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Jan. 1, 2007

Happy New Year! Bo talks about looking forward to a year of great blessings.

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julius tigley perater: kapatid god bless (2007-12-20 20:41:57)
cooky espero: thank you bro bo for praying for us. may God truly bless each and one of us in every areas/aspects of our lives! more power to you and to kerygma family. (2007-08-29 22:06:14)
Riicarte O. Sonza: just open your internet broadcast and its so inspiring.I hope that my life will never be the same again.God bless (2007-08-14 16:33:32)
andrew: naks! very positive talk! Tahank You (2007-07-26 12:03:27)
levie: Shalom! Happy New Year Bro Bo and your family. You're an inspiration to many and I pray that God would have more people like you spreading God's word. You are very right when you said about having a vision and goal, filling our minds with beautiful thoughts of God. I've been so blessed in this life by practicing that good thoughts. God is really awesome. Praise His Name forever. God bless you and your ministry. (2007-04-02 20:06:43)
jtown: your a great singer (2007-02-08 21:16:51)
EKSDIXXF1: Array (2007-02-06 13:50:17)
Testfdghdfjgd: Hello ya segodnya superzvezda !!! Bye (2007-02-05 06:16:37)
NAGHBTYZZ1: Array (2007-01-28 01:30:39)
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carla: i thank God so much for putting you and your program on tv (kerygma) and preacher in blue jeans (internet) so you can reach millions of believers and nonbelievers. you are really Godsent. i will support you on some of your projects (anawim and gawad kalinga). how i wish i could go w/ you on your prison visits and other journeys to spread the WORD. let's pray that more nonbelievers will be touched by you and your ministries and so go back to our Lord. God bless you. (2007-01-05 09:15:14)
Jas: Happy new year Bro. Bo! Thank you so much for continually sharing to us how great the LOVE of God really is. You're right God will shower us again of His tidal wave of blessings this year. I am beginning to write my lifes vision so that in God's time it will become a reality.... Thank you so much! May Our Almighty God continue to give you wisdom to become an instrument in spreading His words... (2007-01-04 19:36:59)
Danny: I'm warching this episode of this PBJ after 8:33 sec. it stopped. paused. what happen to this? do i have problem with my internet connection? i can't wait until it's fixed. Please tell me what should i do. my ISP is AOL. Thanks! and God bless. (2007-01-04 02:41:01)
Emely: very inspiring!.. more power!.. God bless you! thank you! (2007-01-03 21:09:40)
Catherine R. Cuballes: Merry New Year Bo and to your family and staffs!I have so many Japanese friends where can we get one? Can you also translate all your books in Filipino and your video talks? I am a nurse and I chose to stay in our community and Infanta, Quezon and spread God's word. I'm an NGO worker and I'm handling 285 children and their parents as well as 35 Community Health workers. I want to use all your God-sent books and talks in my work as a direct worker to poor families in Infanta. You blessed my soul with God's love. You are extension of God's love to me. Because of you I felt and realized that God really loves me. I want our people here in Infanta, Real and Nakar Quezon to blessed and feel God's love too. Thank you for giving yourself to all us just to be closer to God. I thank God for you! May God Bless you and your family a hundredfold!You are an angel to all of us. Thanks for being there. (2007-01-03 20:02:29)
sheng: happy new year everyone! looking forward to a year filled with God's presence and blessings. God bless you and your family. Kuya Bo, your ministry, too. (2007-01-03 17:58:44)
leoshan: am just catching up w/ the episodes i missed since dec.29- qute busy eh... but i hope Bro Bo you'll still be able to read this even if its quite late... Happy NEW YEAR to all of you, and i feel so blessed hearing your prayers for all of us. Thank you much for that... ;) (2007-01-03 16:02:34)
mikong: Pagkanindot sa mga mensahe sa Preacher in blue Jeans. daghan kaayo ang nangatandog sa imong simple nga pagpadayag sa mensahe sa Ginoo. Padayon sa imong misyon. gikahimut-an mo sa Ginoo. Salamat ha! (2007-01-02 11:30:02)
Carina: Happy New Year!!! I thank God for giving us someone like "YOU". Who shares the wisdom and inspiring words of God and most specially the love of God that shows on your actions specially on your face expression. (2007-01-02 05:58:01)
rudi s david: hi bro bo, i've been watching your show(preacher in blue jeans) since it started. my computer broke down last dec 9. but now it is been fixed and beleive me, i have a lot of time catching up with your daily message. anyway i love your program and as with a lot of others viewers i am very excited and inspired. keep up the good work. may god bless you more each day. may i also greet you a be-lated merry christmas and a happy new year. Bro Alan Arpon and Bro Joyme Gonzaga from ur LOJ community here in auckland and they r my friends n brothers in christ. I always assist them whenever they need my help with the music ministry like when u last came here to nz. I am a member of the ACFC (auckand catholic filipino chaplaincy)and i am under the liturgy commitee. ur daily show really inspires me in my work for christ. thank you. (2007-01-02 04:00:38)
Hazel: Happy New Year to you and your family! Having watched your first video for the year has truly inspired and blessed me. May God bless you even more so that you may continue to inspire more people in the work that you do for the Lord. More power! (2007-01-01 22:40:34)
Jane: to you bro. bo,i'd like to share with you today how blessed i was having you live on the net early in the morning. i was reading the first day of the year from didache and on the back of the cover, there you are, and your website. i was overwhelmed with joy, can't really believe it. live na live. our God is really an awesome God, true? tama ka, thank God for everything. i just can't thank Him enough for the many blessings. i wish i can join you and share with you my time or any other way that i can be of a bit of a "hands on" servant of the Lord. in His time, it will come. hope to see you in person in the future. happy new year to you, your family and staff. will email you sometime soon. (2007-01-01 20:41:13)
ellinette: Happy new Year BO, Im so honor to start my new year watching your preaching online, i was really happy and blessed being glued to my laptop and praying with you what a wonderfull way to start your 1st day of the year. im here in UK and watching your show has warmth my heart as well as the cold atmosphere surrounding me.more power and may u continue to preach gods word online please..... (2007-01-01 19:02:40)
em2x Digal panabo city: happy new year bro. bo. more power and God bless. (2007-01-01 18:59:26)
Gigi Slater: Happy New Year dear Bo from us here in London. I have started watching your daily internet broadcast and I am truly blessed. I desire to this everyday and I know that my life will never be the same again! May God bless you immensely! all our love xxx (2007-01-01 15:23:31)
evangeline: HaPpY hApPy NeW YeAr to aLL!!! God has better plans for all of us. thank you for the prayers. praise the Lord for my 2 years here in south africa. God belss us always and be a blessing to others. cheers! (2007-01-01 15:19:13)
rlyne: Happy New Year Bro.Bo....I am also eager to read my new companion and sabbath. (2007-01-01 14:33:30)
lai: Greetings of a Blessed and Happy New Year to you, your family and staff. This is my first time watch Preacher in Blue Jeans Your words really struck and inspired me. I'm so excited for the wonderful things to come this 2007. May you be blessed with good health. God bless you, your family and staff. Thanks!!! (2007-01-01 14:22:07)
ric: HAPPY NEW YEAR BRO. BO! (2007-01-01 13:49:24)
debbie: happy new year too bro. bo. what a way to start the new year full of hope and faith in the Lord. Thank God everything is now okay with the internet connection no more hang-ups and its now very clear. thank you for the inspiration you always share to us everyday. God bless you , your family and the kerygma staff. (2007-01-01 11:00:05)
dlenigy: Happy New Year Bro. Bo and to ur family and staff too! we are spending new year for the first time in Japan. We want to give to our Japanese friends ur book "Life is beautiful" translated in Japanese. How and where can we buy this in Tokyo? God bless you and your ministry!! -LenRodJP (2007-01-01 09:36:53)
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