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Bo Sanchez' Daily Reality Internet TV Show

Dec. 21, 2006

Preaching that Changes Lives (Bacolod) - Bo talks about how to become an effective preacher.

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debbie: thank you so much for imparting to us how to become a gud preacher. i do some talks na here in our community and i will share your talk to them for us to do the right thing of becoming a good preacher . thank you so much. God bless! (2006-12-25 10:44:15)
evangeline-south africa: hello bro bo & PIBJ team thank you for your videos of talks, travel, events and activities. i am's nice seeing different places and people being interviewed to testify to the goodness of God... shalom!!! (2006-12-23 06:08:17)
preache in blue jeans staff: EDWIN: videos will be availble soon, but for a small cost. it will be funds for this show to go on. God bless. please continue supporting Preacher in Blue jeans. Nourishing your soul everyday, (2006-12-22 00:32:36)
Edwin: preacher in blue jeans staff : di ba pwede na madownload ang mga videos sa preacher in blue jeans? hello (2006-12-21 21:42:35)
marilyn: yeah, you're right, actually we are using dial up connection that's why there are delays in loading the video, i feel frustrated for that. Well anyway,i know i cann see the videos in some other times. (2006-12-21 21:37:37)
angelcesscebu: Bro. Bo and the preacher in blue jeans staff - may you continue the beautiful work you do. It has inspired me and moved me to be a preacher again. Praise God! (2006-12-21 18:36:45)
tam: ang hirap magpreach..sobra..nakakatakot po..minsan I feel God is using me to talk..nahihirapan po ako kasi baka maoffend sila. parang i want to tell somebody na eto yung cnasabi ni Lord sayo..haayy..what should I do? (2006-12-21 17:12:01)
norvie: WOW. this is one of my favorite episode as i have learned the secret to's effective talks! (2006-12-21 16:25:18)
Fil james: I want to give an impact.. (2006-12-21 13:02:15)
Fil james: An influencial preacher! (2006-12-21 12:59:03)
Fil james: I want to be a preacher.. (2006-12-21 12:56:43)
marilyn: tagal naman mag load ng video help!!! (2006-12-21 11:52:35)
to be a preacher in shorts: Hello Bro. Bo, hope I don't violate any patent for Preacher in Blue Jeans (just kidding). I already delivered few talks in our community, and it is very heartwarming to know that we touch lives during these times. I am now looking forward for opportunities for me to deliver talks. Hope to join one of your workshops in preaching specially this coming new year. God bless! (2006-12-21 11:31:34)
donna of brunei: very lively yung talk na (2006-12-21 09:49:57)
lhen: God is good! b'coz He blessed us with someone like you bro. Bo, thank you for sharing with us the wisdom that God has given you in a way that we would easily understand and relate to... you're speaking through your heart, simple and real!!! to God be the Glory!!! (2006-12-21 08:55:20)
RandyV: We are very grateful to our Lord that he has created you Bro BO and made you an instrument of his Love. I have just known you only this month but I have learned a lot from your teachings. May the Lord God multiply you since our world needs more people like you. God bless your ministry and family. (2006-12-21 06:21:56)
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