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Dec 19, 2006

Two Christmas Celebrations, One Christmas Blessing

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julius tigley perater: grabi,power (2007-12-26 20:55:31)
tess policarpio: hi, bro bo.choppy po iyung video... dito po ako sa saudi. uuwi po ako sa jan 8 pwede po malaman iyung mga schedule ng seminar. i remember last year naka balik na ako ng malaman ko iyung seminar for choosing a lifetime partner. meron ba ulit. basta kahit po anong seminar i can attend while i'm on vacation .god bless (2006-12-20 01:42:59)
storm: yes bo, i agree with you that home is indeed the best school and that education is best learned also at home with our values being inculcated in our personality through the selfless efforts of our parents... i know you have a very ideal family bo, coz you are indeed an ideal man who deserves an ideal woman as well. and i do hope and pray that i would someday be able to find someone who whom God thinks is ideal for marriage. please pray also that God will bless my relationship with the one i'm with right now and that God would make him ideal for me so that together we can create family that is for God, and of God...God be praised forever !!! (2006-12-20 00:20:48)
uteph: i really admired the way this guy handles the truth.prang jack nicholson.i hope thatbo wil have some seminars and what nots here in bulacan.gusto papirma na authograph (2006-12-19 19:33:20)
lhen: I praise God every single day for speaking to my heart His words through you bro. bo...and thank you also for featuring simple and real people like you're caring group (in anawim, shepherds voice and light of Jesus)they too, are inspiring, i call them "Happy people of God"...actually, i have this desire in my heart to serve God in any way i can since i've met Him and established a personal relationship with Him, but never really realized what i should do, or what He wants me to do, real happiness in life lies only in loving God and his poor people,you're a living testimony to this, coz it's so obvious how happy and contented you are just by serving Him, i can see it in your "Huge Smile" (i want to smile like that too, you know!:-)...pray for me then,tnx! God bless us all!!! (2006-12-19 19:16:51)
Andrew Manglo: Praise the Lord!! A Strong FAith is the best gift we could get from a great trial! How enlightening! When we are faced with a big problem, let us always remember that we are just looking at the image in front of us but God is the one painting the whole picture on the big canvass! God bless us All!! 8) (2006-12-19 10:36:18)
annie_73: QUOTING:glenda b. romuar : i find this audio video this normal...? Hi Glenda! I think it has something to do with your internet connection, I was able to watch it without problems. =) God bless us all! (2006-12-19 10:29:17)
susie udtohan of bohol: hi brod bo! i really enjoyed your visit here in wisdom school tagbilaran city bohol.. God bLess (2006-12-19 10:28:07)
Sharmaine: Hi! bo, I am very touched w/ur message about god. Thank you that u have a kind of heart to share everyone enlightened. God bless! (2006-12-19 09:43:12)
glenda b. romuar: i find this audio video this normal...? (2006-12-19 08:58:45)
Miniong: we are looking forward to your interview with Omy and Rosanne. They are truly God's servants. They are our inspiration in serving God. (2006-12-19 08:29:01)
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