan ko. bakit kaya? i really want to hear him everyday. thanks. God bless. (2007-01-06 17:20:34)
dan: hi everybody GodBless! (2007-01-06 16:34:53)
angel: what happened i cant play the video! (2007-01-06 16:09:47)
carla: bro bo that was another very very good Bible reading you shared w/ us today. i pray that more people watching pbj will, little by little, inch by inch, live a prayerful life always connected w/ our Lord Jesus who loves us unconditionally. you're helping us to be a "changed person" for the glory of God. i prayed w/ you on the screen of my computer. one more thing, i liked the informal way you conduct your preaching. ok din yun meron kang joke sa ending ng episode for the day. (2007-01-06 14:33:13)
espie: i'm so blessed since i started viewing/listening to Preacher in Blue Jeans. i hope i can share everything i learned from every talk and teaching of bro. bo. more power to the Preacher in Blue Jeans staff! God bless! (2007-01-06 14:30:03)
vangie: Thank you bro. Bo, for the 5 tips on how to be guided in reading the Holy Word of God (bible) I've been blessed by your tips and your 30 min. sharing. I felt God's power thru you in the prayer that you lead after the sharing. May God continuously bless you for being our preacher in blue jeans!!!!!Amen. (2007-01-06 12:22:12)
Preacher in Blue Jeans staff: to ariel: the past few episodes have all the same format, we already have standardized it. the standard download speed of the videos is 200kbps. If your internet connection is less that 200 kbps, then the daily video will stop often to load. but if your internet speed is 200kbps and above and there will be no interruptions, the video will play real-time, without delay. God bless you brother ariel, i hope this helped. (2007-01-06 09:28:34)
ariel: why is the video always stops? before you change the format of this site, everytime when i click it, i can access it with no interruption.. please advice me, i would like Bro.Bo everyday.. (2007-01-06 07:51:23)
RandyV: Thank you God for giving your wonderful word to us thru your instruments like Bro. BO and may the Lord bless all the Ministry spreading your Word. (2007-01-06 06:43:14)
a.rubia: thanks for more enlightenment in reading God!s words.... (2007-01-06 06:27:44)
Jimda: Thanks for the woderful 'beauty tip' & the 'magical mirror'. I remembered my daughter's (Countess Erin)own beauty tips, she said "I have beauty tips for you mama": 1. Eat healthy food 2. Have plenty of sleep 3. Share your problems with Jesus and lastly... 4. Wash your face everyday! How her simple ideas moved me! same way you moved me today with today's video. God bless! (2007-01-06 05:29:47)
Gidget from Dubai: Its a good start of our day ~o) (2007-01-06 05:03:35)
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