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Dec 22, 2006

Alvin Barcelona Talks on Worship

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Margie Parolanan: Brother Alvin Barcelona, Thank you for the Inspiration. I have heard your talk for the second time when you arrived in Bacolod. I really look forward seeing you again soon....God Bless and more power to Brother Bo. and Kerygma Family. (2008-09-15 12:04:29)
julius tigley perater: yes nice,bo (2008-01-23 06:38:26)
Eric: Great! Just continue these God's works! (2007-01-03 14:54:55)
Cherry: Great talk Bro. Alvin! Very inspiring and encouraging. May God bless you and all the Kerygma Preachers! Thank you! (2006-12-29 21:26:41)
Luis Antonio: Bro. Alvin i like the song I pray or HIgh Pray. I was touch by that song can you give me a copy and the chords of that song? e-mail at my e-mail ad (2006-12-26 08:18:20)
hunch: i failed to attend this seminar because i was in the hospital attending to my sick baby..anyway, am so grateful to brod bo for airing this worship seminar here in pibj..and more power to you brod. alvin! (2006-12-23 21:42:30)
Michlle R., Cebu: Great talk! bro. Alvin. Thanks a lot for sharing...Thanks for coming to Cebu. I really had a great time listening and attending this seminar. I'm really enlightened. Hope to see you again... God bless! (2006-12-23 16:34:57)
Angelcesscebu,Netherlands: Hello Bro. Bo, Bro. Alvin and Preacher in Blue Jeans Staff, God has used all of you to touch my life and lead me back to where I was five years ago. Moving to Europe where faith is substituted with material gratification, i lost myself along the way. Now I am so thankful to God that through you, i am slowly finding my way back to worship. Praise God! (2006-12-23 06:12:49)
richard tecson frm. Quezon City: Bro. Alvin's talk was so timely and so good! It practically explains the reason why 'worship' is important in 'dealing with God.' I find it very helpful. I could now answer questions about worship and use this knowledge to promote it. This should be the way Christians act. NO CUTS! From worship to our daily lives, worship is not removing our 'hats' just because we enter our homes or restaurants. Worship should be our life. Thank you Preacher in Blue Jeans! (2006-12-23 02:37:03)
Cha-cha: Truly an inspirational talk Bro. Alvin. Brilliant!!! Maraming salamat po for sharing. God Bless! (2006-12-22 22:36:25)
Paolo: God Bless Everybody! (2006-12-22 16:38:34)
Ana: Ang galing galing!!! nkkatuwa naman... thank u po s lahat ng inspiring episodes ng PIBJ (^-^)v (2006-12-22 16:21:07)
gracie: Godbless all the K-Preachers. Powerful talk backed by a Powerful and Loving God!!! (2006-12-22 16:04:50)
Jheet Reyes: Ang galing... anybody can tell me how to get that song "Hi Pre!"? email me: (2006-12-22 15:52:00)
Von: Kudos to Alvin. Great talk. Jesus Christ will never run out of style. Thank you for the reminder. (2006-12-22 15:10:06)
Anne Lopez: Hi!!! Just want to say Merry Christmas to everyone!!! To Bro. Bo and staff...Congratulations because the video is better now, I can adjust it to full screen aside from very inspiring topics everyday....GOD is really in you. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!! (2006-12-22 13:34:40)
mavie alzate of samar: galing ng talk mo bro. alvin..galing tlga mga kerygma preachers!!!God bless to all of u! (2006-12-22 13:01:44)
Cris Javier: Powerful! Soul-shaking praises! God bless you Bro Bo and Bro Alvin...I truly feel how much you mean to worship in spirit and in truth! thank God for an over-flowing-spirit-filled day, I am assignd to be the worship leader tonight at our community...God's perfect timing! Amen. (2006-12-22 11:55:27)
aezel(cebu): hi bro. bo.....thanks for existing!!Godbless (2006-12-22 11:34:13)
Preacher in Shorts: Nice talk Bro. Alvin. Hope you don't mind me getting some points from your presentation for my future talk on worship for our cell group. God bless! (2006-12-22 10:42:25)
Pete Redito: It's a great blessing to be a part of K-Fam ! Daily Bible reflections, practical teachings and having fun, too right at click of your mouse. Let's spread the blessing to all our friends and all. LOJ-Joshua 1:9 Brotherhood (2006-12-22 10:35:10)
Efren London: Great site, great talks, truly an inspiration to all. Efren London CFC NY Long Island (2006-12-22 07:24:05)
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