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Dec. 23, 2006

Bo on TV with GMA at Malacanang

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Ting Baleta: Thank you Bo. for inspiring me with all your sharings you had here in Calgary, Alberta. Now that i am receiving the daily gospel and insights through kerygma family gospel reflection, my life is full of faith and determined in following God's direction. (2007-02-20 00:22:50)
Bo Sanchez: Hi, Brother Bo Sanchez (2007-01-27 08:41:04)
cheryl encarnado (lubbock, texas): bro. bo, it delights me to know you're now part of the presidential commission on values formation. i know you have big plans for government officials and servants. for sure, their hearts will be touched. your unassuming ways, love for ecumenism, nonjudgmental attitude and always seeing the goodness in people will really change the face of our government. i've been a follower since 1992. you have made a big impact in my spirituality. thank you very much. until now that i am handling the singles for Christ here in texas, i still get ideas from your talks. more power and thanks for the inspiration. God bless you, your family and friends. Happy New Year!!! (2006-12-30 08:53:17)
BrianRNCebu: Hi Bo!Thanks for this program now i have found a perfect way of reuniting with God everyday.I'm a nurse and this program helps me b ecome more sensitive to my patients needs and somehow i guess i have shared the talent that God has given which i believe is taking care of the sick.Thanks BO! you've done an extremely great job... (2006-12-23 22:38:22)
bea: hello bo! Merry christmas! Finally I have my lap top. Thanks for being there to inspire people like me. I pray for you! God bless... (2006-12-23 18:28:53)
carla: bo, i think one way to change a person's life, from a bad to good moral values is to have "reminders" because we are such forgetful people. one thing i found effective is to paste or frame some famous personalities' favorite sayings like: " make yourself an honest man and you can be sure there is one rascal less in the world" (by thomas carlyle) and another:" to die rich is a disgrace" (by andrew carnegie). and then put these (in bold letters) on the walls of our offices para mabasa ng ating mga government officials and employees from time to time and somehow may prick their conscience when temptations come their way. instead of just framed photos and sceneries and diplomas, etc. on the walls, these sayings can be good reminders. i found one poster with the words "bribes are not allowed in this office" with a drawing of a handshake w/ a cross (much like the no parking sign) in one of the government office i happened to visit. even visitors who do business on a certain company will also have second thoughts before resorting to corrupting the employee w/ a bribe. good luck on your campaign to help the government get rid of corruption. maligayang pasko at mapayapang bagong taon sa iyo at sa ating lahat! and God bless you and your family. (2006-12-23 15:02:25)
teeyen: Im very thankful a chance to Bishop Ruben Abante to share about having a family... role of husband and parents...beautifully said...big help for us newly wed to truly understand the most important things and role of husband and wife... also how to be a good parents... Im very thankful to God that we have you and your staff for the everyday episodes to inspire and educate us... added fuel in our everyday journey towards God plans for us... again thank you and more power. God bless (2006-12-23 10:12:18)
bernard sia - bcbp-cebu north: hi bro bo! WOW! this episode is one strong and appropriate talk especially for husbands and wives this christmas season. The verse from ephesians was well disected and explained. Thank you very much bro! i would just like to request if it is possible to secure a written copy of the interview with the bishop since some of his words were overlapped by the background. Bro, thank you again, to God: my 100% to His will. God bless you and Merry Christmas to you and your family. (2006-12-23 09:53:01)
aezel aguirre (cebu): great one brother the guy whom you meet at cebu airport when you had your botoks here...God bless you and nice meeting you... (2006-12-23 08:28:51)
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