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Jan. 5, 2006

Are you living the abundant life? Bo Sanchez enlightens us on what abundance really means.

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julius tigley perater: very (2008-01-14 20:30:38)
Edith: I have never seen or hear you in person but I'm so thankful to God for bringing you here on earth. You are such an inspiration. Your talks and videos here are really eye-openers for me. It made me realize so many things and honestly, it refreshes my soul everyday with so much spirit, joy and love for God. Thank you Brother Bo. (2007-01-17 15:30:18)
Gilbert: This is a wonderful site! We can help Bo spread God's words by posting this website to different forums, chatrooms, etc. especially among the young people. God bless your ministry and keep inspiring us! (2007-01-08 14:59:44)
Arlene Dayao Boustani: Dear Bo, I am living in Finland and evr since my friend text me this site the fire in my heart started burning again. I have been a Charismatic Catholic since 1990 but we left with my family and now reside here in Finland for 14 years now. The only time I go to prayer meetings is when I visit my family in the Phil. which is not often. I want to offer my financial support to ANAWIM every month and I want to arrange it in the Phil. I will go there on the 28th of Jan. please E-mail me the tel nos. of the People I can contact for this. I am not a rich woman living abroad just an average worker and a grandma but I want to share the little that I have even for the coffeee of the beloved elderly that were neglected in Anawim. Thanks for the prayers and sharings. Len (2007-01-05 19:41:27)
Pau: Bo, you are God's message of love for all of us. Thank you. (2007-01-05 19:08:46)
roville: hi bo!i really hope to see you in person.. (2007-01-05 13:16:19)
Mila: I was touched by your prayer! I will be at the feast this Sunday. Thank you for being a blessing to me and my family! (2007-01-05 12:10:07)
Lara: Hi Bo, thanks so much for the wonderful message about living an abundant life. You really touched our hearts. I am a new member of Kerygma Family and I can say that this is the most meaningful decision I made in my life....a life closer to God. Thanks for being a blessing to us and for nourishing our soul everyday. More power Bo! (2007-01-05 10:54:54)
liaa katrina dameg: you never fail to inspire me. thank you! (2007-01-05 10:54:41)
marleo: Thanks Bo, for giving us an idea of what really is abundance. And also sharing the love of God to us. You really inspire us. (9:45) (2007-01-05 08:36:14)
a. rubia: God be praised for giving us inspiration and nourishing our spirit everyday.May God continue to bless whatever works you have in your community. (2007-01-05 06:17:11)
Jeng: Praise Be to God for your ministry! The love you show your children surely inspires us to draw our own children closer to God. You are really "walking the talk". Thank you for your "closing prayers" that actually starts our day right. May He continue blessing you, your family and the Kerygma Family staff! (2007-01-05 05:47:14)
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