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Jan. 2, 2007

Bo Sanchez doing a live radio show on Radio Veritas 846

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Nancy: BRO SANCHEZ napakaganda po ng inyong radio program, sana po ay isa rin po ako sa mga na pray over ninyo, pano po ninyo ako ma prepray over bro. bon? (2009-01-27 21:18:52)
emy: Hi br bro, I'm your avid fan! paki sagot naman po kung papaano magroon ng access sa radio veritas through personal computer. maraming salamat! (2007-01-06 14:16:39)
jainy: that's great, Bro. Randy....I'll wait for that book. (2007-01-03 15:20:46)
randy: hi jainy. thanks for your suggestion. i have read "How to Find Your One True Love" already. I am sure God has something in store for all of us this year. God bless us all!!! p.s. When that time comes i will write a book entitled "How to Love Your One True Find." (2007-01-03 11:46:08)
becka: Bro. Bo I thank you and the Lord for your program my day is not complete if i don't watch your show. I love you may God continue to bless and give you strenght and wisdom so you can continue your mission. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND TO YOUR FAMILY AND THE WHOLE KERYRMA FAMILY. (2007-01-03 10:36:42)
jainy: Thanks for the "preacher in blue jeans". i always start my day with watching the show and be blessed...To Bro. Randy, i wish that you'll find your "One True Love" this year...(i suggest try to read Bro. Bo's book), which i did. More power and may the Lord continue to abundantly bless the 4 of you. Happy New Year!!! (2007-01-03 01:09:11)
may: fantastic!!! i was now able to watch all the episodes that i've been missing last week. keep it up & more power to KFAM.. happy new year to each & everyone... (2007-01-02 22:54:23)
Marlyn: Hi bro. Bo finally I got to meet Sis. Riza and Bro.Randy.It was Gabay sa Bibliya who make my mornings refreshing and introduce me to a better life. God Bless all of you! You are doing a great job! (2007-01-02 22:17:37)
Ella/CT-USA ( Bro, am a regular SABBATH subscriber. Could you help me by telling me how I could access the regular radio Veritas program by personal computer. I hope to see and hear your radio program daily. More power and may God bless you, your family and your followers. (2007-01-02 22:11:02)
Hermie: Thanks Bo for greeting my mother. She is a great fan of yours and she makes a point to listen to your radio program daily. God bless. (2007-01-02 18:56:20)
sis. marie: congratulations on your several ministries. surely God is always by your side, kaya so effective ka in spreading His Words. now for a comment. have you noticed that when we pray Ama Namin, we don't mention PO as paggalang, when ang Dios pa ang dinadasalan natin. siguro yung taong nag-translate ng Our Father parang di pa uso sa kanya ang po at opo. so, when i pray this tagalog prayer, i change the KA to OPO. (2007-01-02 16:03:03)
norvie: hi! happy new year! you are really doing a great job! (2007-01-02 08:31:06)
drahc: Hi...sana meron din sa FM kasi ala AM ang cellphone...though thankful na rin ako kahit ala kasi i am able to watch preacherinbluejeans at work... good morning and may we all have another prosperous day with the Lord... (2007-01-02 08:11:11)
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