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Preacher In Blue Jeans

Bo Sanchez' Daily Reality Internet TV Show

Dec. 31, 2006

Bo meets up with old friends based in Indonesia. Percy Cabauatan speaks about serving the Lord far from home.

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wl: yes, brod bo... my home is in the father's house. even if i am here in japan. serving God through the cfc-hold music ministry, as a speaker & as a household leader is so much joy. i just love it. more power to this show. salamat po. (2007-01-20 06:52:26)
evangeline: thanks for another nourishing topic. im turning 2 years na here sa south africa.. sabi nga nila as always..its just a matter of adjustment.. syempre iba talaga pag at home... sa pinas.. im thankful for the love of God and strength.. sa kabila ng emptiness... magaling talaga pinoy..even here they excel... More blessings bro and KFAM... (2007-01-01 14:46:36)
debbie: i'm also having some problems with the connection same with may, though i've noticed the clear quality except that sometimes nag-stock up in a few seconds hope that you've be able to fix it asap. i've been watching this show everyday 2. and its been a part of my daily activity to watch this show. i already shared your show to my brothers and sisters in the communtiy here in our place. (2006-12-31 21:57:06)
jenny: Preacher in blue Jeans is a fantastic idea,it's humility, simplicity, accessibility in spreading the good news and doing the work of the Lord is magnified. i could feel that you really Love the Lord.May the Lord Jesus Christ be continually be magnified in this Ministry.Happy new year and God bless us all!! (2006-12-31 17:39:45)
Lina: Thank you for reminding us that though we are physically away from home, the Father's House is always open for us - a shelter for our weary souls. (2006-12-31 10:24:53)
preacher in blue jeans staff: hi may and everyone. i am sorry for the choppy video. please bear with us as we are trying to normalize our operation sa soon as possible. we are still reeling from the effects of the quake in taiwan that affected telecommunication lines in asia including the internet. we are also (hope you noticed) uploading videos with better quality. but rest assured that we are doing all we can to give you God's word in its best form possible. God bless!!! (2006-12-31 09:12:11)
may: i've been watching this show ever since it started.. but lately (start from 12/25 until tdy) it's so very, very difficult to upload it. we have good & fast internet connection here in jakarta (100 mbps); thus am wondering what's wrong. u know this show has been part of my life & to miss viewing it; it seems my day & prayer time not complete. pls help... (2006-12-31 08:11:03)
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