READINGS for 2009-06-01

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“The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; by the Lord this has been done, and it is wonderful in our eyes.” – Mark 12:10-11
Is it possible to have the wealth of a millionaire and the heart of a monk at the same time? My answer is a resounding yes! It will be difficult. But nothing of great achievement comes easy.
Why be rich anyway? There are religious people who think there is only one reason why people want to be rich: because of greed.
“What has happened to Bo?” they ask, “He’s now preaching materialism.” Friends, I cannot and will never preach materialism. I’ve seen it at work in the hearts of those I try to help every day, and I saw how materialism eats her children alive. Materialism promises heaven but delivers hell. It’s a faceless monster that destroys persons, families and nations.
No, wealth can never answer the deepest longings of our soul. Only love can do that. Only God can do that.
So why is a preacher like me writing to you about money? Because I believe money can further the Lord’s work in this world. I believe having money is good (but money having you is not).
Because I believe money can make you holy.Bo Sanchez
Do you think money and God can go together?
Lord, let not money enslave me but bless me with more of it to be used for Your kingdom.


hoW Do We use GoD’s GiFts in our lives?
One of the first reactions I seem to have in hearing the parables of Jesus in the Gospel is to be able to see how they apply to everyone else, but not to myself. I guess that makes the biggest challenge I face one of honesty, that is opening up my mind to the truth that each of these parables and teachings of Jesus applies equally, if not more so to me.
Today’s parable touches on many different aspects of our Christian life including that of gratitude. None of us have perfectly easy lives — we each have our problems and difficulties. How do we respond to them? Gratitude to God cannot begin and end with only the good things in life. It has to be gratitude for the gift of life itself with all its joys and sorrows. We have to realize that perfection will come only when we reach eternal life. Whatever our life is at the moment, that is what it is and it is our job and vocation, with the help of God, to do the best we can. The envying of and grasping for earthly wealth that consumes the tenants in the parable have no place in the life of a disciple of Jesus precisely because we do not find such things in the life of Christ.
Today’s world teaches us to be materialistic and self-centered. The Gospel, if we are willing to listen to it, teaches us exactly the opposite. I am not saying that we have to sit back and accept the trials the world throws at us; by all means fight against oppression and injustice. What I am saying is that the gift of life is something worth being grateful for no matter how difficult our life’s experience may be. Only with this understanding of gratitude for the gift of life will we be able to build our lives upon a firm foundation that will endure the trials of the world. Fr. Steve Tynan, MGL
Reflection Question:
What are the things God has given me that I should be grateful for? Is there enough here to form the basis of a life of discipleship?
Jesus, help me to open my heart to all the good things in life and to be grateful for them. Let me be able to see Your goodness in them.
St. Justin, Martyr, pray for us.

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