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“He will not argue or shout, or make loud speeches in the streets.” – Matthew 12:19
I met Tess six years ago when my wife and I joined Faith and Light (F&L) community. An invitation posted on the parish bulletin board caught our attention. I called the contact number and agreed to join the next meeting of the group. That was where I first met her. She struck me as someone who was very simple and unassuming. Our first conversations were filled with very few words. But she showed her value in the community through the way she took care of the “special” kids. Seeing her in action inspired us to continue serving in F&L.
Later on, I learned that she writes for both Kerygma and Didache. Her skills in writing have helped others share their inspirational stories through the publications. She even helped me get the chance to write for Kerygma and Didache. And I am forever thankful to her for this opportunity. Her service to F&L and her writing have made an impact on a lot of people. She knows how to use her gifts for the glory of God without her getting too much attention. Truly her actions speak louder than her words. Alvin fabella
In what way can you be of service to God and others? What motivates you to serve Him?
Lord, use my life to preach about You. Amen.




The Passover is such a significant event in the history of the Jewish people that it is decreed that all generations are to keep vigil on the yearly remembrance of this event. The Passover becomes a defining moment in the annals of Jewish history just as the death and resurrection is a similar event for Christians. Let us never fail to remember how important Easter is for us, and as we celebrate its significance every Sunday, let us open our hearts to a deeper revelation of the impact it should have in our daily lives.






































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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WhAt’s your “egyPt”?
Back in July 9, 2006, the soccer world was abuzz with the news of France’s soccer team captain Zinedine Zidane giving a head-butt to Italy defender Marco Materazzi during the finals of the soccer World Cup. Images of Zidane’s head thrust head-on to Materazzi’s chest occupied the sports pages worldwide. Television footages showed it was such a violent head butt Materazzi was sent reeling to the ground. Days later, Zidane apologized. Articles appeared afterwards talking about Zidane and his climb up the soccer world’s famous stage. He actually grew up in a violent neighborhood. His soccer skill was his passport out of that neighborhood.
That head-butt incident revealed that while Zidane was taken out of his violent neighborhood, the violence was still in his heart.
Today, we read of Israel being brought out of Egypt, the place of slavery, where the Israelites were enslaved for “four hundred and thirty years” (Exodus 12:40). They were no longer slaves. They were now free. But later on we will discover that they still carry with them the same slave mentality. They will grumble. They will complain to Moses. They will curse the manna provided by God and actually yearn for the meat they eat in Egypt while they were being enslaved. They were already out of Egypt but Egypt was still very much in their hearts. Fr. Joel O. Jason
Reflection Question:
In baptism we have been freed from the clutches of sin. Have you broken free of that chain? What kind of “Egypt” enslaves you right now?
Lord Jesus, there is power in Your grace: the grace of the Eucharist, the grace of reconciliation. Bless my desire to fully break free from all my enslavements. Bring me to my Promised Land. Amen.
St. Bruno of Segui, Bishop, pray for us.

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