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Dec 15, 2006

Botoks in Bohol/ Bo Talks about Taking Care of God's Temple

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mary beth: thanks bo!!! (2007-01-27 12:25:41)
FRY: Hi Bo nakapunta na ako diyan.Diyan nakatira ang anti ko. (2006-12-17 17:05:28)
boyet & mhiles: thank you Bo for enlightening us... keep inspiring other people that they may continue to see Christ through you. God bless!!! (2006-12-16 19:50:22)
ivan: Bro. bo and the rest of Kfam angels(i consider all of you as God's angels here on earth w/o wings), I praise Jesus! truly He works on you to bless and touch other people's lives...i love your topic,ADDICTION,an eye opener esp. to us youths who are very much vulnerable in such ways, only God can heal all our predicaments in life, and we can be healed completely only if we allow and accept Him in our hearts, now i only have 1 addiction left which i can't avoid...My addiction to God and to His Love...God bless you and your works for the glory of God!!! Halleluiah! (2006-12-16 05:07:27)
menhart vernal: Dear Bro. Sanchez I saw you here in surigao while preaching to us as a membe of OASIS OF LOVE here in surigao keep it up bro. thanks to the inspiring words i realy watch you in your broadcast in RPN 9. (2006-12-15 21:44:45)
Mike Diyal: This is my first time so this might be the wrong section for this comment to Bro Bo about the Dec15 reflection by Chelle C? The Straight Path: I think the story there was misleading because Willie was scolding the driver for the wrong reason. Willie was in fact condoning the "Kapit System" where it's not what you know but who you know that matters. The driver should have been reprimanded not to bring a high ranking official's name to bail him out. If Senator so and so, or Judge so and so is your what? The driver violated the law and must be careful next time because beating a red light can cause accidents. Better yet, teach him how to acknowledge his mistakes and face the consequences. Obeying the laws of the land...yes, that is the real issue and not the telling of a story that is false. P.S....I do love your story about the addictions. I think we can all relate to that. (2006-12-15 16:29:45)
daryll: Praise God for everything! Thanks to you Bro. Bo, Bro. Alvin and Bro. Pio for that nice seminar we had here in Davao this morning. It was really great! Bro. Bo, I'm really touched with what you've shared in this episode, "Addiction is a hunger for love." I believe in that. I guess if everyone of us will be willing to offer & share love to one another, there will be less addiction and healing will not be hard to be attained among us because everyone will be receiving enough love. Another most important remedy of which nothing can beat is God's love. The love which exhibits amazing continous healing power. May each one of us always keep our heart's open to receive love. Bro. Bo. thanks for always inspiring us. May God bless you, your family and your community more... (2006-12-15 14:35:37)
geline: hello bro bo and preachers... thank you for todays topic "addiction". im really blessed..yeah, its true that addiction is the substitute for our hunger..hunger for love and to be love...there is an emptiness within us that we focus ourselves to others things that we think it will satisfies us...same with the others who struggling with addiction in other ways..i also need healing for this emptiness within me..God bless you more and this show via internet and the people watching...[ -south africa] (2006-12-15 14:09:22)
norvie: i love your talk about i know why i can't stop my addictions (no not drugs!). thanks for the enlightenment. God bless (2006-12-15 12:41:22)
debbie: i just want to ask if you have a schedule for your concert here naman in dagupan. (2006-12-15 11:53:10)
Vee C.: Bro.Bo, you are a blessing from Above. I really love PIBJ. I feel so much blessed every time I watch this show. It?s informative, GOD-centered, and entertaining. Hope I can watch the Botoks concert when I?m back in the Phils. Thanks for putting this show on the internet. I get the chance to watch the episodes that I?ve missed. GOD bless you Bo and the rest of the Kerygma family. You are truly an inspiration. (2006-12-15 10:05:30)
Baby Chen: Hi! Bro. bo, and the k5. nice place bohol. hope i can watch your concert someday. your really great talaga sharing god's word. I really like talaga when your talking, tama po talaga lahat! I'm so touched.. You know bo, i have a friend b4 same as your saying share problem's to god and the 2nd share it 2 a friend but choose friend who can understand you well! and she is the one who told me the Kerygma website! she told me everything about Kerygma. God bless bo, i hope this show will always open for us. (2006-12-15 09:04:50)
angging: There is really a lot of fun and excitement when you're with the Lord! God Bless you Bro. Bo and the K5! (2006-12-15 08:08:39)
donna angulo: God Bless the works that you inspire me a lot. (2006-12-15 05:46:14)
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